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At our hotel, Adobe Guadalupe, we met our host. I didn't realize we'd have a host, but he knew our names. He poured us each a drink and gave us a tour of the mansion, which was magnificent, and told us we had free rein. Would we like to do a wine tasting? Of course! We should retire to our room until he called us.

Room keys? "We have none. No one locks their doors here."

Reporter Ali Trachta took her own advice and went on a quick road trip to Baja, despite many folks, including the U.S. government, urging her not to.

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Every time I go to visit my dad in Mexico, someone quavers at me about how dangerous it must be. He doesn't even live in a dangerous area! I mean, there's drug money, yeah, but it's a quiet city. I think the city I live in is more dangerous, really.


is pretty awesome....@v


Neverminnnnd. This is an edited comment, I was having link troubles!


Does anyone else have recent experience in Baja like this? I'm thinking of doing a trip down from LA and would love to get more opinions...

loren smith

@rosaline Oh! I just watched the episode of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations where he goes to Baja and it looked amazing. And delicious. Maybe get some ideas there?

Hot Doom

@rosaline I haven't been to the wine-tasting areas, but I go from LA to Rosarito frequently, and it's easy and safe if you are a careful driver. There are some gorgeous condos you can rent overlooking the beach for CHEAP especially if you rent with friends/family. The economy down there is so depressed because of lack of tourism, but if you just need to lie around drinking margaritas and piña coladas all day, that's the place to do it. It's perfectly safe, and you just have to ignore the bars and places that (used to) cater to frat boys. Also, they have recently repaired large portions of the road down to Rosarito and Ensenada, so it feels less like you're going to drive over a cliff, which is helpful.


@LolaLaBalc Do you go to Los Gaviotas, by any chance? Those are the Rosarito condos I've been thinking about...

Hot Doom

@rosaline I have not been to Las Gaviotas, though it looks like a lovely development! The one where my family's been staying for the past few years is called Oceana (I think?) and it's a more modern development in the form of towers, rather than the more housey ones. Each kind of place has its pluses and minuses but I really like Oceana because it has gated, guarded parking (because despite being pretty safe, car theft and like, tire stealing, is still an issue). I'm all into this Baja wine country though. I need to check this out!


I loved making Baja runs when I was in college in San Diego! We'd pile in a car and go down to a little beach village called Puerto Nuevo (I think) and go eat huge lobster dinners and drink pitchers of margaritas and it would come out to be around $30 per person. We'd buy fireworks and trinkets and then camp on the beach somewhere.

I graduated from college 10 years ago, we didn't even need passports to get back in the US then. But that lobster restaurant is still there!

Hot Doom

@Brunhilde Yessss, Puerto Nuevo! Super easy to get to from the border and its been an institution (a lobster-eating institution, that is) for over 40 years.

up cubed

@rosaline My extended family used to caravan to Baja every Christmas. At this point the majority feel there is some risk and don't go. However, a minority still goand do a lot more to avoid attracting attention as tourists.


@upupandaway oh people. I am currently living in Mexico City, and have been to some of the more dangerous parts of the country (here, I'm convinced the traffic and pollution will kill me) and it was fine. Granted, I am a young white female foreign person/often tourist. I have resources many Mexicans do not. But I love it.


@theotherginger Glad to hear you feel safe (I felt the same about my recent 6 weeks in Cairo - stop worrying about the protests, Mom, start worrying about the air and traffic!)

I just booked a flight to Mexico City for February - 2 weeks to see FN and surrounds, and I think we'll dip down to Oaxaca and the Pacific coast too.

loren smith

I'm very fortunate in that I spent years in southern Mexico with my family when I was a kid. I still try to go every year. I love Mexico and I think the drug violence and the effects it has on the population is heartbreaking. I've had some lovely trips to Oaxaca and the Pto Vallarta area recently and always felt very safe and welcomed.


@loren smith Anyting in particular your loved in Oaxaca area, Loren? As I cannot stop saying (*so excited*), I'm headed that way in February.


Love Baja, but I haven't been in years. I have had that same feeling of over-the-top privilege in India recently. It's awesome and uncomfortable all at the same time.

My only cautionary tale is from 45 years ago - my parents bought some beachfront property somewhere south of Ensenada, intending to build a vacation/retirement home there. They did it all with the help of a lawyer, got the deed to the land, everything was totally kosher. Except they went back the next year and found a house built on their land occupied by another person who had a deed to the land dated within a month of my parent's purchase.

Dr Usha Rajagopal

woo! this one was really interesting. i wish i too could plan to go at such interesting places soon.... i m really astonished to notice that these days too, there are such safe and sound places where you do not require keys. so many people have experienced it,i am too keeping my fingers crossed to plan a similar trip soon

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