Thursday, October 11, 2012


Bill Shatner Shows Us How It's Done and It's Amazing

So, there's this dreamy guy, Justin Trudeau (currently the Liberal Party's critic for "Post Secondary Education, Youth and Amateur Sport," which is a real thing), who is being unsuccessfully pitched to Canadians as The Man Who Was Born to Lead Us Out of the Tundra, because he's Pierre Trudeau's kid.

(Pierre Trudeau was kind of like JFK in the national historical imagination, except he used to flip off reporters and tell them to eat shit, and did random pirouettes behind the Queen for fun, and burned through money we haven't made back yet.)

To continue the simile, it's like John-John was alive and running for the Democrats, except the Democratic Party was having a tough time keeping the support of progressives and it was all kind of depressing, or something? Anyway, he's a terrible actor, and he needs help from Shatner. Whew.

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Sorry Justin, but you will NEVER EVER GET ME TO VOTE LIBERAL EVER. And Shatner won't either (unless he ran maybe, because I might vote for Shatner).


@MilesofMountains Me neither; I've already had my one gut-wrenching ballot X when I had to vote strategically against Stockwell Day.


Shatner gives Justin Trudeau advice on dramatic overacting. If you're going to learn, learn from the master. @m


This is fantastic!
Also, isn't Justin Trudeau's hair kind of douchey for a legitimate politician?


@Esslow He seems kind of douchey to me, in general...


Yeah, I will probably continue to vote NDP, but he is pretty.

rianne marie

@Megano! my thoughts exactly.

rianne marie

That is the best description of the Trudeaus and of Canadian politics in general that I have ever read.

And wow Justin Trudeau sounds like a complete tool in that clip! I haven't actually heard him talk before that.


Justin Trudeau looks like Josh Groban.

Nicole Cliffe

@Interrobanged omigodddd

Andrea K@twitter

@Interrobanged I am never going to be able to unsee that...


I would rather have Mark Carney kthx

Mark Carney: yeah that's not happening.
Mark Carney: yeah ... that's not happening.


Also that interview really is so brutal. So much head flicking and righteous indignation. Too much head flicking and righteous indignation.

Justine Garrett

As a new Canadian, this--all of this--delights me to no end.


He is kinda overdramatic! I winced a little bit (a lot) at his announcement to run where he was like, "I am in love with Canada." Anyway, he seems like a decent human being? And he taught high school (drama, natch), so he has more experience being a human being than Harps? But I'm not going to vote Liberal regardless, and everyone knows that our leader will be the offspring of an unholy union between Justin Trudeau and Ben Mulroney, as was foretold.



@renegadeoboe AHAHA "J'aime Montreal . . . J'aime Quebec . . . je suis EN AMOUR AVEC CANADA." For a second there I thought, "oh, maybe he comes across better in French?" but no, it is still ridiculously over the top.


@hollysh Oh jesus this icy road analogy is so painful (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=jyt578Zrg08#! around 4m)


@hollysh It's even better when it's auto-tuned. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ytjuPI6868

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