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Breakfast in Argentina and Chile

Good morning! If you're hungry now, or plan to be later, Metafilter user jontyjago put together a beautiful list of under-appreciated (in English-speaking countries, at least) South American recipes. The scrambled eggs with tomato and scallions, for instance (only four ingredients), would be warmly welcomed if they floated through the window at this very moment.

And if you're in a breakfast-y mood, last year's incredible photo-list of breakfasts from around the world is always worth revisiting.

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They're jentacular!


Yayyy :) I can't wait for this!@m

Plant Fire

I wish I could still eat diary so that I could walk down the street and buy all the pandebono for breakfast.

fondue with cheddar

@Sea Ermine I prefer to eat fiction.

Plant Fire

@a whole thing of candy beans (formerly jen325) hahaha oops, I can't believe I didn't notice that typo until now! It should say dairy...

fondue with cheddar

@Sea Ermine I figured. :)


Head a little further north for me. Keep going... keep going... OKSTOP. There we are. Chilaquiles!!!

dj pomegranate

@Emby Yes to all the chilaquiles!!


@Emby On the off-chance you live in Brooklyn, there's a newish brunch place that just opened up, and I've had 4 different people recommend their chilaquiles.


@Ophelia I do not :( I live in the Mexican food–wasteland that is DC. However, we do have great Salvadoran food. Still, not the same.


@Emby why, WHY is DC so terrible at Mexican food? Oyamel and other arch-"authentic" type restaurants are all well and good, but why is it so difficult to make cheese-sauce-drenched, former Pizza Hut building, Americanized Mexican food around here?


@Probs Relatively few Mexicans. That's, as best as I can tell, the answer. We have a large Hispanic and Latino population, and they do their own particular food extremely well—seriously, DC has some amazing pupuserias—but actual Mexican food is fewer and further between.


@Emby And as for why that is, there are sociopolitical reasons that are far beyond the scope of a post about breakfast foods.


@Emby Have you been to Tacos El Chilango yet? I haven't, but I heard it's pretty good. No chilaquiles, though... seems it's tacos-only.


@Probs Mixtec in Adams Morgan is not totally terrible for the sort of Mexican food you're looking for. Otherwise, pupusas all the way.


@Emby @mira oh yes, I love me zome pupusas.


@Emby I miss pupusas so much. Served with plantains: the best. Ugh, I'm hungry just thinking about them.


Ha, I'm Colombian and I actually made huevos pericos, that exact meal, for my boyfriend this morning. The arepas are a necessary side dish, and they're also great with some corn. Come by my apartment if you want some.

Plant Fire

@dianarbol Heh, I'm Colombian and somehow I had never eaten huevos pericos until my (Mexican) boyfriend introduced me to them this year.


@dianarbol um, don't have to ask me twice


Pisco Sours for breakfast?! I lived in Chile for a year and never saw anyone eat anything more than tea/coffee and bread with jam for breakfast. One time I made pancakes and eggs for breakfast and everyone complained that there was no room for lunch, the main meal of the day. Very interesting.


@josefinastrummer Where did you live? I'm in Vina del Mar, been here 3 years. Chi Chi Chi! Le! Le! Le! Chile! the fiestas patrias wrapped up down here in my little sliver of the world, and daaaaaang I think I'm still drunk. Terremotos for the win! (or loss, depending on how you look at it.) But you're right, no pisco sours for breakfast. But my ex and I did eat eggs and tomatoes all the time for breakfast.


@Kulojam Que fome, we only ate bread and tea for breakfast in Puerto Natales. Even the school breakfast for the kids was just bread and jam. I guess we were too far from the rest of civilization to eat eggs for breakfast! I don't think we even had terremotos down there, just good old piscolas and pisco sours. So eat those eggs and tomatoes and enjoy them and I will try not to be jealous that you have been down there for three whole years.


@josefinastrummer Ahhh, but Puerto Natales is so gorgeous! Cold, but gorgeous. I think it was my gringa influence that had us eating eggs all the time, but he was really good at cooking them so I think he had some experience with it before poleando with me. Ahhhh, I think I might love speaking Chilean Spanish on the hairpin.


