Friday, October 5, 2012


Friday Bargain Bin: Jumping the Gun on Halloween

Spooky Canapé Plates, $4.99 (were $6)
Who, who, whoooo is gonna bake me a strawberry-rhubarb pie and serve it off of this dude's face? 

Japanese Bird Print Shirt, $35.18 (was $61.57)
Make this your first foray into the world of silky, floral blouses. You can wear a camisole under it if you're kind of a wuss. It goes perfectly with those hot pants, or this:

Torrid Pencil Skirt, $34.50 (was $44.50)
Okay, now please quit telling me pencil skirts aren't the greatest. Also, it's buy one, get one half-off.

Hershesons Large Hair Bow, #24.63 (was $45.73)
Hilariously perfect.

Pumpkin Carving Kit, $14.99 (was $19.95)
Look, I know they seem dumb and you already have knives and whatnot, but have you ever actually used one of these kits? LIFE CHANGING, YOU GUYS. I mean, truly. Your pumpkin game is going to be so on point this year.

J. Jill Glitter Ballet Flats, $27.99 (were $109)
All J. Jill sale items are an additional 30% off, plus free shipping if you spend $100, so you should get these hot things too for your witch costume.

Gorjana Studded Leather Wrap Bracelet, $34.30 (was $49)
These are not, despite our predictions, going out of style anytime soon. Which is great! They are lovely and always make you envious of the wrist of the girl wearing one. Don't be a sucker like her by paying full price.

Mossimo Denim Jacket, $24.99
A few weeks ago my mom and I were at Target and we both tried this on, in the floral print and in red, and it is so perfectly cropped and adorable and the sleeves are long enough and we could not decide which colors to get and then didn't want to buy the same one but then we were like
"We don't even live in the same state!" but also we have plenty of jean jackets, though none as cute as this, and it was so overwhelming we just left empty handed. That is a sad story.

Stila Luminizer Set, $10 ($32 value)
This is the WAY to do highlighter — especially you first timers: with a super-cheap sampler set. It even says you can mix it into your foundation, which I am highly suspicious of, but admire the moxie of someone who would.

Luxe Faux Fur Booties, $12 (were $39)
AHHH! They only come in two sizes, large and small, so you can easily grab some to stuff all your ladies' stockings later this year. Imagine them peeking out of the top.

Wilton Candy Making Mega Pack Kit, $7.69 (was $10.99)
You should really make your own Halloween candy to give to trick-or-treaters this year. Seriously, what else are you doing? No, really, what else? What are you doing? What? What? What? Nothing? What, then?

One-Of-A-Kind Vintage Watchmaker's Cabinet, $159.99 (was $199)
Imagine opening a drawer to find... JEWELS! RECEIPTS! CIGARS! BATTERIES! FINGERS?

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Jane, the scooper seems like the *most* necessary tool, not the least! The edge of the spoon is too dull to scrape all the gunk out very effectively, plus the handle gets in the way--a short, serrated spoon seems PERFECT!

The Lady of Shalott

@SuperGogo YES. Exactly. Also the scooper helps to scrape off the inside layers, which makes the pumpkin thinner and a little easier to carve!

My parents totally have a pumpkin-carving set and use patterns, and their pumpkins are THE BOMB DIGGITY. And they get compliments on them EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Always parents walk up to the house and go "Your pumpkins are SO COOL!" and not once have they ever been smashed.


@The Lady of Shalott You can also use the scooper to "thin" parts of the pumpkin if you want some parts to be cut out, and some to just be sort of translucent so the light shines through.


@SuperGogo My jaw actually dropped when I saw the spoon. Genius!


@SuperGogo YES. The scooper. I must have it.
(Also, @everyone, I am planning on throwing a pumpkin-carving party at my place. BYOP and BYOSAB (Bring your own seasonal autumn beer). What should I supply? Should I go get a bunch of those cheap pumpkin carving kits? Start stocking up now on newspaper? Has anyone here successfully done this before without turning their house into a pumpkin?


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher That sounds like so much fun. I have no stocking-up suggestions, but I do suggest you clean the pumpkin seeds, put them on a baking sheet, drizzle with a little olive oil, and roast for 1 hour on 350. When they come out sprinkle them with salt and immediately enjoy your hot little crispy treats! They would go perfectly with the SAB.

