Friday, October 19, 2012


First Phone Photos: A Time Capsule

When Samsung and the Hairpin asked readers to send in the first photographs in their camera phones, we weren't expecting to get almost 900 responses (!). Although we can't post them all, we did look at each one, and picked these somewhat at random. Also: people have a lot of cute pets, and no one sent anything inappropriate!


Editor's Note: This story is brought to you by the Samsung Galaxy S III. Pieces like these are purely editorial, presented by a participating sponsor; advertisers do not produce them.

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dammit, my pic didn't make the cut. It was a pic of my husband, and he is so gorgey. Pic had bonus cat in it. Oh well, the posted ones are pretty good too.

fondue with cheddar

@charlesbois I hope there will be a second edition!


@charlesbois Mine wasn't either :(


@charlesbois Yes addition 2! I could totally look at 900 of these. I mean it's Friday, not doing anything else...

She was a retail whore

@charlesbois I feel your pain. Mine wasn't there, and I took it with a freaking Samsung Galaxy S III! What the actual hell, Samsung?

Patrick M

@charlesbois Should have married Frankenstein. He is great


@She was a retail whore Samsung is sponsor. Edith curated it.

The Lady of Shalott

No wonder my (boring) photo did not show up here! Other people's are incredibly funny/weird/charming/adorable/etc.

Why is the puppy sitting amidst broken eggs?????

Lora Honeycutt@facebook

@The Lady of Shalott That's my pic. My puppy stole a carton of eggs and destroyed them. He was quite proud of himself.


@Lora Honeycutt@facebook He is adorable!

The Lady of Shalott

@Lora Honeycutt@facebook He is INCREDIBLY cute! And he looks very pleased with his work.


@Lora Honeycutt@facebook I love how content he looks with his decision to destroy the eggs.

Lora Honeycutt@facebook

@cuminafterall Thanks! How can I be mad at that adorable face?

Faintly Macabre

@Lora Honeycutt@facebook If you ever get tired of having to buy new eggs all the time, I'd be happy to relocate the puppy. (And also to see what happens if you give the puppy a carton of hard-boiled eggs, or rubber eggs, or ostrich eggs...)


@Lora Honeycutt@facebook what a face! I would snuggle all over him even though I would feel like he should know that he shouldn't have gone there with the eggs.

The Lady of Shalott

@Lora Honeycutt@facebook AND the adorable puppy with eggs is now the photo on top of the page! Yaaay!!!! CUTENESS.

Lora Honeycutt@facebook

@The Lady of Shalott My pup is internet famous!


Cool project, happy mine is up there. It's not an animal one but I like the animal ones best. And the water/pee one to.


hahahahaha big dicks halfway in!

Also, super cute orange shoes.

Edith Zimmerman

@sarahf Haha I KNOW! Also, doh, I edited that one, feeling it might toe the "appropriate" line. I apologize. RIP picture of Big Dicks Halfway Inn.

Lady Humungus


Heee to Big Dick's. I'm a fan of inappropriate.


@sarahf cole haan :) I got them at the outlet but they're 25% on the official website right now


@markthatcoin Those shoes are necessary for me to live. This I believe.

Edit: Sheeeit, even at 25% off I guess they're not. So effing cute, though!


@frigwiggin Ahhh I am also obsessed with the orange loafers! I can't wear them though. I WILL LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH YOU ALL.
My doggy did not make the cut. But I am glad the Hairpin corgi population has been represented!


@Megano! Ditto on the corgi comment. I'd expect no less of the awesome people on the Hairpin than to have great taste in dogs.

Lady Humungus

@frigwiggin Ouch! I fold as well -- I can't pay that for a shoe I would love but rarely have occasion to wear :(


@Bittersweet @Megano! sorry to have to lay the harsh truth on you, but that is my dog and she's not a corgi even though she looks like on in that picture. She's a Chihuahua-Beagle mix. But still very cute!


@Gina@twitter NOOOOOOOOOO


@Gina@twitter We'll forgive her for not being a corgi because she is so darn adorable.


@frigwiggin ya i got lucky at one of the random 50% off sale days at the outlet. my friend was mortified at how thrilled i was. she couldn't see the logic behind orange shoes.


@Gina@twitter Cheagle? Dawn Cheagle?


