Friday, October 26, 2012


Friday Bargain Bin: 30% Off Ruth Reichl

Disney Couture Seven Dwarves Double Finger Ring, $39.99 (was $55)
I had to. I had to! 

Stowaway Shower Curtain, $14.99 (was $44)
This is going to start out super cute and organized, but it has the potential to end up MAD GRODY within a matter of weeks. At the original price, I'd say it's not worth it, but on sale? Maybe. Mayyyybe.

Warby Parker Thatcher Frames With Lenses, $95
And now that you can see, we'll put together a perfect outfit.

Chinti and Parker Cotton Jacket, $75 (was $150)
Start with a fancy tailored sweatshirt.

Netted Meridien Top, $37.46 after an extra 25% off sale clothing (was $88)
The front is comparably perfect. All it needs is this necklace that is WAY huger than it looks in this photo:

Berry Necklace, $21.60 after code (was $55)
Ooh, and crazy ole Chico's is having an extra 20% off sale with code 15230. Random code, Chico's, you kook!

ACHT Denim Pants, $49 (were $98)
Here comes the topper, err, I mean, bottomer? Capper? Footer?

Ecote Nomad Braid Loafer, $24.99 (was $49)
You look incredible. What's that? You're chilly?

Vanessa Bruno Embroidered Linen-Felt Coat, $423.50 (was $1,210)
Okay, so this doesn't really go with the outfit, I just wanted an excuse to show it to you because HOO-BOY is it not the most beautiful coat in all the land, throughout space and time, and forsaking all other coats? Click through and look up close at the clasp. And the embroidery. And the lining. And then email me and I'll give you my mailing address. All this shopping is making me hungry.

32 Gourmet Ready-To-Bake Mini Cinnamon Buns, $21.95 (were $42.95)
Or I can come pick up the coat at your house?

Sephora by OPI It's Real 18K Gold Top Coat, $15 (was $30)
WHAT!? Goldschläger for your nails!?

Blue & White Jewelry Holder, $19.99 (was $29)
What a perfectly cottagey way to display that ring up there.

Blackberry Farms Culinary Vacation with Ruth Reichl (Two guests, March 10-13, 2013), $6,995.99 (was $9,993)
One question: why is this on sale? Hm?

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"Here comes the kicker."


@remargaret Here come the hotsteppah


@Ophelia Murrrderah!


like that...@k


Revenge of the Fancy Sweatshirt!!


"Elaine, I know we just got back from an amazing vacation in Rome, but did you have to bring back that Seven Dwarfs ring? They're not even Italian, Elaine! They're not even Italian."


@frigwiggin YOU DON'T KNOW, Gary. Plus, I needed something to display on that creepy ceramic hand I got in that lovely little village in the mountains.


@frigwiggin "It's couture , Gary. Disney Couture ."


@Ophelia "You mean that lovely little village with the Bath'n'Breakfast, Elaine? Because I still don't think that's a thing. So you can stop storing your cinnamon rolls in the shower curtain."


@wee_ramekin @Ophelia

"Well, okay, Elaine. Whatever! I'll just be over here, painting the lenses of your hipster glasses with goldflake nail polish. It's couture."


@frigwiggin Fine, Gary, as long as they still go with my extensive collection of Fancy Sweatshirts. That'll probably tone down your loafers so that I can bear to have a conversation with you, anyway.


@Ophelia "Elaine, if my shoes are a little loud it's only because they're struggling to be heard over YOUR NECKLACE. Your necklace has an interruption problem, Elaine. If you don't watch it I'm going to take that amazing coat of yours as my guest to the Blackberry Farms Culinary Vacation with Ruth Reichl instead."


Aww, I just ordered new glasses the other night, though! But on the flip side the two pairs I ordered were 1/3 the cost of that (adorable) pair.

glow bug

@frigwiggin WHERE PLEASE?!

up cubed

@frigwiggin I got a "free" pair from Coastal, but they charged a little for my high lens strength.