The Lady of Shalott

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher 1. Get WAY more newspaper than you think you're going to need, because it's going to be messy and sloppy and you'll want to change the papers when they get soaked and gross. 2. Consider getting plastic sheeting to nput down beneaeth if you're worried about pumpkin guts and goo getting on anything nice. 3. Have lots of trash bags in stock, or at least grocery bags you can tie up, because pumpkin guts stink after like....thirty minutes. 4. Maybe get some patterns? You can find them online or Xerox patterns at a library? And have multiple patterns so people can do the same design?

tea tray in the sky.

@The Lady of Shalott "Always parents walk up to the house and go "Your pumpkins are SO COOL!" and not once have they ever been smashed." I read this as, like, only sober people are complimenting their pumpkins so it must be legit.


It's funny@l


It's One of a Kind! Get it at Urban Outfitters! All I can think of is that episode of Friends with the Apothecary Table.


Ugh, that hairbow is grossing me out for some reason.

If you like that owl plate, I remember seeing some similar (but not overly Halloweeny) plates at Pottery Barn that I liked a lot. And maybe also on sale soon?


@SarahP Yes, not a fan of that hair-bow despite my enthusiastic comment below. That is kind of icky and very Lady Gaga, which, ehh.


@SarahP I heard you like hair, so I got you some more hair, to put in your hair.


@SarahP I would totally do a hairbow, but I don't trust fake hair to blend in with my color.

sarah girl

Maybe I'm old or something, but I just don't get how it's okay to wear those sheer blouses with totally visible bras underneath? It seems bizarre to me.


@Sarah H. I inherited a sheer blouse from my sister and I have yet to wear it because of this exact conundrum. But with a full camisole underneath it kind of looks bulky? Also it's pretty fancy so I don't have a right place to wear it. It's probably just going to sit in my closet forever.


@Sarah H. I guess I'm a wuss but I totally agree.

The Lady of Shalott

@Sarah H. I don't like it, either. I guess it's supposed to be worn with pretty bras or those bralettes or whatever? But I...come on. I just want to have a bra that FITS me and doesn't hurt! If it has to be visible and pretty too, I just can't even.


@Sarah H. agree. I like them with a tank top underneath, but my bras are my special secret.

barefoot cuntessa

@Sarah H. I'd just wear a nude bra. This one isn't crazy sheer, and with the print it would probably be barely noticeable. Wear a sweater with it on the first day to ease into it.

Tragically Ludicrous

@Sarah H. Like everything else, there is no way I am skinny enough to pull it off.


@Sarah H. Yep. This blouse is what nude camisoles are made for, in my world.


@Tragically Ludicrous I think it is a slender, delicately boned lady look only. I would either be TITTIES MOTHERFUCKERS or have an awkward fitting cami underneath.


@Sarah H. I figure you could do the visible bra thing if you were wearing it out to a bar or something, but for us oldies with office jobs, that move would be the fast track to getting yanked into HR for the thrashing of a lifetime. Even for going out to dinner, the visible bra seems inappropriate. And for anything taking place in daylight, it also seems inappropriate. And for anything involving family members.

So yeah, other than a bar, I can't think of another place where you could wear this with only a bra underneath. Either that or I am way more school-marmish than I thought I was!


Yeah if I wore this with nothing over or under it would be way inappropriate, BUT I kind of want one like this to wear under a sleeveless sheath, jumper style. Saw it in a magazine. Or maybe with a vest?


@KatnotCat Yes, I am very jealous of the women who can pull this look off. I would like to, but am a wuss with an ample bosom.

I have one dress where the top part is sheer, which I occasionally wear with just a nude bra underneath and I feel so badass. Like the nerdy girl in Miss Congeniality who twirls the fire batons.

Beatrix Kiddo

@Sarah H. I wouldn't wear it to the office or anything, but I like them for going out at night, preferably to a place that isn't very brightly lit.


@Sarah H. I could see doing that on a weekend... night, but the ladies I've seen rocking that look to the office have gotten my side-eye. I just haven't seen anyone pull it off yet, it looks inappropriate to me.


@Sarah H. Yeah, not so much a "wuss" as a "grownup." Next they're gonna tell us wearing underwear outside your pants is a bold statement.


@all Well, also? I don't think that it *looks* very good. Your eye is all like "oh la la, what a nice pattern! i love this patt-...what? WTF is that? is that...a bra? whyTF would you ruin the pattern like that, and also show off your brawr?".

At least, that's what my eye does.


