Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Earth Decorates for Halloween

Global warming is making more spiders.

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sudden but inevitable betrayal

I am not having any of this. NO SIR NOT TODAY.


@sudden but inevitable betrayal
Could be worse, could be Guam.


@Tulletilsynet I am itchy just reading that. EWWW EWWW EWWW.


This is so brilliant@m

Is It a Hat?

That is the worst headline I've ever seen.


This is the single best reason to stop global warming I have ever heard.


@TheUnchosenOne: Squeamish people, rise up! The squick you save may be your own!


NO nononononono

This is the most convincing argument against climate change ever.

Nicole Cliffe

Whatever, global warming is going to make Canada way better.

(purchases aerosol deodorant they don't even make now)


@Nicole Cliffe The Royal BC Museum recently had a display that showed what sort of crops would grow where under difference scenarios. I just got really excited about the idea of being able to grow tomatoes and peaches.


@Nicole Cliffe Last winter was pretty great, in Toronto anyway (though one day when I went to Ottawa it snowed 2 feet in an afternoon, there was NO SNOW AT ALL when I arrived).


There's a spider named after Neil Young!?!


@Brunhilde If someone named a spider after me, I'd be like "no thank you i'm taking my name back"


@jacqueline I'd be okay with somebody naming a spider after me, but I'd want the common name to be like Giant Face-Eating Nose-Biter or something. I mean, in for a penny, in for a pound.


This is not OK. I am not OK with this.

I have to say, here in the UK, I have noticed more spiders - and bigger ones - than in my childhood. They're everywhere! One had cheekily tried to build a web across our doorway this morning. And a few months ago my husband was bitten by a false widow (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_widow) which may be the main reason we are buying a house. I'm not living in a place with false widows. I was tempted to just set the place on fire and flee, to be honest.


Now, hopefully, the spiders will be there while the fly tries to break our balls.


This explains all the tarantulas that have been showing up recently at my parents' house, just crossing the driveway like no big deal. This is in California, by the way, in case you needed to know where to be terrified of Enormous Driveway Spiders.


@christonacracker Thanks for the warning. I will never go to California.


@christonacracker Oh my glob please no, said the Californian.

Pocket Witch

As long as they're not in my mailbox. Mailbox spiders are the worst.

Am I the only one who shakes my mail over the ground before gathering it into my lap or bag? Because mailbox spiders, gah.


@Pocket Witch Why are they always in there?!


@Pocket Witch I would like to make the counterargument that in fact shower spiders are the worst. Particularly those that choose to wait in the shower on days I'm not wearing contacts, so I think, "Oh that's just an errant hair on my shampoo bottle. OH GOD SHOWER SPIDER WHYYYYYYY!!!!!!"


@professionalmess I had surgery a few years ago a couldn't walk or stand. My mother stuck me in the shower on a stool and left the room, at which time I discovered I was trapped in a tiny cubicle NAKED with a GIANT ANGRY SPIDER and I COULDN'T MOVE OR GET AWAY or do anything besides fail and scream for my mom.


@christonacracker I encountered a shower spider on a trip to Honduras. It was the closest my life has ever come to a horror movie.

Pocket Witch

@professionalmess @christonacracker You win. Or lose, if we're playing for a life free from mind-melting horror. Shower spiders are the worst.




@Scandyhoovian took the words right outta my mouth :/


ugh I have been walking into a lot of spiderwebs lately.

The worst was when I almost walked into a giant spider dangling right over the sidewalk, right at neck level (UGH NECK SQUIRMS JUST THINKING ABOUT IT). I noticed it because it was highlighted by the street lights, but most spiders are dangling around in the dark under trees .................

*never steps foot outside again*


Those spiders that are light brown, a little chubby in the behind, all three parts round and generic-shaped and just plain, no markings? That are lurking everywhere in your house once you start noticing & looking for them, and look like they should have a sort of glow from inside their belly, because it's sort of translucent? Anyway, really gross, and they have a gross aftertaste, too.


@Tulletilsynet D:

Blackwatch Plaid

@Tulletilsynet Light brown with chubby behinds? Sounds like my kind of spider.


And jellyfish, too. Fuck.


@tee Here's a link for those who want to feel more terrified. On the other hand, apparently the Antarctica-dwelling Sea Spider will die!



I have a wooden outdoor staircase that leads up to my apartment. At night, I have to walk up it with my hand up in the air so my face doesn't hit spiderwebs or actual spiders. (So obviously whenever I walk up like that, I sing "keep your hand at the level of your eeeeyes.")


@Nocs Meanwhile, there's a little misanthropic spider singing back, "Nothing can saaave you nowwww, except perhaps CHRISTINE." And laughing meanly, because it knows your roommate's name is Jennifer.


Oh god no.

(Now that it is autumn I am seeing loads of spiders in my house. Including a giant one walking across my wall, and a quite large one that came down from the ceiling and landed on my laptop first thing yesterday morning. I was using the laptop. It was disconcerting.)

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