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The Millions has a mad-fun interview with the talented and thoughtful Daniel Mendelsohn, who is not just that dick who doesn’t like Mad Men. He’s a person! With hopes and dreams and opinions and a classical background.

TM: What’s the most controversial thing you’ve written?

DM: Certainly the Mad Men thing was just out of control. It took me a little by surprise. But that demonstrated the intensity of the phenomenon I was describing in the piece: that people are attached to this show in a way that transcends formal aesthetic dramatic considerations. It’s deeply emotional. I couldn’t believe how much stuff was coming back to me about it. I found myself having arguments with nineteen-year-old skateboarders in Seattle. But that’s great. If people want to argue, as long as it’s civil and intelligent I’ll talk to anybody about anything. That’s also part of your job as a critic.

“There is no God, and Matt Weiner speaks to Him directly every week.” – Some nice people who write for blogs and take television very seriously, even if they were shaken when Joan SURPRISE didn’t get that abortion wut?


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