@Sarah H.
21 year-old here - wear it with a cami (black or grey or white) or not at all. You're not old, you're right.


Booties "no longer available." Bummer.

Lily Rowan

@SuperGogo Right??




@SuperGogo :( Surely another store carries something similar?


@SuperGogo Sigh.


@rimy My mom always gets me similar things at Macys around Christmas, but I don't think they are quite on the same level.


@rimy Part of the problem is many slippers are open-backed clog-style, which to me seems so silly! Who wants warm toes and cold heels?

Lily Rowan

@rimy I have these wicked good slippers I got as a gift, but they are $80!!! Not $12.


@SuperGogo I think of those kinds of slippers as more for popping downstairs to check the mail/check the laundry/take out the garbage type deals.


@Lily Rowan Those slippers are so worth it though. The sheepskin is amazing. I haate synthetic stuff in the winter. It isn't that warm but it makes my feet feel sweaty and then the faux whatever sticks to you and they also smell awful and get real gross after a while. So you have to replace them every year. I have had my real shearling ones a couple years now and they still look new.

Lily Rowan

@Punk-assBookJockey You are so right. I should hang on to that link to see if they go on sale, because mine are getting a little janky. Although I refreshed them using cornmeal, as per Jolie!


@SuperGogo IF it makes you feel better I own them and while they are GREAT, the smalls are really small and I can't wear them alldayeveryday like my old slippers because my toes go numb.


oh my god I love everything this time! that shirt! I want to buy so much stuff from asos now! the pumpkin kit! those comfy booties!

But I am trying to save $$$. why why whyyy :(


Betrayal of Canadian nationalism follows:

I'm kind of really excited to have target in Canada y'all! I'm sad that the Zellers diner I used to go to with my grandmother has been shuttered forever because that place was hella cheap, but ... Target!!!! I want that jean jacket!!!!


@redheaded&crazie was zeller's even owned by a canadian company anymore? I don't even think so. So whatever.


@redheaded&crazie Me too! I'm an American transplant and I generally prefer Canadian stores on principle, but I miss Target. I would love to buy a maxi dress that doesn't fall apart on ya after several wearings for less than $50.

The Lady of Shalott

@siniichulok I'm not upset to see Zeller's go because I've never been in a Zeller's that wasn't wicked depressing. Seriously, the one here in my town is always half-dark because half the lights are always turned off (FOR REAL), there are never any employees and the ones who are around look like they want to die, and there's always at least one Certifiable Weirdo wandering around the poison-drain-cleaner aisle.



@redheaded&crazie Zellers was owned by HBC, and they did not take care of the brand at all. I also have not been in a Zellers that was not wicked depressing. My hometown even got one totally renovated like 10 years ago, and within 5 years it had already gone back to being completely depressing! It's going to be one of the first Targets now. Also, Walmart is so much cheaper.
I did buy a shitton of Pure by Alfred Sung clothese there though.


@redheaded&crazie The Zellers in my town is also super depressing. BUT I'm kind of sad it's closing because other than Canadian Tire it was the last box store left in town and now the town has erupted into a pro-Walmart/anti-Walmart battleground and I really really do not want a Walmart here. I wouldn't mind a Target too much, I guess.

oh! valencia

@The Lady of Shalott I liked Zellers (better than Walmart, anyway), but Target is even better. I was probably that weirdo in the Drano aisle, sorry.
@redheaded&crazie I don't think it was Canadian anymore.

straw hat

@Megano! Wikipedia tells me that the HBC is US-owned since 2006. Which surprisingly bums me out. What is more Canadian than the Hudson's Bay Company?

Yes the Zellers in my town looks like it has given up. It's like they want me to go to Walmart.


@straw hat :O!!
Pretty sure they have owned Zellers way before 2006 though, and it was already not doign great before then.


@redheaded&crazie I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who's sad about it. But that's because I always get amazing things at Zellers. Also, anytime an American chain comes in the prices are way marked up, so I'm not really expecting to be able to afford anything at Target in Canada.


@redheaded&crazie I'm sad about it too, though I recognize that Zellers itself became quite sad. I have very fond memories of the one I used to go to when I was little. I think most of my friends' birthday presents, or at least the wrapping paper, was acquired there. I didn't quite get around to visiting the one near my parents' house one last time before it closed.

But I don't quite see how Target is so superior? It's all the same stuff.


