Friday, October 12, 2012


Last Night's Chats

Ken: Oh it's the closing statement, I can see the phony sincerity on Ryan. CREEPER.
Choire: He has his Bobby Jindal camera face on.

Last night on The Awl, Ken Layne and Choire Sicha live-blogged the debate with the sound off. There are GIFs; it's lots of fun.

What do you mean, was I Googling "young joe biden"? Who hasn't Googled "young joe biden"?

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'Who hasn't Googled "young joe biden"?' That's EXACTLY what I did last night. My boyfriend and I were watching the debate and I turned to him and mused 'you know I bet Joe Biden was pretty attractive when he was younger.' He looked at me like I was crazy and I said 'no really, he has a nice face, jaw isn't bad and I really think he was a looker.' So I googled him and lo and behold, he really wasn't too shabby at all.


@khaleesi it's that SMILE! I loved how many times Ryan would be talking & Joe would just be like :-D --thus conveying likability & disdain for his opponent in one charismatic package.


@nonvolleyball: He authentically smizes.


thanks so much for posting ...i loved this.@m

Nicole Cliffe

That strapping young Biden could get you in the back of his Chevy AND be completely supportive of your subsequent decision-making process. Rowr.

New Hoarder

@Nicole Cliffe From your companion The Awl, "... While Biden just lustily kisses his wife for three hours, brings her to multiple orgasms, and then tucks her in before retiring to the garage to rebuild an outboard motor. There's a mirror in the garage, a Dogfish Pale Ale mirror a constituent gave him, and after rebuilding the engine, he gives the mirror a quick wink and thumbs up."

And that's NOW. Imagine 40+ years ago!

Lily Rowan

Joe Biden can still get it, though.


One of my professors is close with the Bidens (she is a state senator for Delaware), and until she told me, I had no idea that Joe Biden had lost his first wife and daughter in a car accident. For some reason, that incident and how he worked through it really informed me of his character, and I think if I ever saw him I would give him a big hug.* It makes all his quirks and outspokenness really endearing to me.

(*and then later dream of young joe biden and all the naughty things I would do with him)


@teenie I know, same. He started commuting back and forth on Amtrak so he could be by his kids as they recuperated; he was sworn into office by one of his sons' bedsides. So he was a Congressman and a single dad for five years. Uncle Joe, I want to give you all the hugs.


@teenie In the last VP debates he said something about how important healtchare is, and made a vague "I know what it's like to be standing at a bedside of someone you live, not knowing if they're going to make it" type of comment and got genuinely choked up (like, obviously that was scripted but he almost lost it in the middle) and I just wanted to give him the BIGGEST HUG.


@OhMarie AHHHH, LOVE! Love, I hate you IE for not letting me edit. :(


Uhhh I can't join in on the lust for Biden, but I really love that dude. I was one of about 12 Biden supporters in the '08 Primary!

I really couldn't believe it last night when Ryan started telling the story of Romney visiting a family who had lost people in car crash - WHY WHY WHY?


@leon s Biden's response to that was really great. I would've gone with a super-sarcastic "oh, gee, I can't IMAGINE what it would be like to lose LOVED ones in a CAR crash" & that's why I'm not a politician.


I had never googled young Joe Biden but oh holy mother of god do me you stallion


@redheaded&crazie heartily seconded!!


Also: I don't want to start any shipping wars but I heartily approve of the headline picture right here


@redheaded&crazie OH I'LL JUST POST IT


@redheaded&crazie yeahhhh git it


@redheaded&crazie ohh, hatesex incoming. aw yeahhhhhhhhhhh

Julia duMais

@redheaded&crazie IDK, I just can't get behind the idea of anyone banging Paul Ryan ever. I'd rather think of the White House swingers parties.


@Julia duMais I'LL TAKE IT!


@Julia duMais WHOA, that picture!


@redheaded&crazie I hope all of the Hairpin Erotic Political Fanfic Community saw this (NOT IN THE LEAST SAFE FOR WORK) Onion article about Paul Ryan's debate prep.


Biden Biden Biden! True fact: I like Biden more than I like Obama (in 2008 I made the mistake of admitting that fact on Facebook one day, and a lot of people got mad). I like Biden so much, I wish I lived in a sitcom in which Biden was my meddlesome apartment super, who dropped in unexpectedly every day to offer sage life wisdom and eat all the leftovers out of the fridge.


@werewolfbarmitzvah maybe a retirement career choice for Biden? we need to find him an agent....


@werewolfbarmitzvah Oh yeah! He would be great on any sitcome. Just come in, swaggering, talking sh*t, smiling, and wham- they'd know they'd been Biden'd!



And a strong "OH yes" on The Awl's no-sound live blog. I was reading it during the debate and howling.




My dad worked (very briefly) for Joe Biden back when he was on Capitol Hill. My mom met him once; she said he made you feel like you were the only person in the room.
Mm. ::fans self::


Young Joe

Hey girl, I love that sexy look you give me when we talk about reproductive freedom.


@area@twitter THOSE. EYES.


@area@twitter Holy....Phew... Ahem... Uhhh...


This comment thread is basically like a whole bunch of Leslie Knopes in a room sharing waffles and gossiping about Joe Biden's butt.

