Friday, September 7, 2012


"What's a Girl Doing Here?"

Immediately watch Diana Diroy's fantastic short about female cabdrivers in NYC.

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Queen of Pickles

Pinners! What are you looking forward to? What are you excited about?
This weekend, this month, this season?
Here is my list:

1. Renaissance fair. (My first. God help me!) This Sunday in Tuxedo, NY.
2. Cleaning my room (Yes, I am excited about this.)
3. Karaoke with my awesome coworker friends (in a few weeks). Honestly, I have the best coworker friends. I co-wrote a sestina with one of them earlier this week when we were bored at work. We are ridiculous ladies.
4. All my houseguests and in-town friends are gone! I’ve been hermiting, and it’s been wonderful. Friends, I love you, but I’m relieved! I can sleep in my own bed without having to wake up and make someone else breakfast… or wait up after midnight to let someone into the house… or hang out with a lovely friend when I’m dead tired, but they’re only in town for one day! An embarrassment of riches, I know. But I’m a much nicer/happier person if I get my Alone Time, and I’m several weeks in debt to myself.
6. Fall, aka the season for poetry, apple picking, sweaters, sweater tights, melancholy, tea, romance, heedlessness, toast, selling clothes/books back to stores, birthdays, and making soup on Sundays.

Queen of Pickles

@Queen of Pickles Jumped the gun on the Open Thread! The shame.

fondue with cheddar

@Queen of Pickles You thought this was Taxicab Confessions, didn't you?


@Queen of Pickles Oh, I so want to reply to you, but I will refrain until the actual FOT.

all the bacon and eggs

@Queen of Pickles Ooh more on this later, but I also make soup on fall Sundays.


@Queen of Pickles
And I have this funny thing I want to share with all of you, too! Where is Friday Open Thread!!?


@josiahg Seriously, I had today off and so for the first time I was actually gonna be on time for the FOT and now it's not heeeeeere.


@josiahg For real! I missed last week's, and it's already 4:30!


This was very cool. I would be nervous, though, about the potential danger of this gig. A crackhead with a pit-bull and a giant TV? Yikes.


Anyone else think the younger girl looks a lot like Zosia Mamet (esp. when she's wearing less makeup in the cab)?

Anna Jayne@twitter

Is this where I post a link to this song from On the Town? I love that lady cabdriver so much.


The only female cab driver I ever had was super crazy. The only thing in her purse was one of those blue tins of cookies with the little doilies.
She pulled up to me, told me not to put out my cigarette. She only picks up smokers.
She told me story about a time in the 70s when someone locked her in a cab for an hour, one time that she got fired for not fucking her boss and one time she got fired for fucking her boss.

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