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Help for a Costume Wedding

This question recently came in through the advice "line," and it seems like a better fit for a group solution (and rings a bell, although I can't find why that's the case or where it appeared, so apologies if this is a repeat, and apologies for accidentally stealing others' costume ideas). Anyway let's solve this!

My boyfriend's good friends with a great sense of humor are getting married very close to Halloween, and ask that we all come in costume. I'm already pretty terrible with thinking up costumes, and with the added constraints of wedding level elegance, I'm coming up with nothing. Do you have any ideas?

Historical costumes — maybe something Downton Abbey? (The mansion itself?) Fancy flapper? (Finger waves/pin curls?) Anything/anyone from the Scandals of Classic Hollywood series? If it were me, I'd probably just wear a typical-wedding-appropriate dress and carry a mask on a stick, but I'm lazy and not crazy about enforced fun. Anyway, thoughts?

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I would definitely go full Disney Princess. (Not humourous enough?)

Top choice: Belle in gold gown regalia.
Second choice: .... fuck I can't even think of a second choice all I can think of is Belle's gold gown regaliaaaaaaa.



Morticia Addams.


Morticia & Gomez or Wednesday & Pugsley.
Frankenstein & his bride
Beetlejuice & Lydia in the red wedding dress
Cleopatra & Mark Antony
Bonnie & Clyde
Margot & Richie Tenenbaum

Miss Piggy can be extremely elegant as well, if you don't mind the pig ears and the snout.

You can also do an easy group costume where everyone wears tuxedos and tosses a football around and you're the cast of The Room. Or skip the jackets, add the pink bowties and you're the cast of Party Down.


happy and grateful@m

Jolie Kerr

Go in a bride costume! Oh okay actually no don't do that. A (nice, high-end) flapper costume might be fun and sartorially appropriate. Or a really fabulous cape and a set of nice fangs paired with a full-length evening dress? Marie Antoinette? I could do this all day.


@Jolie Kerr There are lots of cake jokes to be made with the Marie Antoinette choice!


@Jolie Kerr Specifically, Beatrix Kiddo's Bride costume.


@PatatasBravas currently wearing the "let them eat cake" shade of polish on my nails by Hello Darling. Their range is awesome purely because of the nail polish names (and my nails really look like they are cake-coloured!)
I vote the fab cape/evening dress/fangs option. Jolie you are the mistress of Halloween!


I was once in a "group costume," all of us in horrible bridesmaid dresses. They're kind of asking for it...


@junkle: I vote for zombie bridesmaid! In fact, everyone should go as zombie bridesmaids.

Gracefully and Grandly

Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's style? Added bonus, the makeup has a guide!


Mad Men/60s-- you may already have a mod/bombshell dress that works (or this can be a great excuse to buy one!). You can get your hair done in a big updo, and sport glamorous 60s-style makeup.


Oooh! I went to one of these before. One of the groomsmen was Ernest Hemingway, complete with a rifle slung over his shoulder. Do that! Another couple came dressed in steampunk fashion.Then the dude kept taking pictures of his girlfriend posing all sexy-gothlike. Don't do that. The posing I mean. When in doubt, Elmo is always elegant.

RK Fire

@Slapfight: What about Baberham Lincoln? Is Baberham Lincoln always elegant?


@RK Fire Always! There's a top hat involved!

Sella Turcica

@Slapfight I went as Baberham Lincoln for Halloween a few years ago. Best decision ever.


Ursula from The Little Mermaid! Just imagine: floor-length sequin gown, big red lips, and a white wig!


@staircases Ooh yess Disney Villain! Even better!!

dj pomegranate

@staircases Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty could also be glam/awesome! You could wear sweeping purple and black robes/boas and have awesome eye makeup and carry around a scepter!


@dj pomegranate Cruella Deville is another awesome choice!


