Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Other Edith's Other Career

"The dining room of the Breakers — can you get more calories into that interior? But you have to admire the genius of doing that. She would say, my God, no way!"

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Oh. My. God. That. Library.

(Also, I googled the dining room at the Breakers--I can't believe he and Edith Wharton hate it! It is so amazingly epic.)


@SarahP - It is wild. It is the kind of thing that makes me wish I could take classes, and finally learn the differences between Baroque and Rococo. I mean, basically it sounds easy-ish (non-symmetric and flowery? Rococo! Ridiculously ornate but still math-ish-ly precise? Baroque!)

But it's so hard to tell. And I can't even tell anything else, like Victorian from anything. Sigh.


@leon s Way back in AP European History, our teacher taught us to identify the difference between Baroque and Rococo as follows: If it is flowery and ornate with intricate details, Baroque. If it is flowery and ornate with intricate details and completely over the top, Rococo.

Nicole Cliffe

@leon s Rococo is my favourite word and I barely ever get to use it. Sometimes when Sandra Lee is showing off a new hideous centerpiece?


@Nicole Cliffe I like to yell it and really roll the r


@SarahP Four for you Rococo! You go Rococo!

I'm sorry.


I visited The Mount this summer and it is ridiculously gorgeous. You can actually imagine people lived there as opposed to places like the Newport mansions which are ridiculously ornate and crazy (and amazing, but in a different way).


Also! This isn't actually about Edith Wharton, but whatever, her house was in Massachusetts--tonight's Boston Pinup!!!

I just found out I CAN make it after all! But I didn't think I was coming so I didn't even try to look cute today. I will be scrubby, but present.


1. Not sure I'll make it tonight, but maybe see you there.
2. We toured the Breakers this summer - they had not gold, but platinum leaf on the walls in one of the rooms! Some of the rooms were too ornate for my liking, but I loved the morning and music rooms.


@NeenerNeener I hope you make it!

New goal in life: platinum leaf on all my possessions. (Including my cats?)

The Attic Wife

Oh my God, the dining room at the Breakers. On the one hand, it's jaw-droppingly ornate. On the other, it looks like five different lovely rooms got drunk one night, had a gang bang and that dining room is their rebellious teenage offspring.

Also, local gossip about The Breakers: Apparently there are some Vanderbilt heirs still living on the third floor. Someone needs to write that gothic novel.


I also hate the dining room at the Breakers. Urgh. Give me a slightly shabby, sunny farmhouse with old wood floors and built-in bookcases full of paperbacks any day.


@Ophelia I want both! Can I have both?

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