Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Pearls and Pearlers

"The lack of knowledge is one of the biggest problems that people who love pearls face."
—I'd argue that not having shallow swimming pools filled with pearls is an even bigger problem that people who love pearls face, but that'd actually be kind of scary if you think about choking. In any case, the BBC has a quiet but fascinating piece about pearls, pearl-growing, and pearl-harvesting. (Thanks, Monica!)


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fondue with cheddar

A shallow swimming pool filled with pearls would be scary, but I do want to dip my hand into that pile of pearls in the photo. Or, as the BBC says, puuhls. :)


Have a blessed week!@v


Proof that I learn all I need to know from romance novels...

find this information in a more thrilling format in Pearl Cove by Elizabeth Lowell!

...not ashamed.


@EKPinc That whole series is SUPER interesting w/r/t gems and SUPER hot w/r/t the sexiness, too.

... not ashamed, either!


Was I the only one reading this and going "Pearls face? What the hell is pearls face?"

Please tell me I was not the only one.


@MoonBat: Like a pearl necklace, only higher?




@MoonBat haha it's like jewelry face! totally legit.


I'm one of those annoying people that refuses to wear diamonds. I REALLY REALLY want a pear engagement ring when the time comes.


@Slutface Yum! Anjou or Bartlett?


@travelmugs Hahaha! I meant pearl!


@Slutface A pearl ring would be beautiful! But tread carefully, I'm sure you're aware but they're very delicate and hands are a rough area for them. You'll probably have to replace it eventually.


@Slutface My mother has one and was never able to wear it beyond the engagement as it is pretty delicate. She still has it but has the smallest fingers so sadly it wont be mine.


You could have the band re-done by a jeweller when the time comes?


When I was something like ten, I decided I didn't want a lot of pearls, I just wanted, like, one REALLY AMAZING pearl, which I thought was something I should do, I guess, because my name is Margaret, which means pearl, and my birthstone is pearl.

My sister got my some lovely pearls for my birthday a year ago and told me that I should wear them often, I guess because skin-oil is actually good for pearls? And I really like them. But it is really hard to wear pearls without looking like you are tryin’a be absurdly fancy. Also, pearl necklace jokes.


@Marzipan go you and the pearl ring. Skin oil is good for pearls, but perfume is not. Pearls are soft, so when you get that ring (either engagement/lottery win/find it under your pillow) always take it off from the metal band part, not by yanking it off pearl-first.

I have a lovely baroque pearl necklace in a gunmetal shade, given to me by a former employer. I wear them damn near everywhere. Their color and irregular shape make them a little less Fancy Pants. I also have a kajillion fake pearl necklaces, and love them all. PEARLS FOREVER.

@Marzipan I wear pearls all the time. Pearl earrings? Yes and yes. Pearl necklace? Seriously the best accessory ever. Pearl bracelets are the best.

Fake pearls? AMAAAAZING.


Remember those kits that came with an oyster you could open and find your own pearl to place in a necklace? No? Just me?

Caitlin Podiak

@meetapossum When my family was on vacation in Maui many years ago, we stopped in a pearl store because my dad wanted to buy my mom some earrings. We looked all scrubby, having come straight from the beach, and when my dad told the shopkeeper that he was looking for a pair of black pearl earrings, she snootily informed him that black pearls are quite rare and expensive, and attempted to steer us toward the small freshwater pearls. My dad explained that he wanted black pearls to match the black pearl necklace he had purchased for my mom several years prior at the same store, and the appropriately chagrined shopkeeper tried to make up for her misplaced snootiness by giving my sister and I each an oyster that promised to contain a pearl. And my oyster's pearl turned out to be dark grey!


I love pearls, I just can't ever seem to afford them. My cheap freshwater pearl studs fell apart last winter, and I was so sad.


I am also team pearl. They must be my jewel b/c skin oil is good for them, and I am certainly not lacking in that.


YES! I love pearls; I'm not a fan of sparkly gems at all but pearls? Give me all the pearls! My mother just gave me a beautiful 2 strand pearl necklace (they are goldish white)that was my great grandmothers as part of my "inheritance". I also have a giant rope of fake pearls from the '20s that were my grandmother's - the heavy, well-made fake kind that everyone was wearing because of Chanel. The only sad thing is that I also have a couple of pairs of pearl earrings that I can no longer wear because I let my earring holes close up after years of trouble. :(


I'm considering getting my ears pierced JUST so I can wear pearl earrings, that is how lovely I find them compared to precious jewels.

Gabriel  Grey@facebook

Good story and good comments. I do love pearl and pearl necklace. I just got some form http://www.charmjewel.com/pearl-jewelry-on-sale/ last week.

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