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The Only Book Trailer We'll Ever Suggest You Watch

Book trailers are usually gross, like slideshows and having to click to see all of the article on one page, but if you're gonna have one, go full-on Dadaist with it, you know? Penny Marshall knows.

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If I were making a list of likely Penny Marshall impressionists, Fred Armisen would have never come to mind. Yet, this is the greatest thing ever.


New from the marketing team at Amazon Publishing.@l


This is amazing.

Regarding book trailers, though...one time a friend and I saw one on late night for some James Patterson murder mystery, and straight-up started weeping with laughter, it was so bad. We still quote it to each other. "A sexy rendezvous? THAT'S PRIVATE! Secrets between lovers? THAT'S PRIVATE. Your girlfriend...dead...in YOUR bed?? THAT'S PRIVAAATE!"


@yeah-elle Wait, that shit actually gets on TV? I thought book trailers were safe on the internet where nobody has to see them unless they so choose.


@frigwiggin Watch it and cackle.

For the record, we were watching a Criminal Minds marathon at like, midnight on a weekday, so.




@yeah-elle Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaa


@yeah-elle There was another James Patterson trailer commercial a few years ago, and my friends and I would make fun of it all the time. "Mary, mary...scary, scary."


@yeah-elle There's a new one where the guy's all, "this is the book James Patterson was BORN TO WRITE."

My friend and I are also obsessed with your linked ad, especially with the end where it says "Read James Patterson's Private," and now whenever someone asks me what I'm reading I always want to say "JAMES PATTERSON'S PRIVATES" or "THAT'S PRIVATE!!!" Of course, no one else gets it but us, so people think I'm an English grad with really bad taste and an obsession with genitals.


@iknowright Haha, yesss, my friend and I do the same thing! Nothing better than acting really affronted and answering "THAT'S PRIVATE!!!" to totally normal, unassuming questions.


@yeah-elle IS your girlfriend dead in your bed private? It seems like other people have a reasonable need-to-know on that one, dude.


I'm all greased up now.

(Wait, this isn't youtube, I can't just quote the video we're all watching and make it look like a funny, original comment. DAMMIT.)


@frigwiggin Also, this is miles better than the book trailer for that book Save the Pearls, with the blackface and all. Yeesh.

double paw?

i don't think fred armisen as a woman will never not be funny to me. judge me if you must.

Ladies Who Punch

@iknowright My email addy & a general screen name for most other things is "IknowRebekah. Every time I see you post I think to myself "When did I write that?". Also, my husband & I quote Fred's "Who care!" CONSTANTLY!


@Brewing Mischief Hah oh no! Your name here used to be something else here, right? I seem to remember that awesome poodle next to a different name. I'm also not sure how i feel about my screen name -- I like it enough but it's not nearly as clever as the name I had on Jezebel, but I decided not to use the same one here because, well, Jezebel has become such a disappointment and, you know, clean slate and all.

I quote him all the time too, and I am also currently big on Oprah impersonations (mostly at work), and no one ever gets it. But it is never not funny to me, so who cares?! :)

Ladies Who Punch

@iknowright It used to be plain ol' Rebekah [my real name] & then I decided to maybe perhaps try on a new suit or armour. And yes to the dislike of Jezebel. What really gets to me about them is how they pretend to be pro-women etc. but are really just a bunch of assholes. There doesn't need to be snark in EVERYTHING & it doesn't make you less of a person my lauding others.


OK even people in publishing are like, "The fuck were we thinking with book trailers?" but some houses do still really like to do them.


"Yeah I'm excited, whattya want me to do, jump up and down?"

Deadpan. I'm stealing this for every conversation ever.


The best is still Hodgman's by Tom Scharpling.

Spooky Behaviour

UGH THE OVER-LOTION. I once leaned against a wall and slid all the way down, smashing my head at the bottom because I'd over-lotioned my arm (I'm an aggressive leaner). I feel you Penny Marshall/Fred Armisen. Also, this video was hilarious.

sarah girl

@Spooky Behaviour Okay I'm really sorry but I am DYING laughing at this image

double paw?

@Spooky Behaviour i love everything about this comment. (hope your head was ok!)

Jess McCloskey

@Spooky Behaviour "I'm an aggressive leaner" is actually going to do me a mischief with the laughing.


I didn't know book trailers were a thing when I watched the one for Shteyngart's Super Sad True Love Story, which was hilarious. It's even funnier now that I know they are actually a thing.


@SarahP I was logging in to post that video! Gah, I loves it so! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfzuOu4UIOU
"I can't read!"
He also made a follow-up video when the paperback was released.
"I wants to buy you milkshake!"


@SarahP I know! Last year I picked up a series of books in the discount bin at Walmart for something to read on my breaks at work. Apparently they're kind of popular with teens? When I saw online a Cassandra Clare book trailer my first thought was "no way they're going to make this crap into a movie!" All the Cassandra Clare Simon Schuester book trailers look like they they were made by a first year film school student intern: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEAhkUrgJHU&feature=relmfu

Also, turns out that apparently they ARE turning this crap into a movie!


"No one's gonna check. I give you permission to sign your own book."


I Finally got around to listening to "The Nerdist" podcast from back in July, (#227) which featured Fred, with Carrie Brownstein. Oh my it was good.

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