Thursday, September 27, 2012


No Doubt Featuring Major Lazer and Busy Signal, "Push and Shove"

A couple days late to this, but ... who is cooler than Gwen Stefani? Who? I mean, important leaders and policy-makers, and cool is a subjective term, but ... match your nails to your jacket. Match your nails to your jacket!

No Doubt's new album is out now.

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OK, I actually like this one. REALLY did not like the last single.And it made me sad b/c No Douuuuubbt.


I don't know how anyone could not like this song.@v

maybe partying will help

I am on fire for that coat.

The song is good too, but THAT COAT.


I am officially on board with this.

Banana dance

I could pass on the song, but I'm coveting the jacket.


Catchy. I like it.

Tony. So sexy.


I have adored Gwen Stefani since I was about 10 (when Tragic Kingdom was my go-to play-on-repeat CD). Even when she and/or No Doubt release a song I dislike, I still love Gwen. If I had half the confidence to pull off her bold style...


@olivebee Agreed!! I adore just about anything Gwen does, even when I don't like some of the songs so much.

Jane!! How do I get my overgrown bangs to sweep so nicely like that in the front?? Every time I blow them out in that direction they fall flat and sad.


@SocialEyes I do not know nearly as much as Jane, but I do have a perfectly executed swoop in my hair (it's the only thing my hair does well). Try rolling the end of your bangs back with a round brush while pulling them down on your forehead, if that makes sense. Maybe some volumizer would help on the flat and sad?


@Martita Thanks! I'm imagining it in my head... I think I get it! Does that help with the "lifting up just right off the forehead before cascading down the face" bit or just the ending curl? Honestly, I need to invest in a better round brush...and now some volumizer.


@SocialEyes For the lifting up part, try this: drape the roots of your bangs over your brush and pull them in the opposite direction to your intended swoop, while blowing the roots dry. Then curl the end back for the swoop. I put volumizing mousse in my hair, but it does have natural body and that might be a necessary prerequisite:(


@Martita That's kind of what I was thinking. My hair is a strange beast. It's naturally curly and wavey near the roots so it has LOADS of body when I let it air dry and do it's own thang. When I blow it out, however, it's like my roots took a xanax and don't need to do any heavy lifting!


They filmed the bar scenes at Ontario in Williamsburg. I know this as I have friend who is a HUGE No Doubt fan and a regular of the bar and just so happened to be out of town when they filmed. He was...upset, to say the least.

Baby Fish Mouth

I saw part of their E! special last night and seeing Gwen inspired me to wear bright red lipstick today.


When yer this rich, it's easy to look this good.


@hazeljane7 that's a pretty cheap comment. Gwen Stefani's sense of style is genuine. She was rocking elements of this look way before No Doubt made it big.

Regina Phalange

Jane, finding it hard to express how much I love you for deeming "policy-makers" cool.


The same Gwen Stefani that packaged mute(d) Japanese women as sexy harajuku girl muses? Not that cool.

(Her music, however, I adore).


@onthesideofmyface YES THIS ALWAYS. Gwen herself is racist and snooty about it.


I want that coat.

I also have basically been back in love with her (after a LONG haitus) ever since "Cool."

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