"Do you know Joe Biden? He's on my celebrity sex list....He is my celebrity sex list."


"I'll give you Joe Biden's home phone number!"
"Now hang on, that's interesting..."


Paul Ryan's friendly neighborhood serial killer face enrages/disgusts me so much that I cannot even watch him on TV for more than 20 seconds. He is such a fucking slimeball. Obviously, I did not watch last night. What good stuff did I miss? (I know, I could always google fact checkers' reports on the debate...)


@olivebee I slept through it and caught the Reuters highlight reel. I think as long as you casually slip the word "malarkey" into your next political conversation everyone will assume you watched carefully:

New Hoarder

@olivebee The part where Biden schooled him on some issue when Ryan said "Back when Reagan, et al. did whatever" and he retorted, "No, that's not how it was. I was there in that room" or whatever. AHHHH.


@olivebee I only watched the last hour but I'd say the two worst things were 1) The way he'd react when Biden would say something he didn't think was accurate (The Awl nails it on the head -- he just acts like a teenager with a bad attitude) and 2) His closing statement. OMG. Biden went first and spoke well, then Ryan's up and....he turns to the camera. And delivers his entire speechy thing STARING INTO MY SOUL. Some of the commentators were giving him props for "speaking to the people" but I was terrified. Been looking for a good scary movie to watch this month, don't need it now.


@olivebee Paul Ryan looks alarmingly like my boyfriend's dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks brother, so it freaks me out every time I see him. (Well, he looks like him to me, anyway--boyfriend doesn't see it.) I wouldn't want HIM in a position of great power, either, he didn't know you could make smoothies at home!


@olivebee When asked how religious beliefs play into his beliefs on abortion, Ryan said: "Now, you want to ask basically why I’m pro-life? It’s not simply because of my Catholic faith. That’s a factor, of course. But it’s also because of reason and science."

Reason and Science. That was the best worst part of him last night, imo.

*edited for missing words.


@lisma Oh, yes. The elusive "science" and "doctors" that Republicans always pull out to support their phony-ass claims. I'd like to think that the education reform the Dems are pushing for will put the kibosh on all the false and ignorant information that gets spread around like wildfire, but, you know....that's like moving a mountain.

@New Hoarder Awesome. I will definitely have to catch some highlight reels.


@olivebee I also love that they eschew science when it comes to evolution, but for abortion, they'll let this one scientist guy with a dubious resume tell them what's up.


@HeyThatsMyBike I never even thought of that. although, they do have lists of "Drs" (ie people with PhDs in other fields, probably not in science, or MDs) that support the no-evolution


I love Joe Biden so much. During the 2008 primary there was a New Yorker profile of him that related an encounter both he and (separately) Romney had with a New Hampshire waitress who'd just had some major life problems (can't remember whether it was financial, medical, or both). Romney, apparently, suffered through the woman's story, looked kind of uncomfortable, and scuttled away as quickly as possible. Biden listened intently, grasped her by the upper arms, and then, leaned his forehead in until it touched hers and held it there for a moment or two.

The thing is that I am emphatically not a toucher, but every once in a while I meet someone who is in the most sincere and human way and I find it really comforting and moving. Biden strikes me as one of those people.


@datalass He is. He really, really is. Uncle Joe's got feelings, and he's not afraid to let them out. Someone said a little while back that when he speaks he may not always get the words right (hello, Gaffin' Joe) but there's no doubt he feels every single one of them.

Trixie Firecracker

So, uh, after the 2008 election I was a member of a White House fan group on LiveJournal (and am only a little embarrassed about that!) which is why I still have a folder full of photos like this on my hard drive:


@Trixie Firecracker Go on.

Valley Girl

@Trixie Firecracker THOSE FOREARMS. Unf.

Julia duMais

@Trixie Firecracker yesssss someone else who's had that picture saved for four years.

Trixie Firecracker


It was glorious in its heyday. Posts like this, several times a day. Sometimes with puppies!

Julia duMais

@Trixie Firecracker OH DAMN I had completely forgotten about that one, thanks!


@Trixie Firecracker oh my god Joe in a leather jacket cuddling a bashful puppy AHHHHHHHHHH HELP I DIE

evil melis

@redheaded&crazie I'm seeing "Jon Hamm in 25 years" and I'm into it (re: the aviators pic).


@evil melis oh my god yes. Can't unsee it, don't want to.


@Valley Girl Hahaha, that poster reminds me of something Roast Beef from Achewood would write if he was really hopped up on methamphetamines or something.


@Trixie Firecracker Y HALO THAR ARMS


If anyone enjoys both politics and "Withnail and I" I am just quietly going to refer you over to this new project.


@MollyculeTheory oh wow, thank you!

lasso tabasco

I noticed last night that Paul Ryan kind of looks just like Will Schuster?

Valley Girl

@lasso tabasco I saw him referred to last night as a creepier Will Schuster, which I admit made me laugh and laugh.


I got a text from my mom last night nearing the end of the debates that stated, "I can't stand that pompous little jerk he looks like the kid from the Addams family." Spot on, mom. It was also preceded by a likewise pertinent, "Aaaaah Joe!"


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