@glow bug Zenni Optical, you've probably heard of them. I got three pairs two years ago--one pair is still my go-to prescription sunglasses pair for driving, but my other usual pair snapped in half four or five months ago (which was no fault of the glasses). I know it seems sketchy, but I was really happy with my pair! And they didn't craze or make me blind or anything, so I got my prescription updated a couple weeks ago and just put out my order so I'm not flying blind anymore.


Golden lies he will pour in your EAR!
But his lies won't disguise what you FEAR!



He's the man with the name that you'd love to touuuuuch


But you mustn't touuuuch
His name sounds good in your eaaar
But when you say it, you mustn't feaar,
'Cause his naaaame can be saaaiiiid
By anyonnne


Let me praise something that is near and dear to my heart: shower curtain liners with pockets! When I moved recently, I went a little nutty and just replaced everything (mainly so I didn't have to move it). In my many, many trips to Walmart and Bed, Bath & Beyond, I found a shower-curtain liner made of the standard clear plastic with mesh pockets... and it has made my life so great! Not only does it hold everything neatly but it also keeps the liner from doing that annoying thing where it blows in at you while you take a shower (which is a problem that has always plagued me for reasons I cannot figure out. I tried everything--magnets, suction cups that never, ever worked, putting a shampoo bottle on the edge of the tub, which usually resulted in the bottle falling outside and taking the liner and accumulated water with it onto the bathroom floor...). Those days are over now that I found the pockets!

Also, for some reason, I find the term "denim pants" amusing. What's wrong with "jeans"?


@Hellcat I actually wonder about the "denim pants" thing! I mean, my job is business casual, but we're not allowed to wear jeans--but I'm pretty sure the exact phrasing is "blue jeans," so I've been wondering if I could get away with colored ones? When I was shopping recently had a super hard time figuring out if a couple pairs of brightly-colored pants were denim or not, and I'm wondering if anyone at work would be able to tell either. I'm such a rebel.

Does Axl have a jack?

@frigwiggin For what it's worth, I wore a burgundy pair to work earlier this week and no one looked askance. I think as long as you keep everything else moderately dressed up, they might just pass.


@frigwiggin Just do it; semantics is probably on your side no matter what: if you, the person inside them, can't determine once and for all that they're not denim, neither can your coworkers. And, if they're not jeans, it's OK because they're also not blue...so then they're just "pants." I don't know if that makes sense anywhere but inside my head!


@Hellcat I think they're called pants instead of jeans because they're not 100% cotton -- this pair is 11% Elastane. I have a pair with this kind of blend from Banana Republic and while they do look to the average viewer like jeans, they don't really feel like it -- they're weirdly soft and thinner than regular jeans? Also not as airy :/


@iknowright AHHHH! OK, they look good in the photo but if they are what I think you're describing, I'd rip a weird run-like slash in them damn things in 20 minutes flat. I don't know what I do to those thin, wispy jeans but they do not last at my house or on my body.

Lily Rowan

@frigwiggin Color definitely helps. I once had to tell a young minion she couldn't wear her trouser jeans at work, but if they hadn't been blue, I bet no one would have said anything.

Jane Marie

@Hellcat I try to use the language that the seller uses so as not to confuse things, but "pants" irked me too, fwiw.


@Jane Marie At least it didn't say "denim pant."

sudden but inevitable betrayal

I want a fancy tailored sweatshirt! :( Where can I get a plus-sized fancy tailored sweatshirt?!


@sudden but inevitable betrayal I saw straight sizes, petite, and plus at Nordstrom Rack, the other day. Which is annoying because the stock at NR isn't super consistent across stores, but if you're close to the one on State St in Chicago, def check it out! Also H&M has a whole line of them but not in plus size FOR SHAME, H&M. (As someone who wears half plus sized half non-plus sized, stores with only plus/non-plus BOTHER ME. IF FOREVER21 CAN DO IT, SO CAN EVERYONE!)