@sarahf I wish with all my hear that her name was Dawn Cheagle. Next time!


Hahaha, the peeing kid.


@Probs I think that's the hose, but that's what makes it funny.


@Probs that is my son! And it is really the hose!


@Pochine your son is ADORABLE i want to eat him


aww i want that spooning cat/dog combo


@itiresias That's mine. The first of many pics of Katniss spooning various dogs.


@Elizabeth@twitter Perfect Kitteh name, as you know; well played.



Laura knows what's going on, but I think Jonah might be a bit confused by this physics thing. Man, kid brains.

Tammy Pajamas

@hopelessshade They're all so optimistic about floating!


@hopelessshade The more I read, the more philosophical the list started to get for me. ("The stegosaurus will float because it sank already.")

But my absolute favorite was: "The pom pom will float because it's a floating squish."

Pop Pop

@hopelessshade I love "The corn will sink because it feels like corn."


@Jenn wow, yes. these two are awesome.

oh! valencia

@Pop Pop That's the one I was going to highlight, too. Brilliant.

oh! valencia

@oh! valencia "The stegosaurus will float because it sank already" - oh, Jonah.


@oh! valencia the stegosaurus was my favorite. I love kid logic.


@oh! valencia The stegosaurus has already tried sinking and wants new experiences. Clearly.

I like "The helicopter will sink because it has wheels," personally.

evil melis

"The crab will sink because it's little." Angela, I fear that life is going to prove itself unkind to you.


@Jenn Yeah, that Jonah is one deep son of a gun.


@evil melis
Melis, did you see those photos of Emma Watson for Elle France?

evil melis

@Tam No! Are there...are there tiny crabs in them are something?

Dirty Hands

@Jenn That's exactly what I was going to quote. A FLOATING SQUISH.


Who is Ryan, and can he be my roommate if he is going to buy me wine along with my replacement bananas?


@solidgold seriously. I would intentionally buy bananas for him to break if that meant I would get free wine.


@contrary No, Ryan, IT'S A TRAP!


@contrary How do you break bananas? By eating them?


@solidgold also, how/why does one "break" a banana? Was it an accident? Snapping them in half on purpose is the only way I can imagine breaking bananas... even then, I'm not sure how well that would work.


@planforamiracle it sounds like something i would say in my sleep lolol


@planforamiracle I'm imagining breaking bananas to be like when you try to remove one from the bunch, but it resists, and then the peel splits and the banana oozes out and you can't eat it and oh my god you fail as a human/primate you can't even peel a banana right, what is wrong with you? (This never happens to me.)

Michael Angelo Titmarsh

@planforamiracle I had a lovely bunch of bananas, optimized at that perfect yellow color + firmness. Somehow in removing one, Ryan managed to crack into the tops of all remaining in the bunch thus spoiling the whole lot. He was contrite!


@Michael Angelo Titmarsh Ha, I'm so glad you explained! I was concocting elaborate explanations in my head (maybe it is actually a decorative ceramic banana he broke, and this is a little bit of an apology plus joke?).

New Hoarder

@planforamiracle Are we talking about an actual banana here, or, you know, a *banana*...


@Michael Angelo Titmarsh If you'd like your friend to change his game up, tell him monkeys open bananas by pinching the other end.


Who sent in the picture of the Neiman Marcus building? I'm from Wellesley!

These are totally fantastic. My favorites are "Awesome Chick Backstage With G&T(?)," "Police Car Crash," "Keith Richards" and "Frankenstein Is Great."


@Ellie Oh! That's why that Neiman Marcus looked familiar (I'm from Newton, but it's been a while since I drove by it).







@Ellie I sent that one in. I used to work for the developer and just got an iphone right before the grand opening of the expansion so thought I'd take a picture of the NM. It was designed to look like the hemline of a woman's skirt


Girl with short hair, cute glasses and pasta - call me!

dracula's ghost

@Megan@twitter THAT'S ME!!!!!!~!


@dracula's ghost

Girl, we should enjoy some pasta together, if you know what I mean. (And I mean let's eat the hell out of some pasta.)

dracula's ghost

It was really good pasta you guys. It had veggie meatballs. My friend who made it was not fucking around.


@frigwiggin Hey! I saw @dracula's ghost first!

Kidding, of course. Though she is adorable (and I love carbs).


