Wednesday, September 12, 2012


"Might As Well Call the Whole Documentary 'Boring'"

In anticipation of their new album Mumps, Etc — out October 2nd — here's a new "documentary" about my favorite band, Why? That's the name of the band: Why?, with a question mark and everything. Their songs are mostly clever tales over pretty melodies, except for when they're explicitly about sex or something. And then they're even better? If this six-and-a-half minutes of scene-stealing from director Gerrek Reid doesn't make you want to run out and buy their albums (start with this one), well then Gerrek didn't really do his job. Luckily, I'm here to tell you that the music is possibly better than this video. Can't wait for "Part Two: Magdalena Speaks."

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Huh. Had never heard of them, but am now grooving to YouTube. "Simeon's Dilemma" is both creepy and catchy as hell. Thanks, Jane.


@Emby staaaalker's my whooole styyyyyyyyyyyylllllle


@itiresias Are you what church folk mean by the good news?


@Emby gets stuck in my head every time I see a U-Haul.

That entire album is great, and so is Elephant Eyelash, which came out before it. I always associate the song Gemini (Birthday Song) with Simeon's Dilemma, even though they have nothing to do with each other and are from different albums - they both stuck to me immediately and in the same way. I recommend checking it out.

Jane Marie

@itiresias yo yo bye bye got me through my divorce. freals.


This is everything that I hoped it would be.@v


Yeah Cincinnati! I know the Wolf family tangentially; very nice, intelligent folks; glad to see this band getting the praise it deserves!


I was just wondering if I should go with my friends to their show on Thursday, and now I think I will! Thanks Jane!

Jane Marie

@highfivesforall GO. Go and tell someone official-looking that The Hairpin sent ya :)


Wooooo one of my favorite bands as well, and I feel like I never see them get the recognition they deserve. One of my favorite parts about them is that they just seem like dudes I could be friends with.

I'm very nervous for this album after Eskimo Snow wasn't...very good.


@itiresias Don't worry. I feel the same way and I, uh, somehow "found" a download to the new one. It is awesome, a lot of it reminds me of the second half of Alopecia. Tons of witty rapping, good melodies set to good beats. Can't lose.


LOVE them, he is the most wonderful poet. (Embarrassingly, my daughter introduced me lol. 'Deny, deny, deny.')

Jane Marie

@barnhouse not embarrassingly! this is one of the greatest arguments for reproducing i've ever read :)


Oh man, Doug looks a lot like my former roommate, a cute Swedish designer who I crushed on for over a year and he didn't know I existed and we had to share a bathroom and....ugh, Why? indeed.


I love that Jane Marie loves Why? I just listened to Alopecia yesterday.


@lisma Me too! I love this band, and I love the Hairpin, and Jane, so. Just chiming in to say that I love everything!

Also, Yoni seems way more socially competent and normal than I would have expected.

ayo nicole

Yay! I started listening to Why? because some douchebag recommended them, and that's the only good thing he ever did for me.


@ayo nicole Me too!

K @twitter

start with Elephant Eyelash, everyone.


Oooh, yay! Jane, didn't you ask Yoni to write something for the Hairpin on Twitter? Let's make it happen!


Josh and I saw them last night! I am very tired today but worth it


Holy shit this is wonderful. I am so happy that you love WHY? ! I never meet people who do...

real talk, how hilarious is it when Yoni says he's never done drugs. YEAH SURE.


@alexandra Yoni is a total health nut


@megco And he always has been? Wow. I knew he was vegan and everything but for some reason I always assumed it was one of those "realized it in my twenties" things. Plus, I know a lot of people I'd consider health nuts who still do drugs

I am going to have to process how weird it is that I have done more (interesting) drugs than yoni wolf.


Aah I love that the Hairpin (and by that I mean Jane) loves Why?! I'm going to their show tonight in NY with a friend and I'm so effing excited. Also, this video is hilarious.


@isitisabel Also, I'm listening to Mumps, Etc. right now (shhhhh) and it's SO GOOD.


I can't see the documentary (work) but is there a parade float in it? Because if so, I was at that parade, and it was hilarious to watch them take it really seriously and film it!

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