@sudden but inevitable betrayal Not on sale, but here's one in many colors with cute piping. I actually saw this one in person and thought it was cuter in person than online, but I didn't buy it. I might once it goes on sale though!


@DullHypothesis As an exceptionally tall lady, one of the fringe benefits of those rare chances to shop at tall-lady-stores is that the sizes, duh, go well up into the ranges that everyone else considers "plus". As in, the 12s, 14s, 16s and 18s that I wear (brands! parts of the body!) are all on the same darn rack. It's so double-affirming.

Sidenote: Why oh why did Express swear off of making XLs? They were so useful for " basic button downs to wear under your blazer on blazer days".

sudden but inevitable betrayal

@Punk-assBookJockey OOOOOOOH

Valley Girl

@Punk-assBookJockey The piping! That sweatshirt is cuuuute, but a bit spendy for my budget. I'll have to watch for a sale too.

New Hoarder

@ThatWench I shop at Express and I think they're Larges are really XLs. I am firmly a Large on top, especially in button-downs, thanks to rack, but at Express I wear a Medium or Small. I still buy their button-downs in L though so I can be like "I AM SKINNY NOT ONLY DO THE BUTTONS BUTTON BUT IT'S LOOSE" because that never happens elsewhere.

New Hoarder

@New Hoarder *their!

And I meant ---> this <--- rack!


@sudden but inevitable betrayal I just got the all black version of the Lands' End jacket and I LOVE it. I would wear it every day if I could. As it is, I wore it 4 times last week :) I am on the Lands' End mailing (emailing?) list and got a code for 30% off any item and used it for this.

oh! valencia

Sweatshirt jackets are the best things.

dj pomegranate

I just bought some glasses from Warby Parker and they are the best and I love them.

the roughest toughest frail

I have those glasses! Warby Parker makes rad hipster glasses.


Welp. That definitely is a very cute outfit. But the uneven cuffs on the jeans made me twitch a little. And it just refueled my never-ending desire for glasses that I've had since I was 7. Curse those darn doctors who always caught me lying during my eye exams growing up (to pretend my vision was poor).


@olivebee Oh my goodness, I always wanted glasses too; I feel like I look good in them. I got to age 36ish without them, and then I needed them but still only for the computer (though I think TV-watching might be soon to come). So now I have the hassle part but not the "I get to walk around all the time and look cute in glasses" part.


@olivebee Oh, young me used to PRAY that I would need glasses. I used to wear those little fake ones from Claire's with the glass frames, even. And now I'm so nearsighted that I would probably die without my glasses, so I guess it worked? (Curse you, young me!)

RK Fire

@olivebee, Hellcat: I wish I could give you both my terrible vision then! Each of you could get half of my prescription and then you'll both get to wear glasses while I will be free of corrective lenses forever!

[Without corrective lenses I can't see the big E at the optometrist's office! Or the blue lines on lined paper. I could go on...]


@RK Fire Well... no! I think I too will be mad at Younger Me for wishing this upon myself too. I can't even imagine needing them for reading because, like when I watch TV in bed, I always contort with my face mashed against the pillow or my hand, and that would have to cease with glasses in the picture.

A word of advice: Never say yes to "glareproof lenses"! Horrible! I am cleaning them 10 times a day and they smudge if your hand is anywhere near--but not necessarily touching--them. I don't know what the problem is but it seems like they're coated with something and I hate it.


@olivebee - Aiiiiiiieeeeeeee the cuffs! Who styled that during the shoot? No one could fix it with photoshop? Come on now. I am a compulsive picture-straightener (juuuuuuust a touch that way) and looking at those cuffs is making me batty.


@RK Fire Whether someones eyes are open are closed, the oversized numbers on the alarm clock that's two feet from my head, my glasses...