In Buenos Aires, I lived on medialunas (tiny croissants) for breakfast and empanadas for every other meal.


Breeeeeeeakfaaaaaaaast. /homer simpson noises


@Scandyhoovian You remember the God Waffle? "I know I shouldn't eat Thee, but...Mmmm...sacrilicious."


Breakfast in Costa Rica was definitely one of the worst I've had, all starch: plantains, rice & beans, maybe some crappy scrambled eggs or weird sausage. There was more than one occasion I had to go right back to bed after eating because the meal was exhausting.

The best part was, every meal pretty much had the exact same food--boring and bland. First time I ever lost weight on vacation (true story!). Next time we're going further south so we can eat for real.

RK Fire

@parallel-lines: Ah, if you want something that is spicy, do not go to Chile. :(


@RK Fire Yep, the Chilenos do not like the spicy but they have a love affair with salt. Peruvian food is by far the best south american food. drooling on my computer right now.

RK Fire

@Kulojam: I felt like their salt levels were really low, but I was raised on fish sauce so clearly I operate on different levels of saltiness. They are really fond of melted cheese and avocados, if I remember correctly.. and hot dogs.

ETA: I agree, Peruvian is some of my favorite among the South American food I've had. Brazilian is kind of in second place.


@Kulojam Don't forget how much they love mayonnaise! They use it the way I use butter. No thanks!


@josefinastrummer I once heard Chile described as having 5 main food groups: palta, mayonnaise, choripan, potatoes...and I forget the fifth thing.

But anyway, I never ate mayo before moving here. Now I put it on everything - everything - and will even lick it off a spoon.

@RK Fire: Completos! The one Chilean food I just don't understand. I guess I'm just not much of a hot dog person.


No fairrrr. I am doing a juice fast and am already hungry even though I just started today. I just re-looked at all those 50 global breakfasts. My very favorite is "real food" for breakfast especially soup. Huevos pericos reminds me of the Chinese dish of stir fried eggs with tomatoes, which I really like.


My boyfriend's family is from Ecuador and I just realize now why he always makes eggs with tomato & onions. I always thought that was a weird combo/just something his family likes but now I get it! It is delicious, by the way!

Maybe I will secretly learn how to make arepas & then surprise him...



@rimy arepas are the best, and not that hard to make (though hard to make super well). I made perfectly acceptable arepas for a middle school Spanish class project, you can do it!


@rimy I lived there and I don't think anyone ever made me that. But now I'm gonna try. Mmmm. What else does his family make?


@whateverlolawants Hmm, well they have made sancocho before, but slightly different from the Colombian recipe I pulled up via the article's link. They also grill out, a LOT, and I think that is pretty South American. Also extremely delicious...

My boyfriend is very proud of his hominy-wrangling skills, but although hominy is a very Ecuadorean ingredient, the rest of his "recipe" is basically him throwing hominy, tomato paste, ground beef, and the contents of the fridge into a pot, boiling it for an hour or so, and voila. Occasionally it turns out great, more occasionally it turns out less than great. He also likes to grill out, though, and is excellent at that.

What else did you eat in Ecuador? Tell me about your trip! I'm quite curious to know :)


@rimy (Oh yeah and his dad is a ceviche-fiend).

sudden but inevitable betrayal

My mouth filled with drool and my hungover stomach gave a little jolt and now I feel light-headed. Delicious foods! Come to me!


Leslie Knope: Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?
Ron Swanson: People are idiots, Leslie.


I just made this for breakfast in under 10 minutes with tomatoes from my garden and a little bit of basil. So. Good. Thank you, hairpin, for a delicious breakfast and little a bit more thesis procrastination.


Wait guys does anyone want to talk about ajiaco and how delicious it is? Anyone? Maybe it's not a breakfast food but I'd eat it any time of the day.

Plant Fire

@terrific Ajiaco and Sancocho are the only two soups I like! Okay maybe also gaspacho but the point is that Colombia makes the tastiest soups. All the Colombian restaurants in my neighborhood only serve it on certain days but man do I want some right now...

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