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"From what planet does the Doctor come?"

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the Doctor Who-iest of them all?

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Don't get me started on Dr. Who. I will definitely get into internet fights about how much I dislike it. ("Dr. Who is worse than The Newsroom.")


I liked your post and I will say in a beautiful manner you have described it.@v



J Walter Weatherman

@aliceandstuff DONNA AND TEN 4EVER


@J Walter Weatherman Yes! Best companion and best doctor! "I just want a mate" your just want TO mate !?!"


@J Walter Weatherman YES YES YES YES YES


I like to call it "Dr. Poo." It definitely makes this post more fun.
In other news I failed that quiz.




@Inconceivable! Everybody lives!


Also phew, that was a really long quiz. And not multiple choice!


Whovians, I love ya, but stop saying everyone is a Time Lord on TvTropes.

(Except for Kenneth Parcell, that checks out.)

dj pomegranate

So, I've been watching through all the recent Dr. Whos, starting with Eccleston, and am four episodes into the Eleventh Doctor and I feel like Smith is just not as compelling as either Eccleston or Tennant (although maybe that's not really fair since Tennant could teach grad seminars on Charm: How to Do It.) Also Amy is kind of bumming me out. I feel like she just kind of hams it up and looks cute but doesn't contribute? Agree/disagree? Do I keep watching? (Spoiler: I'm going to keep watching.)


@dj pomegranate Keep watching! The Tennant-to-Smith transition is pretty hard because Tennant is SO WONDERFUL. Nevertheless, I think Matt Smith gets better and makes the character his own the longer he's on the show. I was super skeptical about both Amy and The Doctor when Matt Smith took over but they both improved dramatically. Having Moffatt at the helm as executive producer is also a plus. Enjoy!


@omgAileen Agreed. After the end of Series 4 I accepted that nothing was going to top the Doctor and Donna arc for me, so while I am enjoying Smith and Amy my expectations are not as high.


@dj pomegranate
Matt Smith/Eleven took a looooong time to grow on me (which was quite unlike the experiences I had with Nine and Ten, both of whom I liked almost immediately). But he did indeed grow on me! I'd still rank him third of the three, but it's not a distant third like it was for awhile. I know a lot of people consider him their favorite. So yeah, I'd give him a chance.

Amy, on the other hand...well, I think by the end of Season 5, that was her peak likeability for me. It was mostly all downhill from there. I don't hate her, and I don't like her either. But opinions vary HUGELY on Amy (even moreso than on Matt Smith), so you might find yourself really loving her. Rory is pretty awesome, though.

Regardless of all that, keep watching! I'm guessing from the reaction that you've had to S5 so far, your opinions will probably line up with mine. I don't love it as much as I used to, but I don't regret watching. And even though I hated S6 overall, one of my fave episodes ever happened in there. So. Plenty to love.

cecil hungry

@dj pomegranate Keep watching! Eccleston will always be My Doctor, but Smith is so, so good. My boyfriend loved him from the first, but I think I really fell for him in "The Lodger," and "The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang" really made me fall in love with Amy & Rory.


@dj pomegranate Yeah I started same time as you and still don't like Smith. I was HIGHLY skeptical of Tennant at first... he didn't really win me over until it became clear that he was falling in love with Rose and then I cried at pretty much every episode.

Eccleston 4eva!


@dj pomegranate This is when I started watching too, thanks to PBS. Somehow though I managed to miss the whole latter-day Tennant and Donna Noble section of episodes and....I don't mind? Tennant is charming but he can lapse into some serious scenery-chewing Acting, and Donna Noble I didn't like at all. At all.
For me, it's Tennent


@SuperGogo Aargh, silly comment, that wasn't html, it was a lesser than sign! Let's try that the other way:
Eccleston >>>>> Smith > Tennant

p.s. I'm I the only one left who has never gotten the edit function to work??


@dj pomegranate Keep watching. I was devastated by Tennant's departure initially, but now completely adore Matt Smith's Doctor.

Veronica Mars is smarter than me

@Veronica Mars is smarter than me
Also, "Doctor WHO?" just give it a REST already, Moffat!

cecil hungry

@Veronica Mars is smarter than me For me, I LOVE the Doctor in all 3 guises. I recognize issues with both RTD & Moffatt, and am more than willing to just love each incarnation equally. I mostly love best whatever I am currently watching. Sometimes I find being lazy and shallow works best and I am A-OK with it. A lot of times Who works best when you don't think about it, and that's my approach. But I will still talk about it all damn day.


@omgAileen Amy is very pretty but in term of character I could take her or leave her. Rory on the other hand is best evar! And I would marry him in a heartbeat!

Veronica Mars is smarter than me

@cecil hungry Well I'm glad at least one person got to read my comment, because I tried to edit it just as my five minutes were running out, and now the whole thing is deleted! My precious DW theses!


Am sprinting through Doctor Who now (we just said goodbye to Martha.) True fact: David Tennant is now a regular feature of imaginary sexy times (which only sometimes take place in the TARDIS.)

cecil hungry

This is so, so relevant to my interests, as I'm going to be the 11th Doctor (from "The Big Bang"--so fez & mop. "I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool") for Halloween, and my boyfriend will be the 10th Doctor ("Allons-y!"). Super excited about this, assume very few people will get it, but oh well.

Blackwatch Plaid

@cecil hungry This is literally what my boyfriend and I did last year. Except we were going to Rocky Horror and had to make it "sexy" so in addition to a fez/trench coat we each wore corsets. We both got hit on quite a lot by geeky types that night.

dj pomegranate

@cecil hungry My bf and I were trying to think of Whovian costumes that were recognizable--I'd love to go as a Dalek and a stone angel, but really, that's a lot of gray makeup. Going as 10 and 11 is a great idea.

cecil hungry

@dj pomegranate Well, if you want to go Weeping Angel, here's an incredibly detailed account of how to make a costume. It is far, far beyond my remedial costume making abilities, but if you do it I want pics:



My then-8-mo-old baby was an Adipose for Halloween last year.


@oudemia That is hands down the best baby Halloween costume ever. Man, I wish my baby-making friends who Doctor Who fans.


@oudemia I just watched that episode! The costume must have been super adorable. Did you dress as Miss Foster?

dj pomegranate

@oudemia I kinda want to have a baby just so I can do this.

Veronica Mars is smarter than me

@oudemia That baby would have to be The Best Baby. Hands down.


Why is there more than one Dr. Who? Are they related, or is it more like a Quantum-Leap type thing?


@Brunhilde They're different faces of the same character...kind of. It makes more sense when you watch it. (Really, watch the modern series; it is truly delightful television.)


@Brunhilde The Doctor regenerates (kinda like instant reincarnation as an adult) so he looks completely different (played by a new actor) but the character is the same person - The Doctor.

Veronica Mars is smarter than me

@julnyes His quirks/mannerisms will change as well (new body, new outlook?), but his memories etc. still cross over to the new incarnation. The Doctor (he is called The Doctor or just Doctor, no one actually calls him Dr Who) starts out the new series (9th doctor) 900-some-odd years old.

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