@Megano! I went to Zellers specifically for the Alfred Sung line, and rarely anything besides that. The stores were always messy and the prices weren't great.
That said, I'm a little apprehensive about Target rolling in. Going cross-border shopping with a stop at Target (hello, Buffalo!) is usually a fun day out for me, my mom and sister, and I worry it'll lose its appeal once I can have it whenever I want. (Bath and Body Works, I'm lookin' at you.)


@missvancity If it helps, I think your dollars are worth more than ours these days, so it'll probably be a wash.


@Ophelia Unfortunately Canadian retailers still charge more than American prices. I guess they're just used to getting away with it. BASTARDS. Also, customs/transportation costs? WTFEVER.


@redheaded&crazie I work in the book industry, and for us, it's actually that the cost of doing business is quite a bit higher (taxes, shipping) and that the payoff is way smaller. Basically there are less of us, spread out more. Also, for books anyways, titles that originate in the US are usually brought in by a Canadian distributor, which means smaller margins. I'm sure some of these apply to American chains.

But yeah, where our dollar is doesn't matter, something that is $19.99 at Target in the US is going to be $222.99 or even $24.99 here.


@missvancity And fuck I am not paying $222.99 for that belt!


@redheaded&crazie Haha, MAYBE IF IT WAS AT HOLT'S, BUT COME ON!

The Lady of Shalott

@missvancity I have never actually been inside Holt Renfrew? What's it like there? I imagine it as this elegant, crystal-and-chandeliers, with chaise longues everywhere and stuff. I have this rich friend who one time was sneering at her law school classmates wearing "cheap Banana Republic suits" and I was like holy shit, if BR is cheap for you, where do you buy YOUR suits and she was like "Holt Renfrew, same place I get my facewash and moisturizer and stuff."

Also I accidentally typed "holt shit" which is much more appropriate.


@The Lady of Shalott I have mostly only been in one because of a beauty event, and it is pretty fancy, but it wasn't as intimidatingly so as I initially thought it would be, if that makes sense (and I was in the Toronto Bloor flagship). Even though I can't afford a single thing there. The one in Ottawa is even less intimidating because it is teensy. It's basically like being in one of the really upscale The Bay stores.


@The Lady of Shalott I bought something once at holt renfrew! It was at their "last call" outlet or whatever. It is an extremely lacy and impractical thong that is NOT EVEN COMFORTABLE (it is particularly uncomfortable even being a thong to start) and I don't remember how much I paid for it but whatever amount was too much because it is awful.

Sometimes I get sucked into buying things just because they are on sale brand name things. :\ I have a problem (brand name junkie problem)


@The Lady of Shalott That is not actually super inaccurate! I have been a few times, but only because the way Pacific Centre is set up, you sort of have to walk through Holt's. It's really scary though because if I broke something I would probs have to declare bankruptcy.


@The Lady of Shalott I'm a bit of a perfume nut, so I've been in the Vancouver one a few times. The cosmetics/perfume section is not bad at all (except for the Chanel booth). The rest of the store terrifies me, though.


In the spirit (ha!) of Hallowe'en themed merchandise...does anyone know of a place that sells (queen sz) duvet covers or bed sheets that have Hallowe'en patterns on them (ghosts, pumpkins, etc)? A friend suggested Target, but I don't think they're open yet up here.

I know there are two on Amazon but my arachnophobic g/f would be very unhappy with one of them, and the other is just skulls & crossbones which is kind of boring.


@dale My friend recently bought this:


@Hellcat LOL! I don't think I could get away with that, but you led me to etsy, which I'd not yet checked.

Priscilla Peel

@dale This owl duvet set is way out of my price range, but I love it.


@dale https://www.sininlinen.com/bedroom/duvet_covers/


The owl's expression looks like my usual scowl.

a small sea

Guh, I JUST bought that Gorjana bracelet like, two weeks ago - AND PAID FULL PRICE. :( :( :( Oh, but jk, I got the black (GOTH4EVER), not the navy. IT"S OK AGAIN :) :)


Would just like to say this is making me so excited for The Holdays. I am a such a huge sucker for Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas! I am totally getting a pumpkin & carving it, toasting the pumpkin seeds, making pumpkin bread with chocolate chips, and MAYBE even candy apples?? idk.



@rimy I am making caramel apples TONIGHT. And I bought Halloween candy to make s'mores out of at my friend's mountain house this weekend. And apple cider for mulling. We're all going to have diabetes by Monday.