@RK Fire Fellow half-blind person here! I don't get when people are like, "oh I didn't feel like wearing my glasses today so I left them at home." WHAT! I couldn't even get out to my car without mine!


@RK Fire I always feel like such an asshole for saying how much I want glasses, because it's like asking for an ailment that affects gazillions of people who don't want it. I'm sorry that your vision is so impaired - it doesn't sound fun! But I honestly cannot rid myself of the desire for them. I just love the vibe they give people, and I get serious envy. And I'm sure after working at a web company for all this time that I will eventually need them for real, and then I'll bitch at my younger self, much like @Hellcat and @KatieBarTheDoor.


@alannaofdoom I know! I can't leave the house in cuffed pants unless they are 100% even (which is hard because one of my legs is almost an inch longer than my other due to severe scoliosis). But I still spend that extra minute in front of the mirror adjusting so that I don't walk out into the world looking like a crooked fool.

RK Fire

@olivebee, @Hellcat: No no, seriously, I didn't want to make you guys feel like assholes! It was more like "haha, that would totally be a win-win situation!" Also, if you guys had vision that was half as bad as mine, you could probably still be somewhat functional in society without them, if you didn't want to wear them. It's taken me a while to get used to the way I look in glasses, but mostly I dislike them because they make my eyes look smaller than they actually are because of the whole business of trying to make the visible world intelligible to my eyes.

Also, I always get glareproof lenses, but I'm not sure if they're perpetually dirty because of the coating or because I don't clean them often enough... o_O. I usually wear contacts but since I like my current frames, I wear them every so often.


@RK Fire @olivebee Haha! And ex once said that my desire for glasses was "a slap in the face to everyone who needed them!" (which included him).

And I find that the only way to get the glasses truly clean is with dish soap. I swear, now that I have a dishwasher, these things are goin' in!


@Hellcat Just be careful if the frames are plastic - the heat of the dishwasher can warp things. You might be better off with hand-washing them.

RK Fire

@Hellcat: Honestly, my least favorite vision-related thing are people who have slightly bad vision (like -1.00 or so) who go about about how bad their eyes are getting.

My sister and brother-in-law are optometrists and both my sister and I married men who had perfect vision (well, technically 20/10), so this is a conversation that crops up more often than it does for normal people.


@RK Fire I might be guilty of that a little. I am not trying to be annoying, it's just that the difference is definitely noticeable, if not debilitating. I think the fact that I can detect it worries me for the future.

polka dots vs stripes

@olivebee When my sister & I were little and played "teenager," I always specified that I had braces and glasses because that was just like, the epitome of cool. And then I got braces and glasses (and had them at the same time for FIVE YEARS) and said, whaaat was I thinking!


@olivebee Don't feel bad. I'm useless without my glasses, but I think I look way better with them on. It's part of the reason I don't wear contacts much (the other part being how uncomfortable they are). My eyes look bigger without glasses, but glasses hide my eyebags and make me look smart and chic!


@MilesofMountains I have big eyes and I think part of why I think the glasses suit me are possible residual bad feelings from being taunted about my eyes when I was in school! Only "part of," though--I also like how they look. But I hate that my eyelashes touch the lenses. One one hand, lengthy lashes are nice; on the other, annoying!


@olivebee @Hellcat @KatieBarTheDoor Y'all should do what my boyfriend did, which was read in poor lighting for many years with the express purpose of needing glasses "just a little bit, just for driving." But he lost those glasses on a night train out of Bratislava and hasn't worn them since.

Incidentally, my eyes have always been atrocious. My childhood optometrist thought I'd be legally blind by the time I turned 18. He was wrong, luckily!


@cuminafterall Oh, man--legally blind is too scary, and the phrase does make me sorry for wishing for glasses! And I think I might need to use them for driving at night soon too...

