Thursday, October 25, 2012


Discovering Vegetables

I talked about food recently with the excellent Emily Weiss and Nick Axelrod of Into the Gloss. It looks a little like my cabinet doors are just open and not missing because they both fell off.

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oh! valencia

Edith! You look so pretty!
And now I want sushi, and guacamole!


One of the best@k


I don't know why (I think partly the name), but I had you pictured as being somewhat older. But, Edith, you are adorable! And from those pictures I sure didn't see anything wrong with your skin.


@Blushingflwr Right? I imagined much older, too (also because I've been programmed to think that Edith is an middle-aged person's name - thank you for being a young Edith!)

Also because I could not wrap my head around the fact that The Hairpin was the brainchild of such a young person! I am awed by you, Edith, but also I now feel like I have missed the boat at 21...


That's what you look like? Shit, I thought we had something in common.


Dry, red skin - your skin sounds sort of like my skin, which is super dry and tends toward red splotches and mysterious rashes if I'm not very careful. Here are a couple of product recommendations: Jurlique makes a calendula cream with witch hazel and stuff in it, which is nice for angry red skin, and it's not very heavy. Also, Cortizone has very recently started making moisturizers that you can slather all over yourself, specific to eczema and sensitive skin and all that sort of thing. And it's great! It's best not to use it TOO often on your face because cortisone can inhibit collagen formation if used too frequently, but if getting rid of redness is your goal, this stuff works beautifully. Check the moisturizer aisle in Duane Reade and they will have it in a couple of different versions. Slathering it on feels like AHHHHHH.

(Also, I own those exact same shorts in that exact same color!)


@werewolfbarmitzvah I thought I owned those shorts and was looking closely to see if they were the same ones, but mine are heavily worn, Soffee-brand, circa 2003 with the word "SWIM" printed in chipping letters on the front left thigh, stolen from a friend some time in that era and with zero elastic capability left, and then I stopped looking because I realized most people are less dirty than I am about some stuff.


In the mountains, there you feel free.
I read, much of the night, and go south in the winter.
I use - movement, and I dint eat at night..


@Decca I'd hit it.

glow bug

@Decca I love you

evil melis

"I only eat vegetables that have been turned into sculptures of strangely sad insects."


I really love the part where you just started eating vegetables and at first didn't like them and then liked them. People are too attached to their pet likes and dislikes sometimes and forget to think of their palate as a changeable thing.

oh! valencia

@vunder I like that too! Someday I am going to like salmon... someday. Just gotta keep trying it.


@oh! valencia you can do it! make sure it's fresh, wild and the very best quality (and if you don't live near the Pacific maybe don't bother with it). My mother swears that you should really cook the hell out of salmon (in a way you wouldn't do with other fish or meats), though I tend to like it rarer.

RK Fire

@vunder: I'm going through a similar thing right now where I always thought of myself as being unwaveringly attached to cheese and now I find that I don't miss eating it as much as I thought. It can be a little weird. That being said, I reserve the right to be reattached to it.

glow bug

@oh! valencia With pesto. Preferably Trader Joe's brand. That's what made salmon work for me.


Speaking of vegetables, asking people for their (least) favourite vegetable can be very divisive! Two of my housemates recently had a heated argument about the merits of celery.


@Decca - I don't even understand this. If you don't like celery, how can you like cajun or creole food?

And if you don't like cajun or creole food, I...I just...I...

Lisa Frank

@leon s I think there's an enzyme that some people have that makes it taste really bitter? While for people who don't have the enzyme it has not taste at all. I think the same enzyme makes cilantro disgusting for some people but delicious for others.


@leon s Life without mirepoix sounds so sad.


@leon s I think a lot of people's hatred of celery is really a hatred of raw celery, learned in childhood under Ants On A Log-type circumstances. Which is totally reasonable, because raw celery is gross and also difficult to eat.


@Elsajeni - Does it count as raw if your marinate it in a bloody mary?


@leon s Raw celery. More specifically, the horrible nasty STRINGS in raw celery that get stuck in your teeth.

Celery's fine once it's chopped up small and cooked.



It seems appropriate to ask this here. What are some dishes that involved celery (cooked or raw) as the main ingredient? I went to an acupuncturist who said I should eat more celery. That's all well and good, but I am not very fond of raw celery, at least on its own. Any suggestions?


@wee_ramekin That chickpea salad is to die for, and I didn't like raw celery very much until I tried it.


@wee_ramekin Does anything in this recipe set appeal to you?


I like celery soup, and I also like putting a ton of celery in my chicken soup because that's where a lot of the traditional chicken soup flavor comes from. Like if normally you might put in one or two stalks, try putting in six. I find I can also use way less salt this way because celery tastes so salty to begin with.


@wee_ramekin I put lots of celery in a chicken stirfry. Basically this: http://www.marthastewart.com/314706/chicken-and-celery-stir-fry with variations.


I ate sushi for the first time two months ago, at the age of 32. And I liked it! After years of being certain I wouldn't! Also, I really enjoy interviews with Edith.


See now, I got my kitty a few months ago from the shelter and she was basically a little black scrub-brush with bad dandruff and eating purina. And I started feeding her this fancy fancy food that's sardines and crab and all that, and now she's a like a fat little shiny chinchilla, and I figured, maybe twizzlers:vegetables :: purina::fancy fancy sardines sludge and that I too could shed my scrub brush exterior if I started eating fancy fancy people food but I still broke out like whoa and had frizzy hair and just missed the twizzlers. where is my chinchilla fur, vegetables? Is it just the sardines? Because I don't want those.


@christonacracker Jojoba oil. That is your chinchilla fur waiting to happen.


@christonacracker The difference is, you don't use cat spit as conditioner.


@Elsajeni Actually, I get quite a bit of cat spit in my hair between 2-3 am every night.


@christonacracker give the sardines a chance. They're delicious.

Tragically Ludicrous

@vunder I really like sardines. I should eat more of them. I've started eating just cans of tuna because I like tuna and I'm a grownup now I don't have to worry that people are going to look into my kitchen and think I'm weird.

RK Fire

@christonacracker: I really enjoy your use of "scrub brush" as an adjective.


And still no comment yet from melis or evil melis about the picture with the tub of hummus.

evil melis

She clearly has a lot of problems! She ate five fruits in a row! She doesn't need me to add to that right now, she's got a lotta fruit to digest man

Nicole Cliffe

I think we always remember where we were when we found out what Edith looks like.

Cat named Virtute

@Nicole Cliffe I just think of the photos of her after Jane's Brigit Bardot makeover and I thought she looked like the most beautiful mermaid.

I mean, I did meet her for two seconds at an NYC pin-up before that, but it was dark and I have the worst night vision ever. And then, later, MERMAID.

Bus Driver Stu Benedict

It's not redness, it's radiance.


Edith I want that chaaiiiirrr so badly.

Faintly Macabre

Is that Nicole's baby on the fridge? Or just another cute eyebrowed baby?


Everyone who writes for this site is so, so pretty. Edith, I especially love your eyebrows!


Also, Cortizone has very recently started making moisturizers that you can slather all over yourself, specific to eczema and sensitive skin and all that sort of thing.
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