@dj pomegranate I did Maleficent makeup for a theater makeup class once and it was AWESOME. It was basically purple and green drag queen makeup #win


@crookedlegs Cruella is an excellent choice if it's going to be cold.

saul "the bear" berenson

Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald?

Scandals of Classic Hollywood got a big endorsement on the Slate Cultural Gabfest last week! Hey-o!


@Moxie Yeah, I felt as chuffed when Dana (the best member of the Gabfest trio, clearly) endorsed the Hairpin as if she was personally endorsing me!

Lily Rowan

Oh man! I was so annoyed with that episode (and the Gabfest broadly; I should really stop listening) that I didn't even listen to endorsements! That's what I get.

saul "the bear" berenson

@Lily Rowan That dude who was like "I am the doggie in the window of teaching, come to me, multitudes!" was obnoxious, but I can't quit the gabfest. And yes Dana is obviously the best!!! Except for June, when she pops in, of course. June FTW.

Lily Rowan

@Moxie Oh yeah! Doesn't June have her own thing now? I should just listen to that. It almost doesn't matter what she's talking about.


I also have fantasies of getting to dress up as Selina Kyle in that Dark Knight Rises scene where she seduces Batman on the dance floor, and having it be appropriate for the occaision


I am also in the market for a fancy halloween costume! I am going to a (scare quote time because I basically did not understand a word of the details) "masquerade ball" and they are providing "traditional black and white masks." It will also be a well-photographed event so I want to look good.

Right now, the plan is to go to the Goodwill and see if I can rustle something up OR go as a bride OR just wear a cocktail dress plus a pair of those tights from Saturday's Halloween post.


@OhMarie Hm, I would think for a masquerade ball you would just wear a really fancy dress and your mask?

Sella Turcica

@causedbycomma The opera company I sing chorus with is doing a show the weekend before Halloween and people get decked out. I'm doing the Goodwill gown and mask on a stick as well for all those reasons. I'm too old for lingerie with animal ears.


@causedbycomma It also says costumes are encouraged. The whole thing is stressing me out!

The Lady of Shalott

I'm with Edith. Ordinary wedding-guest cocktail dress, Venetian carnival mask, done.


But I am also boring and I hate "enforced fun."


@The Lady of Shalott

I'm with you and Edith! a gorgeous mask on a stick that matches your pretty dress, and you're DONE.
Adults in full-on Halloween mode depress me... It's like overcompensation for being really repressed and horrible and unfun the rest of the year. But maybe that's just my weird ex-boyfriend.

The Lady of Shalott

@City_Dater I like Halloween and all, but I hate the idea of having to wear a costume to someone else's wedding? I don't know why but it bugs me!


@City_Dater Exactly--it's like when your humorless, officious boss wears his Donald Duck Christmas tie.


@The Lady of Shalott "Enforced fun." Yes. Exactly. I would be pretty annoyed if I were invited to this sort of wedding. Costume parties with people you don't know well are so fraught anyway.


@The Lady of Shalott For me it's this: if I get invited to a regular old party and the hosts tell me to wear a costume, I can go or not go depending upon how I feel about wearing a costume. If I get invited to a wedding, it's different: I feel I should go unless I have a pretty compelling reason not to. So the couple's instructions end up feeling like mandates.

Lexa Lane

I have this problem every year, when we dress up for work and I want to be a little costume-y but don't want to be wandering around in crazy clothes all day. My best one so far (adaptable to various levels of elegance) has been "spider" - I got some lacy tights and drew a great spider web over one half of my face with eyeliner. I didn't get any earrings, but web earrings are easy to find this time of year. A basic black LBD, and maybe a lacy shawl, and you're a) pretty, b) elegant, and c) in costume. :-D

The Lady of Shalott

@datalass YES. This is exactly it. I don't particularly like wearing costumes--not everybody does!--I would rather just wear something nice. But a wedding is a party you really REALLY usually want to attend if it's someone close to you, which means....fuck, guess I gotta wear a costume. It's like an extra layer of compulsion when you're already usually contributing a day and a wedding gift.


