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Previously: The Braid.

Thyra Heder is an illustrator who lives in Brooklyn.

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I love this!!!

...that is all.

maybe partying will help

Amazingly neither of the bridesmaid dresses I've worn were strapless, but I have definitely been to weddings that looked just like this. XD


@maybe partying will help until your comment I didn't even think they were wearing dresses, I was thinking about some crazy bride making her bridesmaids be naked so that their dresses wouldn't upstage hers.

Or because she's a Betazoid.

maybe partying will help


I have concluded that this image is very open to interpretation, and I am enjoying reading everyone's interpretations! :B


@maybe partying will help That is the fun thing about art!


@Blushingflwr I thought they were all at a Japanese public bath. Oh.


This is my official prediction that this will become the new go-to wedding party picture. Out with the group-jumping-in-the-air shot, in with the we're-all-naked-with-shellacked-hair shot.


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher Adore that idea! Much easier to pull off without breaking an ankle than the, jumping around in heels, shot.

Also, its just funny. :D

RK Fire

For someone reason I want to imagine that all of these ladies are doing a bachelorette sauna party.


@RK Fire That is exactly what I thought this was.


The only time you get to look naked in church-- when you are performing the duties of one of the bride's virgin-maids. Obvs.

RK Fire

@okaycrochet: Ohhhhhh! Seriously, this is the comment that put things together for me. Besides the possibility of sauna, I thought maybe it was bridesmaids sitting on a bench?

/dense agnostic


@RK Fire I am still kind of confused, because when are bridesmaids sitting on a pew? During a really long ceremony? Catholics? Maybe I haven't been to enough weddings.

RK Fire

@meetapossum: I totally forgot about that! I have no idea, I haven't been to a church wedding in six years. Even then, I think the wedding party in the Eastern Orthodox wedding I attended were standing up throughout the entire ceremony.

Sam I am

@meetapossum Only when I was in a Catholic wedding did we get to sit in the pews bc it was a long ceremony.


@meetapossum I've sat in the pew for Catholic and Episcopalian weddings. But I'm not sure either of those specific churches would be down with the sleeveless/strapless dresses.

Sam I am

@Blushingflwr This is a good point, I did have sleeves on my dress.


@RK Fire To be fair, EVERYONE is standing up throughout the entire ceremony.

RK Fire

@Ellie: I definitely remember that!


I amn't having bridesmaids cuz they didn't want to be naked.


@slutberry I got married on the beach. Basically the only instruction we gave everyone was, "please wear clothes. you can take them off later if you want."


@slutberry I have only heard one other person on the earth utter the word "amn't"!!! I like to use it at the beginning of an interrogative sentence, like: "Amn't I the best you've ever had?".


@wee_ramekin Want to hear it more? Spend time with Scottish people!

Thyra Heder

answers: strapless and catholic.


this is hilarious and perfect. and coming from a large catholic brood, not confusing for me.


Grey Bridesmaid dresses is not much popular than yellow one, I remember my first ceromony on which i have wear some greay dresses, But today me and my hubby again marrying and wanted to have yellow one


I'm sick and spent most of yesterday watching Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta, and wishing strapless wedding/bridesmaid dresses would go out of style already. Happily they haven't yet, or we wouldn't have this awesome picture.


@Bittersweet I keep waiting for strapless dresses to go out of style, period. Mostly, I think they just make it look like your breasts migrated several inches farther south (and/or disappeared).


Love this. At every church wedding I've been to, the bridesmaids have sat down at some point. Memorably, at a looooong Catholic wedding in France, one once fell asleep. (She was only little.) Totally agree that strapless dresses should be retired soon, though - in 30 years time we're going to look back on our generation's wedding albums and wonder whether there was a war on, dress-strap-rationing-wise.


@Filthyknitter We used up our sleeve rations in the 80s.


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher - Hah very good point. I wore a bridesmaid dress in 1989 that had puffed sleeves bigger than my head.


@Filthyknitter I was wodnering why the bridesmaids woudld ever be sitting down, guess I haven't been to that many religious weddings! Seriously about the strapless dresses, I was a bridesmaid this weekend and at any given moment one of us was yanking our dress up!


@shantasybaby Me too! I had no idea the strapless thing was a phenomenon (I don't have a TV, and in fact my boyfriend makes fun of the way I say 'TV' because it sounds provincial [for the record, tee-vay {and I only let that slip out once, but it has stuck}]) and I had never worn a strapless dress before, so I was bit nervous about the whole thing. But I maybe discovered the secret (a really tightly cinched sash) because I had zero slippage and no need for scooping.

Not that I ever plan to road test that solution again. I'm not much of a dress wearer.


Crazy! I was a bridesmaid this weekend. Strapless dress, tiny side bun (exactly like the second from the left) so for a second this felt a bit spooky, but there were only four of us, so whew! Not reading my mind, hairpin.


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