Thursday, October 11, 2012


A Little Scott Speedman Update

Glamour: This is random, but I found an essay online that a woman wrote about you. She met you once on a street corner in New York City, right after she'd been dumped, and you made her night.
SS: That's hilarious! I actually remember it. This girl was having a rough night. Stuff like that doesn't happen that often, so I do remember that.

Remember Sarah Beller's story about Scott Speedman? Well they're basically together now. Thank you, Emma Rosenblum.

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i betcha the reason he remembers it so easily is because he's been poring over the story Sarah wrote since it came out, reliving every glorious detail from that night o- so long ago. WE'RE ON TO YOU SCOTT!


@teenie Definitely. It's sweet how he plays it cool in the interview, even though he's been obviously searching for Sarah for years, just so he doesn't spook her.
Considerate, that one.


Great insight@m


This is just like LFO's hit song "Girl On TV" which resulted in Rich Cronin dating Jennifer Love Hewitt! I think?


Does this make the Hairpin a matchmaker?


@Scandyhoovian I certainly hope so!

captain mal

This is just so amazing!


Plllleeeaaassseeeee can I come to the wedding? I don't require any food, just drink and a makeout with a brother or cousin who sort of looks like Scott after a kitchen mishap.


omg!!! also I feel like I should comment and give the linkback here or something?


He is really good in Adoration (get it together, Atom Egoyan).

Carrie Ann

Oh my God, I had to actually stifle a little scream here.


Sarah Beller, you know that at the very least, Scott Speedman has googled you, right???!!!????

I wondered who the most impressive person who's ever googled me is.

Regina Phalange

@Kristen I wonder this all the time.

(And sometimes I try to stack the deck by pinging their Google Alerts, John Mulaney, John Mulaney, John Mulaney.)


A (ridiculously gorgeous, uber cool) friend of mine from undergrad dated Mr. Speedman for almost a year, shortly after he starred in The Strangers. He was a total gentleman to her, and he was super nice to us "normals." Glad to hear he's still out there being a nice guy!


I don't get where "they're basically together now" happens. Sounds like people think the author of the essay and Scott Speedman are together now? But I don't see any evidence of that in the links. Could someone fill me in?


@Lu2 The joke is in the overstatement, Lu.

evil melis

it's a LIE, that isn't Lu at all - it's LU2, a ghastly grimacing copy of Lu! RUN BEFORE THEY COME FOR YOU T--


Damn this post. I have about five articles I should be writing, but am instead Google image-searching Scott Speedman and thinking about how, since he's from Toronto and I'm from Hamilton, we could conceivably meet by chance and immediately fall in love. Right?


@etheline. Seriously, why are all the hot actors from Canada?


@Ophelia That's how we do in the North.

She was a retail whore

@Ophelia Hot guys from Canada, great singers from the UK, Ian Somerhalders from the US (that's next-level hotness). This is how things work.


AHHHHHHH ::rolls around in the feels::

She was a retail whore

I got my mom into Last Resort because it seems like the type of show she'd love. I dvr it, but work that night and can't watch it live. I was always a Ben girl, and enjoy opportunities to ogle Scott Speedman.

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