@The Lady of Shalott: My thought was wear what you want and say you dresssed as a "Wedding Guest Confused Over The 'Elegant Costume' Concept," but that's pretty passive aggressive. Wear a fabulous dress, and accessorize it with a great carnival mask. You'll be comfortable and you'll fit right in. If the bride and/or groom ask you why you didn't go for a full costume, tell them you used the money on their wedding gift instead. Damn, that's pretty passive aggressive too, but they'll like that answer more than the former.


@The Lady of Shalott I like costumes if I'm in the mood but I've been burnt before by people saying a party is costume and then I turned up and it... wasn't.

Related to 'enforced fun' on my not-funometer is 'enforced socialising' where 'fun' work events like sports days or Christmas parties are compulsory.


@Lexa Lane Wow, that's actually pretty impressive. I just bought a headband type thing with cat ears on it, threw it on my head, and called it a day. I like halloween, but not being forced to dress in costume.

polka dots vs stripes

This sounds like my worst nightmare.

Reginal T. Squirge

Word. "Enforced fun" is the worst.

raised amongst catalogs

Mary Poppins and Bert the chimney sweep!

PartyCity has a Josephine/Napoleon couples costume idea. And a Renaissance lady/Medieval monk one, too.


@this brave bird (formerly vanillawaif) Abelard and Heloise?

raised amongst catalogs

@Decca Yes!

I also like the idea of dressing up as The Honeymooners, Ralph & Alice Kramden. Kind of a nod to it being a wedding, and also not the most difficult costumes to put together.


@Decca I went to college at Catholic University and someone did Abelard and Heloise. It was great. She had this beautiful dress she had borrowed from the theatre department. We instrumentalists could never compete with the costumes the actors could get.


@causedbycomma I also (briefly) went to CUA! heyyyyy


Jessica Rabbit? Sparkly strapless prom gown, Veronica Lake-style hair, done.


@Reginal T. Squirge Hahaha oh nooo did not mean to scare up Halloween trauma.


princess peach!


@lynzillla YESSSSSS

RK Fire

@lynzillla: Oh shit, while we're talking about Nintendo franchises--what about Princess Zelda??


My brother had a costume wedding. I was skeptical at first but it was amazing in the end. So much fun. My husband and I decided to go as Captain Kirk and a Space babe, because i wanted to wear a pretty dress and he loves Star Trek. I bought the official men's and women's Starfleet uniform patterns from Rodenberry.com and sewed my dress in silver crepe (after lengthening the hem a bit, those things were SHORT). It was awesome. If you tone down the elegance a little bit the hosts will not be offended, they are looking for fun not fancy. Other guests at my brothers wedding were a mad scientist, a dead girl, a mummy, Frankenstein and his bride (duh), a convict, and a lobster (my three month old nephew).


@caitlinagogo Oh my goodness, baby lobster! :3 That's adorable!


Ha! My friends want to have a theme wedding where the groom is Peter Pan and the bride Wendy, then the gusts would be split as pirates, fairies and lost boys. Awesome.

Wasn't there an idea in that Halloween costume idea post where a guy dressed in a tux and had an 'I'm sorry' sign and was thus a 'Formal Apology'? You could do that, but in a dress. or a Tux! Oh, go as James Bond!


@Plexia YES YES YES THERE WAS and I used that costume for Purim this past year and it was wonderful. Plus now I have a completely gorgeous powder-blue tulle gown, elbow-length gloves, and a delightful lacy shawl. No clue how any of those will be used again but as G-d is my witness I will figure out a way.


@stonefruit Ha, nice! You could just wear the outfit around the house. Have ridiculously formal Fridays.


Screw these people. Go as a zombie bride or a trophy second wife. (which my Betty Draper costume once became at a party where nobody owned a tv or had heard of Mad Men. Jerks.)