@Megan@twitter Hey hey hey, I'm sure we can make enough pasta for evvvvvverybody.


@dracula's ghost I kinda covet your glasses.

dracula's ghost

@HaughtyTotty I am so validated by you guys thinking my glasses are cool. The ladies at the glasses store told me they were "weird" and "not professional" and tried to scare me into buying an additional pair of glasses for "job interviews."

They are Paul Frank glasses, and their model name is literally "all night disco party." They weren't that expensive, as far as glasses go. I've had them for four years and they're only now starting to get grungy/fall apart (would have lasted longer had I not repeatedly accidentally slammed them with the pull-down bed in the sleeper car of the Chicago-New Orleans line)

so maybe you can find them! Go get them! Good ol' pair of specs


I love this! I've been laughing/smiling at my work desk like a crazy person.

(And my dog is up there, yay!)

Disco Sheets

@KatieBarTheDoor Guessing based on your icon--dressdog??

fondue with cheddar

@Disco Sheets He looks like a surgeon!


@Disco Sheets G-d I hope so. what a sweet little love!


@Disco Sheets That's the one! She's actually a wrapped in a bedsheet. This is probably my favorite picture of her.


I'm curious about the octopus. Is it alive?

Love the squirrel cookies, and the colourful books!

Is that mountainous region Switzerland?

Disco Sheets

@antilamentation I want to know the context of every photo!

This is my new username

@antilamentation It appears to be sitting on a cutting board on a kitchen counter to me, so I am thinking it is dead and was destined to be consumed.


@This is my new username I was hoping it might be a pet, as it would be fun to hear about someone's pet octopus. But if not, I shall just hope that it was yummy!


@Disco Sheets Yes. So many mysteries!

New Hoarder

@antilamentation A visit to the tomb of Paul the Octopus, 2010 World Cup wonder?

Hello Dolly

@antilamentation The squirrel cookies were made for the Fall Fund drive for my local university-associated NPR station last year. We have a lot of black squirrels, thus they are kind of like an unofficial mascot, and the school colors are blue & gold. And I, too, was curious about the octopus.


@Spicy Bubbles They're awesome looking cookies. The little scarf really makes it!

Hello Dolly

@antilamentation Thanks! I have a small business that has become more of a self-sustaining hobby.


@antilamentation That is my octopus! He (she?) is not alive. This photo was taken post-boil, pre-head removal to prep for grilling. It was delicious, as you can imagine.


@pointreyes I'm glad it was yummy!


The dude with the green shorts has ridiculously nice legs.


@SarahP AMAZING legs. I was hoping the alt text was going to be "legs"


@KJZ oh shit now I have to (get to) look again and check for alt text!!!!!!



fondue with cheddar

@supernintendochalmers I was going to post exactly this! WHO IS THIS FABULOUS MAN?


@KJZ Ahhh I JUST figured out alt text! I'm normally on here via my phone and I never knew what anyone was talking about. And yes, agreed, it should really be "legs."


@KJZ I was, too, but then I was not at all surprised when it was "dad" instead.

fondue with cheddar

@Elsajeni BE MY DAD.

(Not really, though. I love my dad.)

New Hoarder

@SarahP I want to be able to pull off that ensemble, since those are my signature colors. But I could never hope to have those gorge legs. =-(


@SarahP That's my dad! If you look closely he's smoking a cig and drinking champagne. My mom always says how much she loves his legs. It's a photo of a photo and probably my favorite pic of my dad.


@planforamiracle Hell how does that work w/ iPad? Fiddlededee! I must see this!


I love this. Do it again! Do it again!

Disco Sheets

@Leanne Yeah, this is my new favorite thing. Everyone whose pics are up here: I LOVE YOUR PICS. You are all so much cooler than I am/ take cooler pictures than I do.


I always take a picture of my last phone to remember it by. I have an over sentimental attachment to inanimate objects.

fondue with cheddar

@bluebears I did that with my second iPhone when I shattered the screen of my first iPhone.


@bluebears I do this too! As kind of a personal technology timeline.

Judith Slutler

Loving all the pets and kids. And shoes!

I almost sent mine in, but I bought my phone on ebay, so I wouldn't have had permission from the person whose photos were still on it. So just pretend I sent you a picture of two guys racing down the sidewalk on teensy toy motorcycles.


