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Also, Chamomile Tea is Great

Emma Thompson, consistently polling as the Best Person in the World, has written a new tale of Peter Rabbit, and has nice things to say about the small creatures of the planet, whether they speak dialects either human or Lapine:

In this respect (and others), Thompson takes inspiration from her father, Eric, who wrote and narrated The Magic Roundabout television series. “He would say, ‘please don’t say I’m writing for children’,” she recalls with passion. “It’s patronising to write for children as though they came from another planet. Dad said he wrote to please himself.”

In the same way, she says, “Potter didn’t write for children, she wrote for everyone.” She insists her Nanny McPhee films and The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit are not exclusively for children. “This separation of us all out into camps according to our age or our sex is depressing. I don’t think it’s culturally healthy.”

Also, apparently a rabbit wrote her a letter, which is great. Rabbits should write letters to everyone, instead of just wigging out and running away all the time when you want to pat them.


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