I don't think just holding a mask is the best option here. The bride and groom specifically requested costumes, not "fancy masquerade dress." It's a cop out.

That said, if you want fancy but formal-y and a little humorous, I would totally go as Maude.

Lush Life

@Vicky Johnson Before I clicked your link I was thinking, "Brilliant! Spend the evening in stretchy polyester instead of constricting fancy clothes!"


OH dress in rainbow colours with a rainbow tapes to each of you and be double rainbow! It's old and done but you'd both be so pretty!


I think the easiest solution for sure is to hit up some vintage shops, find something you like, and go full out in the period drag.


@Megano! and if it's sixties vintage, attach a few fake birds to yourself, presto, Tippi Hedren. It's a little overdone, sure, but if you're looking for easy and iconic...


solution for sure is to hit up some vintage shops, find something you like, and go full out in the period drag...Employment Lawyers


Just wear cat ears. That's what I always do when someone has a dress up anything.

RK Fire

@Slutface: You can take this up another notch, wear a poptart outfit, and go as Nyan cat.


@Slutface Or mouse ears. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsauqpPuM_o


@RK Fire you, madam, are a genius. Those kitties freak me out but maybe dressing up as one would help me reclaim it?

RK Fire

@stonefruit: Thank you so much for the compliment, but I can't really claim credit for that as I am generally amused by Nyan cat in everything, in all sorts of absurd ways.


Nick & Nora Charles. George & Marion Kerby. Zelda & Scott Fitzgerald. Fancy clothes, fun people, drinking required. What more could you ask for?

raised amongst catalogs

@WineRanger Nick & Nora forever.


@WineRanger ASTA!


Effie from Hunger Games? You'd have to commit to it, though. But it could be fantastic!!

Gef the Talking Mongoose

MEDUSA, because you can adapt it to the required level of elegance (starting at "oh I am wearing a green dress and I have little snakes in my hair and lots of eye makeup" all the way to "I totally made this headdress myself and it weighs like 10 pounds").

J Walter Weatherman

@Gef the Talking Mongoose Definitely did this for Halloween, and it definitely got me laid, so thanks for the inspiration. ;)

RK Fire

Are your boyfriend's friends really into any particularly geeky thing? If so, that offers up a whole host of ideas. Harry Potter themed costumes! (Maybe from the one ball they did during the Triwizard tournament?) Star Trek (as someone mentioned above)! Star Wars!

..maybe Game of Thrones, but only TV version? Don't ask about inspiration from the books. Just.. don't.

Dr. Who? (I've never watched Dr. Who.) X-Men? Haha, Portal? Final Fantasy (any of them)?


@RK Fire Can we have a Game Of Thrones party? I CALL BRIENNE! Or Littlefinger. OR Brienne Littlefinger.

RK Fire

@Slapfight: I like the idea but I am now realizing that I don't know who from GoT I would want to dress up as.


@RK Fire I'm debating being someone from Game of Thrones this Halloween and might just go as Dany because I have blonde hair and I really want to carry around dragon plushies all night, but I secretly wish I had a blonde boyfriend so we could go as Jaime and Cercei and make out all night.

RK Fire

@cosmia: Being Dany would be awesome for the dragon plushies.. I also saw one where a woman dressed up as Khal Drogo and her friend/significant other/whatever dressed up as Dany. That is awesome as well.

You could be drunk Cersei though! I saw someone mention that idea on here in a previous thread.. golden breastplate, dress, constant cup of wine and telling young women that they might get raped by besieging forces.

EDIT: I guess being Asian doesn't really help with the "go as a Game of Thrones character." I don't mind racebending either but there isn't really a character I want to dress up as, unless maybe I could be Bronn.


@RK Fire Ahhh, I had an idea for a good GoT Halloween costume that is a total spoiler for the third book! I really want to wear it at some point, but I really don't want to be That Guy.

