Tuesday, October 2, 2012


515 Steps to a Better Life

As Metafilter points out, the tip-aggregation lists from Buzzfeed's Peggy Wang have become their own kind of art form. This one is particularly eye-opening.


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To be fair, devereaux-ing the potatoes to remove skins is basically the best tip ever.


@leon s I tried that, and it was basically the worst thing ever.


Sorry, I refuse to accept the Tic Tac one. No one on Earth eats Tic Tacs one at a time.


Also, the right way to clean a blender is to unscrew the bottom and wash all pieces separately. Shenanigans, I say!


That is some severely misguided peanut butter sandwich advice. Who wants dry, jelly-free crusts all the way around?

The fitted sheet thing is right on, though.

fondue with cheddar

@TheBelleWitch Just when I started to get good at folding fitted sheets they started putting the elastic on all four sides.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

Well, there went about 20 minutes of my life, and now all I want is space for more bookshelves and wooden pallets full of mason jars to play with (pallets to be converted into something else once jars are gone).


I gasped when I saw the cupcake one. Although it only works with non-filled cupcakes, which are barely worth eating anyhow.


@wallsdonotfall I have never actually tried the tip, but every time I do, I think of all the frosting just coming out the edges when one bites into it, sandwich-on-firm-bread-style. I mean, if the frosting is sufficiently stiff, it should theoretically work well, but I'm still skeptical...

RK Fire

I'm a little convinced that Peggy Wang is a genius now.

social theory

@RK Fire and she's in the pains of being pure at heart, a great band!


Between Pinterest and the middle-aged ladies who email "FWD: HELPFUL TIPS" (with a little nod to my dad and his attempts at lifehacking) I think I've seen all of these.

(Which is not to say they're not interesting or helpful. Mostly I'm just interested in the way these tips get around!)

fondue with cheddar

NOOO do not use a hair dryer on your shoes! Heat may do any or all of the following: alter the color, shrink the leather, soften the glue. The best thing to do (with leather shoes) is fill a spray bottle with half water and half rubbing alcohol and spray the inside, and wear them around, with socks if need be.




@bitzyboozer I loved that so hard.

Harbinger of Something

All I want is for someone to teach me how to eat a mango properly. I love them but I always just sort of half peel them then eat them (blissfully) over the kitchen sink and then ask my roommate to turn on the sink so I can wash my hands because the mango juice gets up to my elbows. My way is fun, but I think there is a less messy way probably?


i know i'm late to commenting but that chip clip one is BULLSHIT! i could not for the life of me get it to fold back over correctly. much faster to get UP to that step and THEN use a chip clip, same sealed-in goodness and much easier to undo when you want more chips (five minutes later)

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