Thursday, September 20, 2012


Karyn White Gets It

The earrings, bustier (they're back; get one), gloves, booties, and everything else. Ignore that Karyn put out an imperfect record this year; according to her official bio, "Karyn's considerable talents extend well beyond music. She’s been successfully honing her skills in recent years as an interior designer, and making moves in real estate." Not a superwoman? My butt. Hey, Karyn!

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AH! Jane Marie you just took me back to afternoons with Donnie Simpson and Video Soul. Karyn White is stunning. Azealia Banks jacked her whole thing.

Lily Rowan



@iffie True, but Azealia can jack all she wants if that means she's bringing this look back. I can't wait to wear high-waisted flowing black trousers with big gold earrings all autumn long. #tooscaredofthebustier


@hungrybee The high-waisted flowing pant! Hello, my 8th grade dance outfit. I welcome it all.


OMG ! Slaps myself silly for forgettin' all about her ! Had the album...which was wore out ! @m


Am I the only one old enough to remember Karyn White? Well, okay then! She's awesome. And I feel like I saw this outfit on three girls in Williamsburg last week. Now everyone get off my lawn.


I loved her!!! Superwoman was my jam in 7th grade. I even said it to a teacher once about my homework. Love you Karyn!


Bustiers and backwards chairs reminds me of the Spice Girls HBO concert special.

Lily Rowan

Superwoman was my official favorite song for many many years, and I still love it. (Am I the only person who has trouble picking actual favorites so just decides on an answer to give to that kind of question?)


Ahh, this was my favorite! Love the 80s dance moves too. She rocks the running man.

Casanova Frankenstein

Oh snap, for real??? I totally did just buy one (a bustier)!

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