New Hoarder

@polka dots vs stripes I used to make "braces" out of taking the paper coating off of those grocery bag twist ties- you know, the ones next to the apples, rolls, etc. I'd bend the wire bit a put it over my top teeth, and oui, là, epitome of chic! I feel like this was somehow influenced by Full House but I don't know who wore them.

polka dots vs stripes

@New Hoarder I did something similar with the bread clips (the square ones with a circle at the top?) and things to suck on (jolly ranchers, etc) and pretended I had a retainer, because nothing was cooler than that slight lisp sound.


oh my goodness that blouse....

also, the phrase "Goldschlager for your nails" is making my laugh uncontrollably at my desk.


@planforamiracle that phrase made my day.

the little c

Argh I need a money tree pls.


Wait, half-off nail polish that's STILL $15? I won't even buy $8 Essie, yo.


@KatieBarTheDoor I think there's actual gold in it? I mean, I concur, I'm not buying it either, but that price made sense to me for actual golden nail polish.

Jane Marie



@Jane Marie OK, that's a good point. I wonder if I could handle real-gold nail polish? Every time it chipped, I would mourn a small loss. But I... want it now.

(Relatedly, is more expensive nail polish really better than moderately priced?)


@KatieBarTheDoor I have three bottles of cheapy nail polish (the cheapest little Sally Hansen kind at Target?) and, I swear, EVERY TIME I try to paint my nails with any of them, the polish bubbles like mad and looks crappy and terrible. Whereas at least with the two bottles of somewhat-more-expensive polish I have, the gouges and chips and ugliness are all my own clumsy fault.

Jane Marie

@frigwiggin @KatieBarTheDoor for the most part seconded -- but Milani is somehow great?


@Jane Marie I have been lusting after this nail polish for MONTHS (and spending a lot more time pretending to be buying things at Sephora so I can walk around letting it dry after repeatedly putting it on in store) and am so mad at Sephora for making it so expensive and beautiful in the first place that I'm having to talk myself down from getting two bottles because it feels so reasonably priced now! Curse this beautiful, beautiful 18k nail polish.


@anitabath The only thing for which I go to Ulta, rather than Sephora, is nice nail polish. They sell mini-sized bottles of most of the colors there, so I can get multiples. Because honestly, I never use the entire full-sized nail polish bottle in less than a couple of years at which time it gets all dried out and gross/clumpy anyway.

New Hoarder

That shower curtain looks like the "outfit" Ariel sports right after she comes out of the sea with her new land legs and Scuttle is all, "You look sensational" while she awkwardly poses for Eric, who is all, "Are you special." ♥Little Mermaid♥



@New Hoarder OMG IT WOULD BE A FABULOUS HALLOWEEN COSTUME. Forget hipster Ariel, you would be the Real Thing.


@Ophelia OMG. I have a long red wig, now all I need is some canvas and rope--brilliant!


I like the idea of that jewelry holder, and I always want to use one of the glove molds at Fishs Eddy for that purpose but I worry that it wouldn't stand up. Maybe I could build a base for it...?

Lily Rowan

Fancy tailored sweatshirt might be just the thing for me! I was just thinking that I should transition from cardigans to blazers. Blazers and being Italian, I guess.


@Lily Rowan I've been wanting to transition to blazers too, and somehow I can't figure out where to buy them. The sweatshirt blazer is not my thing but something with the same tailoring as the one above in a different material would be perfect. Everything I see in stores is either one-button or has weird shirring somewhere or is $300. (That last point might be my problem, I might not be realistic about how much blazers cost.)


@Lily Rowan Heh. I posted this below, but I shall post it again because I am feeling bratty: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I just bought the last tailored sweatshirt thingie!

Lily Rowan

@pointy Yeah, the cost thing is definitely a real problem. But I have a hundred cardigans, so I bet I've spent $300 on them. I'm just scared to Invest in a jacket and still not wear it, you know?


@pointy @Lily Rowan Have you guys tried H&M or Loft for blazers? Both have them for well under $100 (particularly when on sale).

