Monday, September 24, 2012


Sad Peanut Butter News

If you haven't heard: another reason to always buy chunky.

Update: 76 peanut butterish items added to recall.

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chunky peanut butter tastes too much like peanuts. If I wanted peanuts, I'd eat peanuts. I do not understand natural peanut butter either. Ick. creamy salmonella spread forever.

fondue with cheddar

@christonacracker I don't mind the taste either way, my thing is that I don't want to chew my peanut butter.


@fondue with cheddar (formerly jen325) I know, right. I didn't go to professional school to chew my own peanut butter. gross.


I just discovered this @m


I have heard and I also have this very peanut butter in my fridge. IT TASTES SO GOOD WHY DO I HAVE TO THROW IT AWAYYYYY?!?!?!

many things do not fly

@HeyThatsMyBike I know! I took mine back to TJ's yesterday. I felt a bit like a paranoid weirdo, but, hey, they gave me three dollars. And I bought more peanut butter.


@HeyThatsMyBike It sounds like it tastes pretty good. My condolences.


@many things do not fly I'm going to do the same. I guess I'll go back to the other creamy salted kind that costs 20 cents less but doesn't taste quite as delicious.
@Megano! It has sea salttttt!


@HeyThatsMyBike Salmonella is killed by heat, so maybe an excuse to make peanut butter cookies? A cooked satay sauce?

baked bean

@HeyThatsMyBike You're probably fine, or even better buying the same kind again, they are probably being extra careful now about the salmonella checking.


@baked bean Oh, totally buying it again when it is back on the shelves! It will be the safest peanut butter around!


@sony_b I like where your head is. Cookies for everybody!


@many things do not fly Oh man if I do this with my half-empty jar it will be like getting half a jar of peanut butter and salmonella for free!


Sooo...is the only way to find out about this through the TJ's website? Because unless people constantly check the websites of the stores they buy groceries from on a regular basis, how would they get wind of a product recall? I mean, I only ever hear of recalls when they are on the news or in the paper and those are usually more severe "this will cause risk of death or injury" recalls. Apparently I need to start checking brand websites more often.

fondue with cheddar

@olivebee I assume TJ's has an email list? If so, maybe a recall is something they'd email everyone about.


@olivebee I heard about it on NPR yesterday. This has been a pretty quiet one because no one has died and only children have gotten sick (so far).


@HeyThatsMyBike And by "quiet one" I'm referring to media panic-wise. I'm sure Trader Joe's is not trying to keep it hush-hush or anything.


@olivebee It's a voluntary recall which means that they don't know for sure if it is even the cause, but since multiple people probably reported it they have gone ahead and recalled it to be on the safe side so if it IS the cause, more people don't get sick while they are investigating. I think the ones you hear on the news are usually mandatory recalls where they have already tested and found contamination.


@olivebee I was in TJ's on saturday, and had no idea that this was going on (I didn't by PB though, so I wasn't in that aisle). I'm sort of really pissed that I found out here, rather than at their store.

jane lane

@olivebee It was on my local news last night. Granted, all I saw was the teaser and I didn't know what had actually been recalled until I saw this post, but still, it's being reported on some places.


Chunky peanut butter is for the devil.

*I meant chunky, not chunk.

Anna Jayne@twitter

Is chunky peanut butter less likely to be salmonella-ridden???

many things do not fly

I imagine Glengarry Glen Ross Alec Baldwin telling me to "Always Buy Chunky"


Creamy peanut butter looks like diarrhea.


PEANUT BUTTER SUCKS there i said it


@melis I just had some for lunch, and I have to say that I agree! Peanut-butter sandwiches were the only thing my sister and I were allowed to eat for lunch for about 12 years when we were kids, because having to put more thought into letting us have different food was too taxing, so my mother was all "CHILDREN LIKE IT. SO YOU LIKE IT. EAT IT." I eat it every so often to ascertain again that it still sucks, and yes it does!




@siniichulok were your sandwiches also made with weirdly flavorless white bread whose crusts were suggested by being brown but with no carmelization? If so, you may be my sister... (I also often accidently crushed said sandwiches on the way to school making them worse)


@siniichulok Oh man, that sucks.

If it makes you feel any better (although why would it) my parents, from kindergarten on, just pointed me towards the fridge and said "you know where the leftovers are". Forgetting to pack a lunch (or to bring it) was considered a lesson in "well, now you won't forget it next time!"

On the upside, I never had to eat peanut butter, so that's positive. On the other hand, now I hate leftovers!

Andrea K@twitter

@melis Given your well-documented hummus objection, are there any ground up paste foods ("foods"?) that get the Melis stamp of approval?


@Andrea K@twitter @melis For your consideration: marzipan. (But then, I also like hummus and peanut butter...)


