Wednesday, September 26, 2012


The 2 p.m. Nap

The Wall Street Journal maps out the biologically ideal times of day for people to do things — to have difficult conversations, write upbeat Tweets (but what about mean Tweets?), work out, etc. — so readers can derail their lives to build better ones. Or look it over and forget everything except the nap, which is now (EST).

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Reginal T. Squirge

Besides tweeting and napping, this is pretty much my daily routine.


was remarkable.@v


Well shitballs, I am asleep for most of those times! This explains a lot, actually.


For some of us, nothing should happen before 10am.

But really, this is interesting, because I feel like everything after 10am is spot on for me!


@SarahP Same!

My first though was "I definitely should not be tweeting at 8am, I am a very cranky person in the morning, also I am driving"


@SarahP Yeah, I think people tweet cheerfully at 8AM because they're in denial.


@Lucienne Any tweet from me at 8 am would be along the lines of "FUCKKKKKK WHY AM I OUT OF COFFEE"

Daisy Razor

@SarahP For real. If someone tried to have a "difficult conversation" with me at 9 a.m., they would probably lose a limb in the process.


"...times of high energy and clarity-- for most people, in the morning."


fondue with cheddar

@Cawendaw I came down here to comment exactly this. I don't want to have ANY kind of conversation at 9 AM, let alone a difficult one. The first two items basically render the entire list unreliable for me.

Granted, I really don't have high energy at any time of day...so there's that.

polka dots vs stripes

Just coming here to say yep, I crash promptly at 2pm every day.

The high energy morning thing, though, not so much. My high energy time is usually 9-10 pm, exactly when I should be getting to bed.

fondue with cheddar

@polka dots vs stripes My highest energy time is in the evening, too!


I wish so much of life didn't revolve around the wake-up-at-7am-work-until-5pm thing. I mean, not that I would like getting home later in the afternoon either, but fuuuuuuck me if I can get anything done at work before lunchtime.


This list does not include "best time to eat peanut butter and nutella on a spoon," which I am currently strongly considering. Please advise, social science?

fondue with cheddar

@TheBelleWitch All of the above, probably.

fondue with cheddar

These times really don't work for me at all. I wish they did, because having a "normal" circadian rhythm must make life so much easier.

My boyfriend and I have major differences. He's a morning person and always wants to have conversations over breakfast, and I just can't handle that. I do my best thinking in the morning while showering, but only inside my own head because communication skills (and desire) are zero.

He falls asleep on the sofa every evening, and I wake him up a couple hours later when it's time for bed, not because I'm tired but because I have work in the morning. Then he promptly falls asleep and I lay there awake for awhile. Life is hard.


@fondue with cheddar (formerly jen325) this is why, when i was ok-cupid-dating, i screened people by things like general cleanliness standard, average activity level, and attitude toward mornings. i just could not see myself being with an unorganised early-morning runner, for example, although i am sure many of them are lovely people.

fondue with cheddar

@karenb Yeah, that is probably a good idea. Fortunately, my boyfriend is understanding of my internal clock and I wish his, and we've learned to live with it. If he gets up in the morning to run (he actually does do this) he's out of the house while I'm getting ready, which works for me. And if he falls asleep in the evening it gives me uninterrupted Xbox time. And honestly, playing Xbox in the dark while two cats and a boyfriend are all cuddled on the couch on/next to me is pretty awesome.


@karenb I think I am going to include something in my profile about going to bed before 2:00 AM only because I have to wake up and leave for work at 8:00 to be at work by 9:00. It takes me 20 - 25 minutes to shower, get dressed, feed the cat, and head out. Why would I get out of bed any earlier than 7:30? (Maybe I'll include exactly that.) Plus, don't talk seriously with me while I'm hanging-over.


@whizz_dumb I am so jealous of your morning routine.
6:15am first alarm (snooze)
6:20am second alarm (snooze)
6:25am third alarm (actually get up)
find clothes
put them on
brush teeth
check my handbag (phone? Wallet? Keys? check.)
Walk out the door at 6:50 am.
Sooooooo jealous you can do all of your getting ready and get door-to-door all in an hour.

Plant Fire

@fondue with cheddar (formerly jen325) Ugh I have the same problem in that my boyfriend hops up super early and is wide awake all morning and then gets sleepy at like 10:30pm. Whereas I am the happiest and most functional when I can go to bed at 3am and wake up at 12pm, and because I can almost never do that I spend most mornings completely non functional. At night it doesn't bother me because he usually lies down next to me in bed and falls asleep while I stay awake and read things on the internet. But in the mornings he gets all excited to start the day and so he'll start cuddling me at 6:30 in the morning because he couldn't wait any longer for me to wake up.

fondue with cheddar

@Sea Ermine Yikes, there is no life at 6:30. That's what time I get up for work (after hitting snooze twice) and it is horrible.

Fortunately he doesn't get up quite that early on the weekends, and he often stays in bed until I wake up. But he always has morning wood and is ready to go, but I'm just not awake enough for sex until at least noon.


Best time to randomly wander the internet reading blogs and avoiding work?



Weird. I'm really glad there's no one around to talk to at 9 am because that's when I'm most likely freak out. Upbeat I'm not in the mornings (but by late morning I'm chipper as fuck). And it's not because I'm tired and cranky. It's sometimes world-ending AUUUUGGGGGH because the energy of the day has hit but I am not in a good enough mood to embrace it, or something.

Also YES the recommendation to exercise in the afternoon. Everyone tells me to do it in the morning before work but it's like exercising through molasses. 5 PM is the best!


I'm likely to get a nap at any hour of the day. - James Stuckey


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