@Emmanuelle Cunt anyone silly enough to have left an epic photo like that on a phone they sold on eBay... Surely intended us to see it.

Beatrix Kiddo

Kitties! Puppies! I also love the kids' predictions about sinking and floating. Something tells me they never had a lesson about density. The picture I sent in is up there, but for some reason it's backwards.

fondue with cheddar

@Beatrix Kiddo I was wondering about that!


@Beatrix Kiddo I wondered as well! I'd actually thought, "Wow, this person somehow got a book with a backwards cover??"

The picture being backwards makes much more sense.

Redheads have even more fun

Puppies, kitties, cute babies and mountains - y'all made my day.

Erin Lucille

Hey, person who took the photo in Carrboro on the Weaver Street Market lawn (The Beehive pink awning in the background)! I live here too!


@Erin Lucille I got so excited when I saw that picture and said to no one, out loud, "that's only blocks from my house!". Come forth, Carrboroites!

a small sea

@Erin Lucille @emmashoe CARRBOROOOOOO! I did a little double take there! I mean, teeeeccchhhhnically, I'm in Chapel Hill now but I'm still a Carrboroite at heart.


Can we get a second installment with MORE of the submissions? OR A SERIES 'TIL WE GET TO SEE ALL 900? I had so much fun looking at these. I'm jealous of that gorgeous curly hair under the heart-hole guitars and the peeing kid made me laugh and laugh. Also, I am DYING to hear the story of how that police car ended up upside-down.


@Scandyhoovian This! I want more details, and I also want mine posted, because it is the location of the photo that makes it amazing!


@Scandyhoovian yessssssssss that hair! I'm so impressed/enthralled/ensorcelled.


@Scandyhoovian Yes! Because I want the world to see my cat, the prettiest cat.

Edith Zimmerman

@Scandyhoovian There are SO MANY great ones. I want to find a way to get them all up ... more to come! I'm glad you liked it, too!!


@Scandyhoovian Yes! A series! This is so fascinating!


@Edith Zimmerman this gorgeous piece makes me miss my (Jezebel) Favorites button. I wish to gaze repeatedly at the gallery.

Baby Fish Mouth

I feel like I just scrolled through a visual of the Friday Open Thread. I love it!


"Because it feels like corn."


@JessicaLovejoy The pom-pom will float because it is a floating squish. Duh.

Hot Doom

Happy to see my pic made the cut too!

I second Scandyhoovian's second installment idea AND also respectfully demand an explanation of that upside-down police car.


@Hot Doom (formerly LolaLaBalc) They were right side up to start, that phone just has a crazy powerful flash.


@Hot Doom (formerly LolaLaBalc)

That was for the filming of Transformers 3 in Chicago. (Not my pic, but I saw the filming, too)

New Hoarder

@Mlbunt Ahhh I was going to submit the first photo on my phone, which is a picture my thumb blocking bits of a crane used for the Transformers 3 shoot in DC on the mall, with the National Monument in the background. D'oh!

New Hoarder

@New Hoarder It was part of my first Mobile Uploads album: Hunt for Transformers (3). Which was so crappy since I didn't know how my phone worked that it was subsequently removed.

pissy elliott

I'd say I need to know more about the Otter Pop stand, but I feel like I have a pretty good read on it? Can they just stop by my office for a sec?

dracula's ghost

I really liked looking at these!! My pic made it but I liked all the other ones better! The two fat cats sleeping! the dog with the eggs! I also really like the one of the lady making crazy lipstick monster face in the blurry mirror.

It made me feel good about my broader demographic (hairpin readers) and thus about life/humanity. FUN! MORE PHOTOS!!!!!!!


I think some of y'all cheated: these are too cool and funny!!!


@l'esprit de l'escalier I know! As much as I enjoyed them, I call foul on some of these being the first photo in their phones. For example, who gets a new phone at the top of a mountain or in a bayou? Great pics, though.


@SuperGogo I think maybe some people treat as more of an event.

My first picture: my husband taking a picture with his new phone. A non event. My last phone had a snap of me taking a picture of my feet at the AT&T store...

This is my new username

@SuperGogo I believe it was supposed to be the first picture that is in your album, which is really the most recent picture you have taken? If I recall correctly from the comments when the pictures were requested.