@Andrea K@twitter PASTE is not a food, food requires structural integrity


@Andrea K@twitter "The Hummus Objection" available in airport bookstores everywhere.


@blueblazes John Grisham's exciting new foray into vegan cooking!


@melis GOD do you even like ANYTHING?


Three years ago my roommate cautioned me against buying chunky peanut butter because "If you want creamy chunky's not good enough but if you want chunky creamy will do." This is good advice! On the other hand, that was three years ago and not once have I opened up my jar of chunky peanut butter and wished it was creamy. So there's also that.


@TheUnchosenOne I find the exact opposite of this to be true! I most always want chunky peanut butter because i crave the mix of creamyness and crunch. The texture of creamy peanut butter is not a selling point. And if it's the flavor I want I can still get it from chunky.


@TheUnchosenOne Yeah I too feel the exact opposite of this to be true. Crunchy can be satisfying in a way creamy will never be. I find it too smooth.

My FAVORITE peanut butter by far is Whole Foods brand creamy, which is actually relatively chunky (their chunky is off the hook chunky - too much for me). It's the best of both worlds. My only problem is that I have not successfully been able to stir it up well, so the top 3/4 is really good and drippy and melty, but then the bottom 1/4 is a little too dry and the very bottom is totally dry and no fun at all.

Citizen Cunt

Chunky peanut butter FOREVARRRRRRRRR

every tomorrow@twitter

I can't tell if I just recently started paying enough attention to notice all these food recalls, or if the last two or three years were FOOD RECALL-PALOOZA. I stopped buying sprouts like two years ago because they were recalled for contamination more often than they were actually on the shelf.


@every tomorrow@twitter I know! And I miss sprouts! I love them so much.


@every tomorrow@twitter you could try growing (sprouting?) your own! it's really not that hard to do, especially if you buy a counter top sprouter (i have one that's kind of like this and it's really easy to use). (which reminds me that i haven't used it in probably over a year. but still.)

Queen of Pickles

@every tomorrow@twitter
Yeah, sprout your own! But don't bother with the counter-top sprouter (no offense, VerityStandingStill), just take an empty jar, rinse mung beans with water, place inside of jar, tilt jar at 45 degree angle on top of wet paper towel, rinse out beans once a day - they'll sprout in a few days.

Other kinds of sprouts? I have no idea!


@Queen of Pickles yes yes, the jar thing works for sprouting large stuff, like beans. the counter-top ones are great for smaller sprouts, like alfalfa or broccoli, because they keep the seeds all spread out so they don't turn into a slimy mess.

New Hoarder

Phew! I freaked about when I saw it was TJ issuing the recall, but I only get their chunky unsalted. I don't really like peanut butter (especially not creamy, and not sweet stuff like JIF, yeccchhh), but when I need a protein boost a spoonful of organic, chunky, unsalted helps a lot.


Good thing I went with the almond butter with roasted flaxseeds this time. CHUNKY AND SALTED FOREVER!

Edith Zimmerman

@Amphora I like my men like I like my ... ?


@Amphora That stuff is awesome! I made cookies with it once, best ever.


@Amphora check the SKUs on the recall - the crunchy almond with flax is recalled too! as is the valencia crunchy with flax. :(

Queen of Pickles

@Edith Zimmerman

...peanut butter...
baked, sweet, with lots of chocolate


Chunky is not conducive with putting potato chips on your peanut butter & jelly sandwich.


@meetapossum Chunky is conducive to peanut butter and pickle sandwiches though.


NO! That is my favorite peanut butter. Although that does explain why I stood in the peanut butter aisle last week, scanning the shelves desperately before resignedly picking up PLAIN peanut butter.


this is very disappointing news. i have two of the three recalled products in my house at all times (the valencia with flax for me, and the almond with flax for the boy). buuuuuut it's an excuse to make a trip to TJ's this week, so not all bad?


I have a half-empty jar of this peanut butter in my fridge right now and I just ate two spoonfuls of it yesterday; am I going to die


@Nutmeg RIP NUTMEG. But not really. I've had like 4 jars of it in about two months and am still alive.


@HeyThatsMyBike My mom sent me two texts about this peanut butter at 9AM today. I haven't responded and she is probably 95% sure I am dead right now


So yeah. How the hell does the US keep getting salmonella into things (peanut butter, spinach, tomatoes, eggs, etc.) which are not raw meat and eggs again?

Tim Tracy

I work for Trader Joe's and we were notified of the recall and immediately pulled the product from our shelves. We also have notices at every register to inform the customers. Sad though, because it is so damn delicious. Chunky all the way.


I'm reading this while eating peanut butter. And it isn't chunky because my husband can't have chunky. But it isn't Trader Joe's because they haven't come to my town just yet. (Soon!)


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