RK Fire

@quatsch: The third book yields many potential Halloween costume ideas but unfortunately I don't think we can start talking about them until next year! I guess we can start working on them well in advance...


@quatsch Haha so have I but it involves a character death and none of my friends would get it anyway because none of them have read that far


@cosmia I have not either, I am only on the second book. Thanks for not plot spoiling everyone! :-)


@RK Fire I've been planning a Viserys Targaryen (had to google how to spell that correctly) costume for a while - wear fancy prince clothes and boots, and then cover your entire head in gold goop. Can be appropriately zombie-fied. See: http://tvyoumyonlyfriend.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/vaserys.jpg

Lily Rowan

I went to a Halloween wedding reception a couple of years ago, and it was great fun. A lot of people had really nice rented costumes, but not everyone -- there was a huge range, and not everyone was in costume. I went as Diana Prince, because I like to wear regular clothes. Bought a cheapo Wonder Woman costume and wore it under a suit.

Sella Turcica

Two friends of mine went as Mother Nature and Father Time for Halloween a few years ago. She got to wear an elegant, ethereal green dress with butterflies and flowers in her hair and go barefoot instead of wearing uncomfortable shoes. He wore a hooded cloak and a clock around his neck Flava Flav-style and kept losing his scythe. It was cute, easy. They were stand alone and worked together.


@Only does it to be popular
Just imagined Grandfather Time as Flava-Flav. Yep.


Rhett and Scarlett. Your preferred Austen couple. Burton and Taylor. A Mitford girl (as long as it's not Unity or Diana, right, because then your BF would "have" to be Hitler or Mosley which would be unpleasant). Nargis and Sunil Dutt. Cher and Nicholas Cafe in Moonstruck (dressed for the opera!). Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung in In the Mood for Love. Arwen and Aragorn (or Legolas and Gimli, ymmv).


@Lucienne Oh I love the LOTR suggestion but I can't get behind Arwen. Eowyn and Aragorn? :D


@redheaded&crazie :(


@Lucienne I thumbsed-up this comment, and then I felt I needed to reply to say that specifically I appreciated your reference to Legolas and Gimli as a suitable "couple" costume. THEY'RE CLEARLY IN LOVE.


Aw, I'm so sad that people are like, "ugh, this is the worst!" This sounds like SO MUCH FUN. But then, I used to do cosplay, so. Do Kaylee in her fancy dress! (Or maybe a toned-down version so you don't outdo the bride?)

Helen Schiffer@facebook

If you have a fairly straight cut top which reaches to hip level then wear that with a relatively short skirt and put a sash round your hips for a 1920's look. you can wrap a scarf around your head as a turban if you don't have a bob or fancy doing a fingerwave.

Another option is to go for an elegant black, green or purple dress, then make a cloak from black fabric with a drawstring top and wear a witch's hat. Although maybe not if it is a church wedding...


Two classy costumes I have worn:
Miss Scarlett from Clue -- red dress (which I had actually bought for a wedding originally), red heels, and a candlestick (I painted a wood one gold so it wouldn't be so heavy/expensive). You could also do the movie version and wear Penelope Ann Miller's awesome green dress.

The "Gray Lady" (i.e., the New York Times) -- gray dress and tights with pumps decoupaged in Times clippings and a pillbox hat (that I made myself out of felt and cardboard), with the "All the News Fit To Print" motto on it.


@bitchycrosstownexpress ...you mean Leslie Ann Warren?


@meetapossum Yes, dang it. I always mix those two names up.


I always mix those two names up.....regal assets precious metals

dracula's ghost

yes I too came here to say: BRIDE COSTUME.

Very Sincere Bridal Gown

probably too weird/awkward/mean? I don't know

It's either that or Garfield


Honey Boo Boo & Mama June.

Gef the Talking Mongoose

I suppose you could also go with gray body paint and black & white clothes to be an old-timey photo!

It actually turns out pretty great.