@This is my new username OOOooooOOOooo....that makes much more sense.


OMG! The guinea pig! The baby corgi! The baby and man kissing through the glass! So much cuteness I might explode.


I want to know the story behind the rings with the dominoes! Actually, I want to know the stories behind all of these.

Deanna Destroi

@supernintendochalmers I just need to inform you that both your name and icon made my day. I thank you. :)

Edith Zimmerman

@supernintendochalmers THAT ONE IS MY FAVORITE!


@Deanna Destroi I'm so happy to hear that! Ralph Wiggum is very special.


@supernintendochalmers I thought " That's a well- decorated Wedding Wars veteran if I've ever seen one."


The cats on top of each other! And the last cat (who looks either shy or ashamed) is gorgeous!

Also holy crap to the police car accident. To the submitter - what the hell happened??

"This is Frankenstein. He is great."

Jolie Kerr

Could the feller in the lavender golf shirt and teal shorts please come forward?


@Jolie Kerr Biff. His name is Biff, Jolie.


@Bittersweet He has the best tan I've ever seen


@Jolie Kerr He's taken. By my mom.


Aw, I shoulda known my kitty wouldn't've made it. You people lead much more interesting lives than I do.


Jonah: The stegosaurus will float because it sank already.

God that's optimistic.

oh! valencia

@Emby I hope life doesn't crush poor Jonah.


Curly haired girl throwing your head back...tell me your curly hair secrets!

oh! valencia

@Slutface Gosh, I want a wig of that girl's hair. So beautiful!!

Harriet Kierkegaard@facebook

@Slutface Yes, Little Harriet Kierkegaard has an excellent mane! Her secret is being 6 I think.

I love all these photos. The only thing that makes me happier than the dogs is the bookcase full of books!


okay, who is the guy with the dinosaur and can I have his number please


@realtalk I LOVE that one. it's a funny picture AND I can imagine him to be v babely.


@planforamiracle Oh, he is.


Also I heard he is great at servicing dinos, if you know what I mean.


@theharpoon I am a dino, and I experienced it firsthand, so yes, I can confirm that he is good at servicing us RAAAAAAAWWWWWWRRRRRRRRRR


@theharpoon Also I think this is the appropriate time to say "Bingo! Dino DNA!"


He just goes around looking for dinos to service is the rumor I heard.


@theharpoon lol but they are extinct: that is so tragic.


So, who owns "The Day My Butt Went Psycho"? My friends have been circulating a copy for years and I was pretty sure we were the only adults that would do this.

Also, have you read the sequel "Zombie Butts From Uranus"? I haven't but someday man, someday.


@boysplz Me and my friends too!! I de-lurked ONLY to comment on that picture. The words of the Great White Butt echo in my psyche still: "A BOY WHO LOVES HIS BUTT. HOW TOUCHING."

also, your handle/pic is perfection.


@boysplz Oh wow. I didn't remember that quote. But, that quote, is perfect.


Jenny Z@twitter

@boysplz It's by an Australian author and it's called "The Day My Bum Went Psycho" here.

I love that they translated it into American!

Also there's a second sequel "Bumageddon: The Final Pongflict" (retitled "Butt Wars: The Final Conflict" in the U.S.)


OMG, Petterino's police-car crash! Hi!


@Lu2 I know, right?! what the HELL was the context of that?!?!


I love how totally affronted the dog that's lying on its back looks, like, "I SAID GOOD DAY, SIR."


@stonefruit That's my dog! She hates having her picture taken, although I have no idea how she always knows it's picture time.

The Frozen Head of Dorothy Zbornak

Lol at the color-coded bookshelf. Someone was trolling the Hairpin for sure.

Judith Slutler

@The Frozen Head of Dorothy Zbornak I can only hope you are right...


@Emmanuelle Cunt My copy of Strange and Norrell is black, so I was confused...

the little c

Dang, I'm so sorry I missed this! My first phone picture is actually a picture of a picture. It's my parents in the eighties (maybe when they were in college?) at one of those old-timey dress-up photo booths. They are hilariously anachronistically dressed/look like badasses - my dad is wearing a fedora, holding a tommy gun, and smoking a cigarette, while my mom is wearing a gigantic feathery hat and holding a pea-shooter pistol. My parents are very reserved/religious people so that makes it doubly awesome.

fondue with cheddar

@the little c That's great! I missed it, too. The first pic on my current phone was really dark, but I was going to send the first pic from my last phone, which was a picture of the previous one which was shattered.