Argh off-topic, but you guys, my dad's birthday is next weekend and I have no idea what to get him. Just like every year! I keep waiting for him to get into a hobby or stop wearing the same sweater he has worn since 2001 (and no he does not wear any of the new ones we buy him!), but no dice. Sigh. I should prob buy those sparkly flats to make myself feel better about it?


@charmcity Definitely.


@charmcity Kit with posh stuff to make awesome Bloody Marys incl. bottle of vodka? With pickled green beans and beef jerky and fun stuff for garnish?


@charmcity A mixed pack of beers from your local microbrewery (assuming you live in a different city) and a logo baseball cap. Dad's love promotional clothing that none of their friend's have.


@charmcity Coffee mugs? I think various mugs, especially travel mugs, are my fallback for gifts for my dad because I swear all he ever does it drink coffee, work and sleep.


@charmcity I am a big fan of "experience" gifts, so what about a gift certificate or Groupon for a class, event, service, etc?

Lost penguin

@charmcity A hipflask is my "good for all males" present. Cool, functional (even for non alcohol drinkers) and always classy.


@charmcity What about a season of a TV show you think he'd like? Maybe a book? Hot sauce?


@supernintendochalmers You guys are all amazeballs! And for the record, I would like all of these presents. I was already thinking a little bit about beer, because I have seen him drink beer (while I have never in my life seen him drink liquor/buy or own a DVD/wear clothing with a label on it ... all things I do! You may send your dad presents to me.)


@charmcity Brooklyn Beer Shop makes some awesome, and cheap brew-your-own kits!


@charmcity Take him out for pancakes. Dads love pancakes.


@charmcity My dad is a big fan of "consumables." He doesn't need anymore STUFF, so he likes things he can eat and then it's gone. Fancy candy or pickles or booze or whatever.


Jane, I'm pretty sure you've referred to "hot pants" a few times in the past, and I always thought you meant short shorts- did you just mean "sexy pair of pants"? Brb Ebaying my dukes collection.


Everyone needs to buy those glitter flats for me so I can live vicariously through you.
Also I really want that watchmaker's cabinet. THINK OF ALL THE STUFF I CAN PUT IN IT OMG.


@Megano! I feel the same way - those glitter flats are so adorable, but there is no way something with that little coverage would stay on my feet. I have arch in shoe issues.


@entangled Yeah, I have to wear orthotics all the time, so I can't buy shoes like this.


That describes every Target experience I've ever had.


I'm sorry but I'm pretty sure there is a picture of 8 year old me wearing that jacket while petting a mule at the Grand Canyon. And while I remain fond of mules, I'm disinclined to replicate that look.

Jane Marie

@LacunaKale suit yourself :)


@Jane Marie Next week, can you tell me about mule sales?


Those damned wrap bracelets! I want one so badly, and I keep finding beautiful ones in little arts stores in Chicago and on my usual shopping websites, but every last one of them is leather. Are there not other materials with which to make pretty, soft, non-metal bracelets? It is a hopeless cause, I suppose.


@olivebee There are some in the sale section at your local J.Crew right now made of patterned fabric that you just wrap around and tie.


@olivebee Maybe search Etsy with the added keywords of "vegan" or "faux"?


@yeah-elle @Clare Thanks! Those are good suggestions!

up cubed

@olivebee The honestlyWTF blog has a ton of examples and buzzfeed collected those and other interesting examples. I'm an idiot with links, so if this doesn't work search for this in google if it doesn't work.

tea tray in the sky.

@upupandaway I really like HonestlyWTF, but I every time I go there I keep getting distracted by how wrong that name is for that site. Why would they call it that?


Somehow I now have "Witchy Woman" by the Eagles firmly ensconced in my head. I blame the alt-text for those adorable ballet flats.

Oh, squiggles

This seems like the appropriate place to tell you guys about finding my new coffee table. I didn't really have one before, just some old hand me down upholstered storage bins, and the tops kept collapsing down into them when you put your feet on them. So a week ago I go to a thrift store, and spotted a guy putting an old trunk out on the floor. It is old, with leather handles, and slightly rusted brass fittings, and slightly scratched hunter green. It looks warn, but still in good shape. And I have always loved that shabby, lived in look, and have always wanted one of those old trunks! So it had two price stickers on it, $20 and $13, and I got it for $13, so it really feels like a bargain. Anywhoo, it's one of the few pieces of furniture I have that I picked out myself, and so I am pretty jazzed about it, the bargain, and having a place to store my vinyl records, and also prop my feet on. Also makes a good mini table for gaming with friends and snacking in front of the tv!

Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets overwhelmed when shopping, then leaves without getting anything, and then regrets it later.



Lisa Frank

Can we talk about highlighter? Because I think I'm doing it wrong. I've tried Nars Illuminator in Sephora, and it didn't seem to really do anything. I just put it on top of my cheekbones, but I could barely see it?

Oh, squiggles

@Lisa Frank Well, if you are anything like your avatar name then subtle may not be something you feel comfortable with!

But in all seriousness, highlighter is a very subtle look if done right. You shouldn't be able to notice it immediately, because it is supposed to help brighten certain areas, and highlight the good parts. If it was too noticeable, it would look fake and glowy in a costumey kind of way. I would try doing your make up without it, taking a picture, and then with it, and taking another picture to compare. It shouldn't be visible, but should still make you look a little brighter/fresher/well rested. If you don't notice a difference, it is because you are already beautiful and glowing, and you don't really need to bother with that extra step in your makeup routine!

On a personal note, I use highlighter on the inner corners of my eyes, and I see the most noticeable difference from doing that, than doing the top of the cheekbones. My cheekbones are fairly noticeable already (I don't use any kind of shadowing contour on my cheeks because there is already a shadow there?), but using it in the inner eye corners really helps me look less tired.

Jane Marie

@Lisa Frank for me, it's more of a movement and light thing. highlighter doesn't show up that much when you're looking dead on into a mirror with good lighting. it's more about your cheekbones catching light and shadows more dramatically when you're chatting someone up at a party. it makes candlelight even more flattering. highlighter!

Lisa Frank

@Awesomely Nonfunctional Ah, Thanks! I generally use pretty neutral, subtle makeup, but my skin tends towards being shiny, so maybe it's just not the product for me.


@Lisa Frank You should look at Jane's youtube video on how to put on highlighter! (Look how awesome she is by writing in tips for you without lazily linking to her own video. But I am lazy, and didn't even know highlighter existed before watching the video, so....) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mphs59ZIpnw


Those plates are awesome, but I always wait until the day after Halloween and then go crazy at Target and Home Goods. Creepy decorations year round!


I love that blouse (I have two like it from Forevs and I wear them with a nude cami underneath, for those of you who are perplexed by how to wear a sheer blouse) but I'm kinda scratching my head why you'd suggest a plus-size skirt to wear with a straight-size top, Jane.


@Clare Well, in my case I could probably wear the straight size 14 top (were it not sold out), with the plus-size sive 14 skirt, as I am decidedly pear-shaped. I know other people with much more disparate top/bottom sizing.
Plus, I thought it was helpful to see another possible pairing with the shirt other than leather pants, i.e. try a black pencil skirt, even if not that _exact_ pencil skirt.


@Clare Clearly you are not a pear shape if you cannot imagine how a size 12 skirt could go with a straight size top. My ass can definitely imagine it.


"Elaine! Just because I'm serving you cobbler on an owl plate doesn't mean it's owl cobbler. Elaine, stop crying. No owls were harmed in the making of this...well, okay. Maybe one. Just one, Elaine!"

up cubed

@frigwiggin Gary, you know the rule is only one bird design per meal, and I'm already wearing my printed bird shirt. You should have warned me and I'd have worn my hair bow instead! Martin and Gareth are going to think we don't know any better.


This dress is 59 dollars. I bought it for a wedding. I hope I don't regret this.

tea tray in the sky.

@BuffyBot Ooh, good find! It actually looks so comfy too.


I've seen a lot of floral printed denim this fall that I swear is exactly the same as the denim I wore in the 80s. I love the neon trend; but the printed denim brings back bad memories of Jordache jeans, bilevel cuts and wearing two pairs of socks scrunched above my tretorns. I will now hobble away on my walker....

Dr. Iris Puffybush

@StLAmy You are not alone! I had a SERIOUS middle school (late 80's) flashback when I saw that jacket. So see you at bingo in the rec room later?


I used to think pumpkin carving kits were stupid; then I severed a tendon carving a pumpkin with a kitchen knife and had to get surgery and spend 4 months in physical therapy.

BUT: I didn't have to do gym for 3 months and got a month-long extension on my term paper! BEST SENIOR YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL EVER


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