Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Found 'Em and Their Hairs Are Incredible

Q: Where are hot guys?

A: Psst.

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@frigwiggin Dude in the Johnny Cash shirt, I love your smirk!

Oh, squiggles

Now to invent the machine that lets me live inside the internet so that I can go be where all the hot guys are.

No, but those are some really good looking dudes attached to some really nice looking hair.


@Awesomely Nonfunctional When someone invents that machine, can I borrow it please? Mmm, pretty men....


I noticed one gentlemen seemed rather limber, which I find interesting..


@katiemcgillicuddy Also, that second to last dude, yes please.


@katiemcgillicuddy I kept clicking through to see the limberness. and then i found it. and it was good.


@gigglefest Wait what? Are you guys actually seeing some kind of slideshow or something? I when I go to that link, I click on a guy's face and then I get a popup with little thumbnails of other guys, in a grid. There's nothing else to click through or scroll down. Am I even in the right spot??


@KeLynn It may be that you have to resize the window--I did and then a little left/right arrow thing came up in the bottom right corner.


i like this! good looking men, with really artistic and lovingly photographed hair!

...ever notice how black guys with dreads seem to be available at all socio-economic strata but white guys with dreads are invariably feral hippies?


@iceberg I know plenty of white guys with dreads and... well... oh there's Steven... Wait, he cut his dreads off. Okay, now I've noticed.


@Brunhilde Yeah, my line of thought was similar. "Hey, well, I know...oh, no, never mind...and Connor! Oh, nope, cut them off a year ago. Hmmm..."


Some of these men are ridiculously good looking. Where are youuuu besides on my computer screen?


@yeah-elle So hot right now.


@Myrtle They're in the computer.


this was not specific enough as to their location Hairpin!


@Megano! there's gotta be an app for that. Locr? LOCator?

Regina Phalange

This is only tangentially relevant (because it is on the topic of Hot Guys Whose Newsletters I Would Like to Subscribe To) but I have run into THREE adorable celebrity doppelgangers* on the train recently, and I looked a hot mess in front of all three of them. Tim Gunn, take the wheel.

*Taye Diggs, Pete Holmes, and John Mulaney (why, yes, I am a comedy nerd, and yes, as I warned, I did make it weird).

Regina Phalange

@Regina Phalange Hot Guys With Newsletters to Which I Would Like to Subscribe? (Maybe the fact that I pondered this for a good five minutes, rather than priming something, explains the hot mess-ness.)

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