@the little c I am bummed I missed this, too, but I only "missed" it for the fact that I have a 7-year-old flip phone. People keep trying to convince me to get a smart phone, and I was remaining stubbornly adamant about my dark ages phone, but now that I have missed this opportunity, I may reconsider.


Some of these are so well-composed & pretty, I could see them in a magazine! That sunset one in particular is very affecting.

fondue with cheddar

This is so much fun! Part of me is sad that I forgot to send mine in, but it wasn't nearly as cool as these anyway.


Mine is there! It's definitely not the best one though. I love them all!

fondue with cheddar

@iceberg Which one?!


@fondue with cheddar - Child in Pajamas Touching Lion Statue. That's one of my triplets :D


@iceberg Haha, bye bye anonymity.

fondue with cheddar

@iceberg You mean you have two more of those? How do you survive among so much cuteness? :)


@fondue with cheddar Aw thanks! They're not identical but yes, the others are equally as cute. One of them projectile-vomited half-digested milk/yoghurt on me this morning (in a magically 360 degree fashion so it was all over my front AND back) sooooo I guess you could say it all evens out?

fondue with cheddar

@iceberg Wow, that's...impressive.


Dammit, I never get picked for audience participation.

lavender gooms

I assumed the first photo in my phone would be one of my cats, since that is 95% percent of all content on my phone, but it is in fact a picture of my TV with Super Metroid playing on it. The context was that my Wii wasn't working right and then I fixed it and sent out a picture of it as proof.

Because I am a huge, huge nerd.

Other photos on my phone include the Christmas tree, various alcoholic drinks I have known, and the giant spiders that occasionally show up outside of my apartment windows, and various other shots from video games.

fondue with cheddar

@lavender gooms My phone is 95% cats, too! I think I only took a picture of a video game once. It was Scrabble, and I played "penis" off the word "vagina". PENIS IN VAGINA! I was home by myself so I had to take a picture as proof.


What is going on in the shirtless-men-wearing-tutus photo? Some kind of parade? Performance? I NEED TO KNOW.


My favorites are Jaded Bunny, Instagram Sunset, Police Crash and Is That a Goat or a Dog With Horns?

ETA - also Vintage Baby and Bradley Cooper Glass Kiss.


I think I recognize that ski area! Is that Suicide 6 in Pomfret VT?


@bowerbird Nope, that's Eaglecrest in Juneau, Alaska. Gray days on chairlifts can look pretty similar though.


Welp, didn't think this would make me WEEPY but for reals, I loved it. DO ANOTHER!

oh! valencia

Who made the sock monkey? it's so awesome!


@oh! valencia I did, and thank you! It's sitting on my desk right now, alongside the ball of yarn that is gradually turning into a monkey-sized scarf.


That judgmental snoopy seagull! I lost it and started chuckling to myself in the office.


So, who's the derby girl with the same beat up Fugitives I have?


@HaughtyTotty those aren't my skates, but my pic was taken at a derby practice.

Corielle Hayley@facebook

Yay my kiddo made it! Love the overalls & weed-eater combo (does anyone else call it a weed walloper? just my dad? ok)


@Corielle Hayley@facebook we call them weed-whackers so that's close, I guess?
and which kiddo is your kiddo? the carseat-napping cutie?

Corielle Hayley@facebook

@planforamiracle Yep that's Henry. Passed out on the way home from a Cabela's trip with his daddy, if I remember correctly.


As I looked at these I was overwhelmed with the visceral knowledge that there are 6 billion people on the planet having life experiences rich and full like mine. Like, how incredible is it that there are BILLIONS of consciousnessess, billions of capacities for love, billions of unique laughs. Oh my god.

fondue with cheddar

@RobotsNeedLove I know, right? I want to hug everyone. Life is amazing.


@RobotsNeedLove yup, so true.

Also, many cute animals.


@RobotsNeedLove this is the thing about the world that always makes me both incredibly melancholy and incredibly delighted. I LOVE YOU, HUMANS.