@Gef the Talking Mongoose I've always wanted to do that, but I suspect it's WAY harder than it looks and I won't be able to pull it off.


My friend got married on Halloween a few years ago, and the *kids* were allowed to dress up in costumes (and they had candy and stuff for them). A little girl was dressed as Angus Young from AC/DC. She was rad.


Any way to poll the other guests to figure out how fully they're committing to the theme? I'm breaking out in vicarious hives at the thought of wedding photos and forever being the ass in the pirate costume when everyone else is in cocktail wear/mask. (Or vice versa)


last year for Halloween I went as Elizabeth Bennet-Zombie Hunter. I got to wear a pretty empire waist dress, pretty ringlet hair and carried a Zombie head from the halloween store.


@novapilbeam I love this!

Miss Violet

Good friends of mine had a very elaborate Halloween wedding 15 years ago where guests came in costume or formal wear (black or white tie). It was hilarious to see someone dressed as a cow dancing with someone in white tie and tails - one of the most fun weddings I've ever been to. Every year for their anniversary we get dressed up in black tie and go to drinks someplace lovely - for this I always dress like the Marchesa Casati, which is like an exaggerated version of my regular dress-up style.

I'm definitely of the opinion that this is your chance to go all the way with elegant evening clothes that you might not normally wear - you don't have to "be" anything. Time to bust out the opera length gloves, dress with a train, velvets, silks, feathers, rhinestones, makeup you would normally never wear, ALL the pearls... It is rather like getting into drag - in fact, if anyone asks you could just say you're a drag queen. Have a great time at the wedding!


Doesn't the "come in costume" bit negate the need for wedding-level elegance? Therefore, the only correct answer is one of those 2-person horse costumes.


YES in full agreement

or a donkey


A friend-of-a-friend had a Halloween wedding, and hit a good compromise by putting a giant dress up box out during the reception, so people looked nice for the ceremony and then went all out with Green Man suits and whatnot on the dance floor. I wasn't there, but it looked crazy fun.

Anyway, if you're really into dressing up, the possibilities are endless. If you aren't, a black dress + cat ears = done.


Go as Ryan Gosling's Girlfriend. Just wear your normal wedding attire, and when people ask who you are, you just say, "I'm Ryan Gosling's girlfriend."
Ultimate fantasy costume.




@cosmia SERIOUSLY YES THIS. I would like a secret post where we could all go talk about last night, please.


@cherrispryte YES THIS.


@all OMG Did something awful happen?! I guess I do need to finish this paper so I can find out.


@Lucienne GIIIIIRL

Watch it! Or maybe don't.




@cosmia OMG, I know, I just can't, I can't....


@cosmia ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh just watched it last night and my IRL friend who watches it still hasn't and NO ONE UNDERSTANDS my agony at being unable to decompress about it.

@Lucienne to me it's like, why does every single character on this show always make the worst decisions.


I decided to be the tooth fairy for Halloween this year, mainly because I wanted to cover myself in glitter and wear wings (I like clever costumes, but sometimes, I just want to play dress up!). I'm sewing cheap toothbrushes onto a tulle skirt and carrying a purse with gold coins to give out.

My boyfriend now plans to be "a kid who lost a tooth", dressing normally, and blacking out a tooth. I keep telling him this is not a costume, but he doesn't like dressing up anyway so is immensely proud of his cleverness.

Last year I went as the Devil in Disguise (which I totally stole from a hairpin commenter) and he was a Guardian Angel and went around trying to protect people from me.

I'm not sure how this is relevant to a wedding - I mainly just wanted to talk about costumes! Also though, I would wear any of these to a wedding. Devil in Disguise would be great with a cute, red dress (and devil horns, tail, mustache, and sunglasses). Except the Lost Tooth Kid.