Lily Rowan

@wee_ramekin shakes fist

But now I will try H&M and Loft and see what happens.

Judith Slutler

@Lily Rowan Just thrift a couple and test-drive the look that way, maybe?

But then again I run around in my 80s cropped one button blazer with craycray shoulder pads all autumn, so maybe you are looking for a different look than that, I can respect that.


@Lily Rowan THRIFT STORES. probably the highest and best use of the salvation army -- tons of suits get split up, so there are loads of blazers in all imaginable colors/textures. plus they are usually around $5, so it's a good way to experiment with a look.

Lily Rowan

@Emmanuelle Cunt @Gertrude Good one, you guys! I will totally check out Goodwill tomorrow. Also maybe my closet.


@Ophelia Ah, good point, I actually do have one blazer from H&M that I like and has held up for a couple of years. I'll look at Loft.

Thrift is a good idea though it always seems like so much work in NYC.

Valley Girl

@pointy I've had a bunch of basic blazers from Old Navy that never broke the bank but I doubt have any kind of chic Italian charm.


@Lily Rowan A friend of mine got one from Tello's in Downtown Crossing. I didn't know that place was a viable option for people above the age of 15 (most of the stuff there isn't), but it was surprisingly nice.


@pointy I bought a blazer from Talbots outlet site ages ago for $30!

Then I spent almost double that having it tailored. But it is well and truly awesome! Stalk the sale sections, then pounce!


I kind of want that jewelry hand! But I would feel dumb buying it online. Do you think it will be on sale if I just go to a West Elm?


I'm gonna use this space for my rage-PSA:

I saw an ad for the Words With Friends board game (how is this not now a blatant Scrabble rip?). Apparently it is a good purchase for those ladies out there who like to dress up in club gear, grab a glass of wine, and sit in a dimly-lit room with their closest gal pals. Then you can play an incredibly mentally challenging game where you can put down words like:


I shit you not. Ladies, HOW YOU GONNA FIT INTO THAT BIKINI IF YOU KEEP CHEATING ON YOUR DIET WITH CUPCAKES?!?! Your obsessions bleed over into everything! Silly, simple-minded creatures.

So yeah....please spend your money on something beautiful and Jane-approved, and avoid stereotypical, sexist lameness. Rant over.


@iknowright Oy vey. That is....so typical. But since we're on the topic of ads and feminism, my husband just sent me this video: http://www.upworthy.com/boom-roasted-heres-why-you-dont-ask-a-feminist-to-hawk-your-sexist-product

(Watch it if you love Ellen Degeneres or even if you don't. It's great!)


@olivebee And oh man, the product reviews on Amazon for the BIC "For Her" pen are incredible: http://www.amazon.com/BIC-Cristal-1-0mm-Black-MSLP16-Blk/dp/B004F9QBE6.


@olivebee This one is AMAZING:

I love the pretty colors and skinniness, but I'm only giving two stars because they're annoying. For one thing, they dot every "i" with a little heart. They also won't make periods at the ends of sentences; it's a question mark or exclamation point every time, also dotted with hearts--SUPER annoying. I went to okay a memo from my boss with the word "Fine" and it looked like I was coming on to him or something, which I wasn't. At ALL.

Secondly, they insert "like" and "um" randomly throughout whatever it is you're writing. I guess people still know what you mean but it takes up a lot of extra time and makes whatever you're saying sound dumb.


@olivebee What a bunch of geniuses. This one:

"I heard if you store the pens from the multipacks together, their cycles line up so they become the same color."