Reginal T. Squirge

Seriously, though, Frankenstein is pretty great.


@Reginal T. Squirge The monster, yes. The doctor, not so much.


Perfect example of why this is the best community of wonderful weirdos on the interwebs. Just sayin'.

Briony Fields

Gorgeous! I laughed at loud at more than one. Especially the seagull JUDGING YOU from outside.

I wanted to participate but I am so behind the times that my phone does not have a camera!


@Briony Fields Yes, I wish there was a GIF of that seagull


I am sad that I missed the original post asking for submissions! But I did check what the first photo in my phone was and yes, it is of my dog. So predictable.

I love these. The randomness is lovely. Although I feel like a bit of a creeper- seeing into a moment in someone's life that I don't know.


Can we have one of everyone's favourite photos? Cos these are getting pretty close.


Who took the one in Highland Park? I always look at the Honeycomb Health Food store when I drive by.

so what?

@Asher I came down here to say the same thing! I'd recognize Honeycomb anywhere and I was so surprised to see a Highland Park picture. Also, it's a great shot.

Miss Zarves

This is amazing! My picture of my pooch made it up here, he will be so excited when I show him.

Pinners, you continually restore my confidence in humanity. I'd be scared to see what these pictures would be if Samsung had asked Reddit users to do the same.

rianne marie

Okay, whose bookshelf is that?
Kudos on the design sense, not so much on the ability to find anything ever!


@rianne marie Okay, but for serious! I just logged in to say: a lot of these pictures are amazing, but HELLO COLOR-CODED RAINBOW BOOKCASE! This puts my alphabetical-by-author method to shame (visually).

oh! valencia

@rianne marie Okay, do we need to talk about this again? (sorry, I have read so many comment fights about this!) People's brains work differently. Some people find things by what they look like. Let's try to be okay with it.


@oh! valencia Agreed! I worked at the public library and firmly believe that at least the new fiction should be shelved by color (how many billions of people asked for that pink book by "that lady, you know, that lady who's name starts with something"? Billions.)

tea for all

this is so amazing. and that girl (in alt text "hair" photo, obvi) has the same hair as me!

Corielle Hayley@facebook

@tea for all Then I am very jealous of you. That girl's hair is GORGEOUS.

Harriet Kierkegaard@facebook

I don't know where to begin, guy with tan in purple Izod drinking Harvey Wallbanger. I just don't know where to begin.


@Harriet Kierkegaard@facebook lusting? HTH did you remember that drink name? WIN.


My son made it! He is holding the hose but it looks like he's peeing. He could BARELY walk at that point, and that's why he's standing with his legs so far apart.

Lee Van Queef

I get that its charm is partially in its mystery, but I MUST KNOW


(Is it a baby yak?)


Aww my photo made it! I always detour by the pet store on my way home from doing basically anything, and the day I got my new iPhone I was rewarded with three spooning Frenchies!


This is Frankenstein he is great.

I love all of these!

Lady Humungus

I also love the one of the dog in the side-view mirror of the car. I love watching my dog like that when we're driving around, he looks so joyous! Dog smiles are the best.


COLOR CODED BOOKS! I'm so relieved. I'm not the only person on the planet who does this thing.

Jolly Farton

The juxtaposition of the police cars and the cuddling cats was truly inspired (if that was intentional! or am i crazy)

And the 'pinner in the mirror, lolol girl I love your face


These may be of the world, yet they seem to me to be everything I love about America .


Was anybody else freaked out by the fudge sauce one? I realize the book is probably on a table, but for a moment there it looks like there's a GINORMOUS book open on the floor next to teeny tiny feet.


I love this whole project! I would love to see it as a coffee table book or large print on the walls.
I am so pumped mine made it! It's the toilet! Hahaha, cool thing to see first thing in the morning, on your friends lawn, hungover, with your first iPhone.

These are all so great to look at! Cheers!!


Oh dear, this is so bitter sweet. My picture was featured - cuddles - with the two fat cats. I'm happy that you picked my picture but it makes me so sad because it is the last picture I have of my two kitties together. I lost the little yellow guy last week due to complications of a very bad case of feline diabetes. The bigger kitty and I are adjusting to life without him, but it is tough because they were the best cat buddies and we loved him so much :)


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Xa Hoi@facebook

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