Thursday, September 20, 2012


How to Celebrate the Equinox in Five "Easy" Steps

Wait, what? What are we supposed to do after we weigh ourselves? Where to burn the vegetation deity? Druid outfits? How to build Stonehenge? We only have until Saturday to figure this out.

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Why is that haystack eating grapes and drinking wine?

Jane Marie

@BattyRabbit why everything! i googled this sincerely and now i'm even more confused than before :(


@Jane Marie It is the back of a blond lady's head, I think. (Not sure if you were kidding or genuinely did not know.)


@wee_ramekin I figured that out eventually but it still screams 'haystack!' at me. I think this video is better now that I am drunk. It makes me feel warm about humanity and how we just make shitty things sometime. In earnest!


Aww come on.. wee still have a good amount of Summer left before school :( On the other hand, Step 3 is the Wicker Man :)@m

maybe partying will help

Mostly all I do at the vernal equinox is eat lots of squash, corn, and bread and drink seasonal beers in the park. Good to know I've been doing my paganism rong.

fondue with cheddar

I watched it with the sound off. I like the part where you travel to Japan to drink wine while eating Milk Duds.


@a whole thing of candy beans (formerly jen325)

I really can't imagine it's improved with sound. (I feel this way about so many videos.)

fondue with cheddar

@frigwiggin Yeah, I think I'm going to leave it at that.


@frigwiggin Also, what is this woman's accent?


I grab an egg and watch the West Wing episode with CJ and the poker.

RK Fire

The MS Paint drawing of someone stepping on a scale confused me at first because the feet/legs look like arms to me.

I'm sorry, MS Paint artist. I don't mean to be cruel!


@RK Fire Me too!

I also like how the druid is going to visit the Japanese grave.


@RK Fire I thought someone was kneeling on the scale, so I feel you.


@meetapossum Definitely a dementor.


Sounds like a pretty standard Saturday night tbh.

ask an ex-radiator about anything

I'm thinking this has something to do with Monty Python?

     If... she... weighs... the same as a duck,... she's made of wood.


Are we supposed to go to France and Japan? Because I could just about manage France, but Japan is Too Far. Can't I just celebrate the equinox here?


All I have to say is that wicker has a lot of surface area and it burns like GANGBUSTAS.

Every time I see wicker furniture I only think about lighting it on fire. FIRE.

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