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Awesomely Spooky Tights

Some people don't love dressing up in costumes. Which is okay! (But weird, you know?) But maybe you'd still like to be a bit festive during the season of the witch? How about donning a pair of spooky tights? We suggest you wear these year-round, really.

Black and Green Striped Tights | Theme Witch and Wizard
Striped tights are pretty much standard-issue Halloween wear, but this particular shade of green is too enticing to not bring to your attention.

Leg Avenue Cobweb Tights | Amazon
You could glue a tiny plastic spider to these if you wanted to really freak people out. Just a thought!

Bat Tights | Amazon
You could glue a huge plastic bat to these if you wanted to really freak people out. Just a thought!

Black Thigh Highs with White Pirate Skulls | This Next
The description of these thigh-highs reads "Leg bling for your inner wench." Can't top that, not gonna try.

Blood Spatter Tights | Costume Craze
WHY ARE THESE FOR CHILDREN?? More importantly: why do children get to have all the fun? (More more importantly: how can we DIY these?)

Cut to the Bone Tights | Costume Zone
Well, at least these come in adult sizes.

Skeleton Leggings | Target
Don't miss out on the coordinating shoes!

Blood Vessel Tights | eBay
Oh, hello Slim Goodbody

Bite Me Tattoo Tights | Etsy
These are perfect for those of you who still work in places that require ladies to wear proper pantyhose.

DIY Roach Tights | Halloween Costumes 4 Women
Better fake roaches on your legs than real ones in your home, right??

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I want those bat tights! Would it be acceptable to wear them all year round?

Jolie Kerr

@katiethegreat Yes.


@katiethegreat I <3 bats and always look forward to stocking up on tights and socks in October!


@katiethegreat Haha! I was just coming here to say just that!

I was in the Halloween big old superstore yesterday and my BF, while walking through the women's "spooky accessory" section, said, "All this stuff looks like your real things at home!" And... he is pretty much correct. In fact, I have the best rhinestone and metal (of some kind) spider bracelet-cuff from one of these places. Which brings me to...

Does anyone else feel weird wearing bats and skulls in October? Because I do. Every other month is fine, and those are things I kind of incorporate into my everyday outfits. But when I do it in October, it makes me feel like someone who'd also wear a crazily decorated Christmas sweater in December -- and I hope that didn't sound too mean; if that's your thing, you go on and do it; it's just not my thing. Perhaps I am thinking too much about it.

Su Perbaadgrl@facebook

The best place for all sock-and-tight-related Halloween items is Sock Dreams, http://www.sockdreams.com/products/halloween (also, free shipping on every order) I have their web thigh highs and zombie splatter thigh highs.


I don't need those blood vessel tights my legs already look like that. :s
Also what, a Saturday post!?

Jolie Kerr

@Megano! This series is SO SPECIAL that Edith allowed me to continue it through to the weekends; most of my posts will be on Saturdays and Sundays so the other contributors can have the prime weekday spots. MORE TOMORROW GET EXCITED!


@Jolie Kerr WOOOO


@Jolie Kerr This Saturday post has made me so excited!


@Megano! I was going to say this. Veiny leg solidarity.


@Statham it made my life when I saw the RSS feed



Terrifying Wife-Avatar

The DIY roach tights are giving me the heebie-jeebies so badly that I perversely want to try them.

This is what you've done to me, Hairpin.

Jolie Kerr

@Nicole Sauvage@twitter I'm waiting for plastic roaches to go on clearance post-Halloween.


@Nicole Sauvage@twitter Feel the fear and do it anyway.


@Jolie Kerr maybe I could just take some from my old old apartment?


@Nicole Sauvage@twitter I screamed OUT LOUD.


I'm sorry, but I think these are the superior bat tights.



@GirlParts Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute

Valley Girl

First up, Saturday post woo! Thanks Jolie.

Secondly I give props to Target for those amazing skeleton heels, but anti-props for the confusing sizing on the leggings.


I want those exposed bone tights so badly I may just have to buy them. Will they come in time!?? CANADA *shakes fist*


@redheaded&crazie damn I have to order at least $15 of stuff! Okay here we go.


@redheaded&crazie I know, right? my brother lives in the US but won't be coming home til christmas


@redheaded&crazie Google the name of the tights ("cut to the bone tights") and you will find many options, including Amazon, which has a picture of them showing them on. Look kinda slim-fit... Anyway, maybe you can find a Canada source, or cheaper options?


I got two pairs of sweater tights today for $2.03! NYC pinners, there is a groupon! They aren't spooky though.

chunk lite

@contrary !!! Where? Would you be willing to add a link??


I want those skeleton shoes and I want to wear them all year round. Maybe not with the tights, though.


Ooh, the spiderweb ones. The headmistress (WE HAVE A HEADMISTRESS TOTES HOGWARTS) at my school thinks any tights with holes (fishnets, lace-pattern) or designs beyond stripes are too hookery for school. Wah wah.


Cheap costume ideas? Anyone?


I need to figure out a good costume based on a literary character. Preferably one that I kind of hobble together, because I prefer a handmade costume over one that I buy in a bag.


I would actually probably wear the skeleton leggings for realsies.

hunter ray@twitter

if i'm a dude ( which i am) how do I figure out legging sizes? like just assume I'm going for large or extra large? I have kind of big thighs :-/


I have bat tights. And spiderweb tights, and tights with little glittery purple witches and cats on them. And stripey tights in every possible colour. I wear them all year round, and occasionally I think that at nearly 35 I ought to stop. And then I think oh, fuck it.


@Es DO NOT STOP IT! Forty-one over here and I love my skull-and-bones-motif clothes. I'm happy others feel the same way!


first: TIGHTS! thank you thank you! second... are these saturday/sunday posts going to start happening every week? SO EXCITED.

Valley Girl

I came across a hot styling tip for the skellie leggings:


OMG those vein tights are knockoffs of Les Queues de Sardines tights that were $70 and no longer available that I really wanted. For $8 I'm tempted to gamble on them!


Whoever designed those bat tights must not have large thighs, because as a large-thighed girl, I would never wear something whose design got bigger as it went up my legs.

And the "cut to the bone" tights are freaking me out! eeeeek.

I want to wear the cobweb tights year round.


@SarahP A-friggin'-men, lady.
Also, am I the only person who completely fails at patterned tights? Maybe it's my thunder thighs, but I can't for the life of me wear anything that is supposed to be a straight line or is supposed to go over a body part. I always put them on all wonky and my stripes turn into wavy diagonals or with the femur circling my thigh and it just ends in tears.


@Lyssachelle This happens to me too and I am not what I'd call thunderous (though a bit squishy in some regions because I am A Lazy); I leave the house with a nice argyle or a pinstripe, and by the time I get to work, all my shit's twisted to hell and back. What gives? I blame the tights, not our legs.

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