Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Is There Anything They Can't Do?

Another thing the French are better at? Apart from knowing how to wear little scarves and chain-smoking and being thin and having silent, dutiful children who eat snails without complaint? Their politicians' romantic entanglements:

Geoffroy Didier of the UMP, said Trierweiler's personal "score-settling" meant Hollande's promised "exemplary republic" had turned into a bad "celebrity" saga. "The 'normal presidency' is definitively dead," he declared. "From now on, it's Dallas at the Elysée."

Several rightwing politicians accused Hollande of carrying out a love-life "vaudeville". One warned of "score-settling at the OK Corral". Royal declined to comment. The Socialist leader, Aubry, said the "only thing that matters" was Hollande's support for Royal. The Socialist Jean-Louis Bianco said Danielle Mitterrand, wife of the last Socialist president François Mitterrand, would never have allowed herself to "meddle" in politics.

The Washington Post wonders how this will impact public opinion, even in France:

“For a president who wants to be normal, this is not a great record,” said Philippe Allary, a physical therapist who prefers former president Nicolas Sarkozy.

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Re: Escargots

Everybody who has eaten them knows that the snails are just an excuse for eating disgustingly large quantities of bread and melted garlic butter.

Beatrix Kiddo

@Clare Definitely. Drown anything in garlic butter and people will love it.


@Clare I have never needed an excuse for simply eating large quantities of bread and garlic butter.


@SarahP Exactly. Please don't put snails on my garlic bread, thank you.


@Clare In turn, the snails humbly request that you not put your garlic bread on them, either.


@Clare If that is the case, I am surprised Red Lobster is not huge in France.


@aliceandstuff But they serve "bread" and "butter."


@Clare The one time I had snails it just tasted like hot dogs dipped in garlic butter.

Still don't understand what the big deal is.


@Clare Same for bouillabaisse. Eat all of the broth and pain grillé with aioli/rouille like ugh get your fish out of my face.


Shrug. The whole Royal/Trierweiler saga seems like the type of thing which is trumped up by writers and tabloid journalists looking for a sexist "Catfight between strong-willed ladies over a MAN!" type angle.

Rather tame compared to Dominique Strauss-Kahn's mentioned two sexual assaults and prostitution ring charge. (Though those are less, you know, sexy tabloid gossip and more actual, horrible alleged crimes).

This stuff hardly started with Sarkozy, either. François Mitterrand had a secret illegitimate daughter!


@TheBourneApproximation This is one time (I can't think of many others) where I really don't agree that the media's being sexist. If it had been Royal in the Elysee and Hollande running for election, do you really think some new bloke of Royal's tweeting about it wouldn't have caused a fuss? It'll still be out of proportion, but I can't see how the papers wouldn't have been all over it.

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