Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Garnish With Seeds

Pumpkin vodka: not that you would, but you could.

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I saw a billboard for Carmel Vodka today.



@Biketastrophy I saw an ad for lemonade vodka last night


@Biketastrophy On my birthday a certain bartender gave me a choice between a shot of waffle vodka or popcorn vodka.


@Biketastrophy Weirdly, despite being curmudgeonly a lot of the time, I don't get the hate. Caramel vodka is delicious! Pumpkin pie vodka (or bourbon, or cognac) could be delicious too! Maybe I'm a woo girl and I forgot.


@RobotsNeedLove Are you a cultural woo?

Beatrix Kiddo

@Biketastrophy This is getting out of hand. I think cotton candy is the most ridiculous flavor of vodka I've seen.


Also low-calorie vodka? There is a billboard on my commute that pesters me on that subject. I always hear Gil Scott-Heron talking to me when I see it, "the revolution will not be brought to you by" etc.


@RobotsNeedLove I'm not much of a fan of vodka, but I don't really have a problem with the flavors.

But it is a seriously question, at what point have you made all the vodka flavors? Will it go full circle with (vodka) Martini flavored vodka?


@RobotsNeedLove Caramel vodka and pumpkin cream liqueur. Delicious.


@Biketastrophy Clearanced at my local liquor store: strawberry shortcake vodka. TRUTH.


@Biketastrophy My sister just told me she had marshmallow vodka and couldn't understand why I was not excited about it. :-(


so different and cute!@m


Pumpkin vodka NO!

Pumpkin boubon...maybe?


@parallel-lines yeah pumpkin and vodka would taste gross together, but bourbon would be awesome.


@parallel-lines Or pumpkin rum!


@parallel-lines A friend just announced that she'd purchased apple cider bourbon and asked for mixers, whereupon the whole world replied "JUST FUCKING DRINK IT CAN I HAVE SOME"


No no, the liquor goes into the pumpkin, not the other way around. Bourbon pumpkin pie and Bailey's whipped cream, mmhmm.

(Could you puree pumpkin and thin it out to make a cocktail mixer, though? Used lightly, of course. But with some apple whiskey, or in a gin drink...)

Beatrix Kiddo

@wallsdonotfall You definitely could. My big problem with this is that what kind of artificial flavorings are you adding to liquor to give something clear and watery a strong pumpkin flavor? I think most people are just too lazy to make a cocktail with pureed pumpkin, unfortunately.


I totally would.

I had some pumpkin apple cider two weeks ago when I went apple picking, and it was surprisingly delicious. They also had the best label design.

fondue with cheddar

@meetapossum That is fantastic.


@meetapossum Yeah, I totally would, too. I love pumpkin-flavored things. I love vodka. Why the hell not? (Insert obligatory YOLO joke).


@olivebee I thought the main draw of vodka was that you could flavor it however you want. I mean, I have consumed GARLIC vodka. Pumpkin would taste WAY better.

fondue with cheddar

@meetapossum That sounds gross until you consider bloody marys.


@fondue with cheddar It is actually really gross when consumed alone, because garlic by itself is really burn-y. We were also expecting grapefruit vodka.

But as a mixer in a bloody mary, yes!

fondue with cheddar

@meetapossum Ew...I can't imagine drinking it alone. And there's a big difference between garlic and grapefruit! That's a rude awakening, like the time I took a sip of my ex's Guinness thinking it was my root beer (and I hate beer).


@fondue with cheddar Well, we were at a vodka bar in Denver, so I think it was a failure of communication between us and the waiter. On the other hand, it means that people definitely do drink it alone! And that's totally weird.

fondue with cheddar

@meetapossum I'm trying to imagine how one would drink that besides in a bloody mary. Maybe you could put a dash of worcestershire in it or something? That might be good. Marinate a steak in it?


@meetapossum I've had garlic beer, and it was surprisingly nice. The person selling it also recommended cooking with it, which I haven't tried but which sounds great. (Steak and ale pie with added garlic? Mmm.)


@fondue with cheddar Penne alla vodka with garlic vodka? Then you could use up the rest of the bottle on dares.

fondue with cheddar

@Amphora Mmmmmmmm.

Dares are probably the best use for that stuff.


I need to know why Qream is neglecting the important Thanksgiving booze market and I need to know NOW!


@parallel-lines Don't worry, Qream Labs is hard at work on a gravy-flavored liqueur.

Edith Zimmerman

@stuffisthings Qream labs!!


@stuffisthings To mix with your Stuffing-Flavored Jones Soda. :(

Ham Snadwich

@parallel-lines - Pumpqream?


Is it possible to make a vodka pumpkin in the same way as you would, say, a vodka watermelon? A friend wants to know.


@stuffisthings You could just do this?


@stuffisthings Like... THIS?!


@Brunhilde You were totally quicker on the draw.


I had a pumpkin margarita last weekend. DEAR GOD NO DON'T DO IT.

maybe partying will help

For the record I totally would.


Pumpkin = All Things Good. Vodka = All Things Evil. Now, pumpkin brandy? Pumpkin rum? (Pumprum? Rumpkin?) Yes, maybe.


@maripo5a rumpkin has the added advantage of sounding dirty!


@iceberg So does pumprum, actually. We may be onto something here.

fondue with cheddar

@maripo5a I can hear the winter holiday ad campaign now: "Rummm and pummmpkin pa-rum-pa Pumprum"

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