@Ophelia @faustbanana They are all seriously so good, but I think my favorite one (that made me literally LOL) is this one:

"This pen has opened a new frontier of equality for the ladies. I asked my husband, my father, and my brother for months until finally my husband caved and bought one for me. I love it! I use it to write grocery lists, cotillion invitations, and to put little X's down the side of my hallway - no longer will I get lost every time I venture forth from the kitchen! I'm also learning the Standard Ladies' Alphabet (vowels only, none of those scarily pointy consonants). I am only giving 4 stars because while holding this pen I almost accidentally voted, which gave me an attack of the vapours. So if you're hysterical or dangerously opinionated maybe don't ask your husband for one. But overall it's the best! "

New Hoarder

@olivebee This was my favorite excerpt from one of the reviews: "I'm so ashamed. And re-educated as to my place in society."

Mr. (non-)Hoarder and I spent a romantic Friday night eating Caesar salad, drinking wine, and reading those reviews aloud to each other about 6 weeks ago. It was glorious.


@olivebee A friend posted that to my FB this morning. Before I even clicked "play" I just knew it was about those infernal pens!


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...I just bought the last sweatshirt tailored jacket thing! I AM A GOLDEN GODDESS.

It's funny too, because I just pulled my current sweatshirt jacket out of storage today and thought how I'd really like another as it's getting a little tatty (I've had it for ~3 years though, and wear it every day when it gets cold, so I guess that's to be expected).

Sweatshirt jackets are the perfect thing to have when you live in Austin, since it *does* get cold here for a minute or two in the winter, but rarely cold enough to bust out the gorgeous full-length black peacoat that I bought at Club Monaco when I lived in Boston. Man...now I miss New England and seasons and winter and cold. #sigh


Heyyyyyy if anyone's in the market for "denim pants", I recently discovered that Macy's has an in house brand of jeans that are the best ever ever ever. They sit at the right place in the waist (not too high, not too low), are the right length (a tad on the long side) and have the perfect amount of stretch to them. Also they come in tons of colors / patterns and Macy's always has some sale going on - ELSE JEANS YOU GUYS.


@klaus ...I am intrigued.


I thought that ring was a really hilarious set of brass knuckles at first. It could do some serious damage!

Jane Marie

@darklingplain alt text.


@Jane Marie Haha nice.


I really like those loafers. They have them in brown (size 8 only) and ivory too.


(I do not really like that coat)

I DO like that jewellry holder

polka dots vs stripes

@Megano! Yes, and yes.

Jane Marie

@Megano! blasphemer!


@Jane Marie I love everything else! And you of course!

Jane Marie

@Megano! and i love ya back. and i hope everyone hates that coat so that it has to be further discounted right before the holidays, when i could maybe finally afford it.

polka dots vs stripes

I really, really love that top and necklace.

polka dots vs stripes

@polka dots vs stripes ahh the top comes in a blue stripey kind of color?! oh dear....

Reginal T. Squirge

That Seven Dwarves ring is like something Waka Flocka would wear.


@Reginal T. Squirge I don't know if I can forgive Jane for introducing me to the fact that DISNEY COUTURE exists. If that ain't the second horse of the apocalypse, I don't know what is.


@SuperGogo Is this the thread where we talk about the Disney wedding dresses?


Oh! I read tender at the bone this summer and it really makes you want to be Ruth Reichls best friend. So seriously, why is this on sale? hm?


@kayes Yes! All of her books are CHARMING. CHARMING.


Has anyone ever tried applying pure gold leaf to their nails? Could that be a cheaper alternative to the Sephora polish? I'm thinking it probably would not work, because gold leaf dulls if you use anything other than shellac with it. On the other hand, why not apply shellac to your fingernails? This comment keeps getting stupider. Nevermind.


Oh my stars and garters, that vacation. Anyone want to spot me $6,995.99? I'll even steal some little hotel saps for you.




@par_parenthese I know! Jane always gives great alt text.


PSA: Chico's actually makes CRAZY flattering jeans. At least for me. They're the only ones I'll wear. In fact, I am wearing them now. Plus they have sales all the time your mother would love to go shopping with you at chico's (you know she would!).


Cinnamon buns! BUN-ZUH!

(Oh, Animorphs.)


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