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Get a Life to Have a Life

Dr. Christina Chrysohoou, a cardiologist at the University of Athens School of Medicine, teamed up with half a dozen scientists to organize the Ikaria Study, which includes a survey of the diet of 673 Ikarians. She found that her subjects consumed about six times as many beans a day as Americans, ate fish twice a week and meat five times a month, drank on average two to three cups of coffee a day and took in about a quarter as much refined sugar — the elderly did not like soda. She also discovered they were consuming high levels of olive oil along with two to four glasses of wine a day.

Dr. Chrysohoou might also wonder how many times we have to hear this about populations with increased longevity? It turns out though, according to a bunch of research, going sip for sip with a glass of olive oil in one hand and wine in the other won't necessarily make you live healthier or longer. You need friends to drink the wine with and a reason to get out of bed in the morning and into your kitchen to cook something with that olive oil. But how?

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I've been putting wine and olive oil in the blender together, and then applying the 'whip' setting. Pour over ice for a creamy, tasty, longevity-enhancing beverage!

Jen Kiaba

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll sounds like my kind of meal-replacement shake!


@Rock and Roll Ken Doll Invite all your friends.


@Rock and Roll Ken Doll Try mixing it with Qream. Even better!


Oh honey, didn't anyone tell you? That's how we make Qream.

fondue with cheddar

First Ikea, then Ikarians...what's next?


@fondue with cheddar Iscandar? Ichthyosaurs? Icelandic music stars? Icelandic music stars.


@Cawendaw I could be down for drinking wine with ichthyosaurs.

evil melis



@evil melis No, because on average an American citizen eats one single bean a day. The Ikarians spread their 6 beans across the span of an entire working day - one in the morning to help them get out of bed, one around noon, etc.

Jane Marie

@evil melis don't knock it.



Judith Slutler

@evil melis I was actually thinking "I am pretty sure I consume that amount of beans, if lentils count as beans"


@evil melis this is fully off-topic but I wanted you to know Wait Wait don't tell me (from last week) quoted a tweet by you. I felt pin-proud.

Jen Kiaba

Ah yes that quality over quantity thing. Especially where wine is concerned - very important.
But for realsies, if we all had the How thing figured out no one would care so much about all of the nonsense we occupy huge chunks of our conciousness with. Right? Cause we'd all be out there "how-ing" it up.
If shots of olive oil with friends is the secret to inner contentment I'm happy to give it a whirl.


@Jen Kiaba ZOMG. I used to work in publishing, and I got tons of free books sent to me all the time, one of which was called, "The Shangri-La Diet." I decided to try it out for a week, for no good reason other than the fact that there is virtually no nutritional experiment I am unwilling to test out on myself. The cornerstone of the Shangri-La Diet turned out to be chugging shotglasses full of olive oil every day.

Reader, I drank a shot of straight olive oil (several shots of straight olive oil over the course of three days!). AND I GOT SO SICK. After a few days I had to give up the experiment because every time I even looked at the bottle of olive oil the nausea would take over.

Party tip: try having your olive oil with food, and perhaps not in shotglass form!


@werewolfbarmitzvah Hey! I tried that too for a while. I did have to cut down the oil dosage (because BLEAHHH) and drink like a quart of ice water after every shot of oil (because BLEAHHH), but it actually kind of worked the way the book said. I went like two weeks without eating candy and I didn't even care! Once in a while I think about starting up the oil again, but 1) crazy diet tactics should not be encouraged! and 2) BLEAHHH.


@werewolfbarmitzvah wait wait wait, isn't that the one premised on some kind of "flavorless" oil, or possibly sugar-water, and set-points? Because I tried that, got so icked out after the first shot-glass of oil, and promptly gave up. I don't usually think my gag reflex is so hyperactive but it did not appreciate that quantity of oil, I tell you what.


@Canard Serious question, as someone who eats olive oil all the freakin' time: how does taking straight shots of it not make you just shit your pants immediately?


@Canard Definitely BLEAHHH indeed.

@stonefruit Yes, that's the one! And the sugar water was infinitely easier to drink, but it also didn't seem like it was having much of an effect. Meanwhile, the oil totally worked, but only because I was so nauseous after drinking it that food was the last thing on my mind.

@KatnotCat Hmmm, this question kinda explains what happened to my colon on Day Three.


@werewolfbarmitzvah From a weight loss perspective it does make sense though--coat your inside with oil until food just slips right out.




@KatnotCat That's basically how that weird fake fat that nobody uses anymore worked, right? Olestra?


@OhMarie It's how that FDA approved weight lost drug works as well. Too much fat= instant vicious diarrhea!


I have read that the use of olive oil, and very fresh olive oil, is key; it contains an anti-inflammatory quality not unlike aspirin, which helps account for the "French Paradox."

I'm going the American route by sprinkling my food with crushed up aspirin and sea salt (for texture!). I'll get back to you guys how it works in 110 years!!!!

Jen Kiaba

@l'esprit de l'escalier what about that grape-flavored children's tylenol as sprinkles on your icecream?


@Jen Kiaba I'm so glad you brought that up, because that is exclusively what I'm feeding to my seven week old baby. She can now drink all the wine she needs to!


But shotgunning olive oil and wine in glasses is so much eassssiieerrrr!


I'm developing a theory that if I'm rarely getting headaches and stomachaches, I'm probably doing the things that are going to lead me to have a long life. Not-so-coincidentally, I tend to feel good when I've been drinking moderate amounts of alcohol with friends and cooking meals that are healthy but not boring-and-full-of-gross-grains-nobody likes, and not so good when I've been subsisting on red bull and vodka by night and gatorade and red bull and pizza by day. My body: it tells me things!

Judith Slutler

@paddlepickle I'm going to go with this as the reason that I've been whining about not having any wine in the apartment all evening.


Um hello? Maybe the reason they live so long is because they're all COMMUNISTS?

Put a Communist on an island, they'll live forever. Look at Fidel Castro.


These studies on the Mediterranean diet all seem to overlook the power of being surrounded by gorgeous scenery.


I'm usually pretty skeptical of this "do this and you'll be healthy and active until you die at your sleep at age 100" stuff, but today is a slow day and I read the whole article. All the health stuff just seemed like vaguely maybe sensible noise and fuzz but really I'm just overwhelmed by how lovely their lifestyle seems.

Who cares how long they live - I just want my life to consist of sleeping in and taking naps and drinking wine and eating delicious, fresh, olive oil drenched food with my friends every day on a Greek island.


@entangled It sounds so wonderful. Man, maybe they just want to die less than everybody else does.


Setting aside the food/diet aspect of this article, can we discuss how it pretty much broke me today? I read it this morning before I got into a good work groove, and after I finished, all I could think about was how I spend my days at a desk, pushing paper around, stressed out about crap I don't care about, really, and if I rush and finish early there will be some other HUGE PROJECT that someone needed done yesterday.

I'm 27. Im thinking these people live so long because they have sweet lives that don't make them think about how microscopically unimportant their stressful existences truly are.

Springtime for Voldemort

My doctor told me about this. I told her that I was more than happy to swap out my meat for some fish on a regular basis just as soon as she made it so that the land-locked state we live in had fish just as cheap as meat.

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