Homestar Runner

@MissMushkila Your BF's idea is pretty cute, but he should wear pajamas or something!

paper bag princess

Now I really want to have a Halloween costume wedding someday, if only because some of my no-fun, terrible relatives wouldn't want to come. ....I am a bad person.


Unforch I do not have time at present to read all these posts to see if someone else has mentioned this, but go to last year's article "The Best Hallowe'en Costume I Never Wore" and read the comments. Worked for me. http://thehairpin.com/2011/10/the-best-halloween-costume-i-never-wore/


@purefog Omg thank you for this, I kept trying to remember what Hairpin post it was that had all the great crazy Halloween costumes!


I attended a wedding a few years back where the couple said, "This is not going to be a formal affair, so wear whatever you want. Our only stipulation -- no pants! You can wear shorts or skirts or kilts or dresses, but NO PANTS! So my date and I wore togas, complete with laurel leaf crowns (which my Mom made for me at home and I took to Vegas with me in a Ziploc bag with wet paper towels to keep 'em fresh). We didn't tell anyone what we were wearing, so it was a surprise to everyone. We were fabulous! :)


It might take a bit of effort, but you can do what I did for a Halloween wedding a few years ago.

-Black bodysuit
-Black tights/shoes
-Black knee-length skirt
-Black petticoat a bit shorter than the skirt

Then I got some silvery glitter fabric paint, painted a bit of it very broadly on the tummy of the bodysuit and the mid-back, and then big, sweeping swirls of it on the skirt. Ta-da! I was the Milky Way Galaxy.




Dress up as a bride and be like "HAHA! GET IT??"


DUH! Bertha Mason! You know, Rochester's other wife from Jane Eyre. Come with raven hair, all tattered and burnt up.


@kingjames and covered in spiders/webs from the attic!


My uncle did this for his wedding! I was 13, and it was a family affair, so here are the costumes I remember:

My mother was a flapper.
My father was Sherlock Holmes (my mother's idea, as I recall, and both costumes were rented).
My brother was a member of KISS.
I was... irritable, being 13.
My uncle (the groom) was Beetlejuice.
My aunt (the bride) was a woodland fairy.
There were several men dressed as pregnant brides (at this point I should note the wedding took place in Jamaica Plain).

....And that's all I've got. I'd recommend renting a costume if you don't want to stress about it!


Bonnie and Clyde. He gets to wear an awesome suit and you get to carry a machine gun.


My friend and I were taking about costumes yesterday and she mentioned Downton Abbey, which, I have to admit, I know nothing about Downton Abbey (I know...).

Now my goal is to fine three other people who want to be the Golden Ghouls with me (come on, starring ZomBea Arthur as Horro-thy Zbornak and "Boo!" McClanahan as Blanche Devil-O...). However, it seems like none of my friends are all that eager to dress as zombified old women at a party. Bah.


@Hellcat Oh my god, I am an ass--I meant to say that, during the conversation, my friend said she's love to dress Downton Abbey-like but wanted something more "Halloweeny"... leading us to Downton Stabby." I don't know how appropriate something like that is for a wedding, but...

Sorry about the previous non sequitur of a comment. Oy...


My cousin did this!
I went as post execution Marie Antoinette with a bloody line around my neck.


Magical (or non-magical) fortune-teller?

Really all you'd need are a flowy dress, a scarf of some kind (for waist or around the shoulders), a headpiece (maybe a small turban?) and a deck of tarot cards. There may be something decorative at the wedding you can use as a crystal ball, instead of tarot cards, if you don't want to learn how to fake-read tarot.

The good part of this costume is that it automatically gives you something to talk about with other wedding guests (their fuuuutures), and you'll still look pretty and don't need too many props or weird clothing pieces.


a smurf! then you can double as “something blue”. or tobias funke auditioning for the blueman group. whatever feels more natural.


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and a deck of tarot cards. There may be something decorative at the wedding you can use as a crystal ball, instead of tarot cards, if you don't want to learn how to fake-read tarot. mountain house

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