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Bill Shatner Shows Us How It’s Done and It’s Amazing

So, there’s this dreamy guy, Justin Trudeau (currently the Liberal Party’s critic for “Post Secondary Education, Youth and Amateur Sport,” which is a real thing), who is being unsuccessfully pitched to Canadians as The Man Who Was Born to Lead Us Out of the Tundra, because he’s Pierre Trudeau’s kid.

(Pierre Trudeau was kind of like JFK in the national historical imagination, except he used to flip off reporters and tell them to eat shit, and did random pirouettes behind the Queen for fun, and burned through money we haven’t made back yet.)

To continue the simile, it’s like John-John was alive and running for the Democrats, except the Democratic Party was having a tough time keeping the support of progressives and it was all kind of depressing, or something? Anyway, he’s a terrible actor, and he needs help from Shatner. Whew.


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