Wednesday, August 29, 2012


The Nordic Natural, 1915 - 1982

To mark the 30th anniversary of gorgeous and talented Swedish-born actress Ingrid Bergman's death, Life is running a lovely slideshow of the photographs they've featured of her over the years. (Jane, help recreating the hair in slide 13?)

Plus, any opportunity to link to Anne Helen Petersen's excellent "Ingrid Bergman, Instrument of Evil," is a good one.

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Stunning. Among other things, this reminds me that I need to go re-watch Indiscreet, like, yesterday.


@Bittersweet How dare he make love to me and not be a married man!


aw... good for me!@k


Notorious is my all time favorite Hitchcock and I'm on a lifelong quest to find the sequined zebra-striped crop top she wears. I mean, c'mon.


@laurel I feel like I see versions of that top in every vintage store I enter in Chicago. If I find one in the future, I can try and snatch it up for you.


@olivebee: Thank you! But no, I must find it myself. And it has to be vintage or it won't count (say the voices in my head, what with their quest logic).


@laurel yesssss! Notorious! SUCH a great film, and so under-represented in the pantheon of great films.


@charlesbois And her other clothes were so stunning in that film, thanks in part to Edith Head. And I guess just a natural talent for making everything look effortless on Bergman's part. Oh and Joseff jewels -- there's another grand Hollywood tradition.


@charlesbois: It's the effortlessness that kills. You are so right.


Gah, I have a cute "the things little kids do!" story about Ingrid Bergman, but it involves revealing to much on the Internet for my liking.


@olivebee TOO much, not to.

Jane Marie

i guess i know what my weekend looks like...


I wish I could have the Ingrid Bergman makeover by Jane, but like with Meryl Streep, it's not a look. It's just her. Maybe the Ingrid Bergman makeover is just feeling glamorous as our natural selves? Often in a collared shirt?


Happy birthday, Ingrid!! It's my birthday too! To celebrate, I'm going to listen to "Ingrid Bergman" from the first Mermaid Avenue album... and then probably just keep listening to that album because it is amazing.


@Elleohelle I was just going to google for that song. Also I might just be in love with Billy Bragg fullstop.


@faience Oh god me too. Billy! Your soothing Cockney accent gets me every time!!

lavender gooms

Give me your eyebrows, Ingrid Bergman.

lavender gooms

@lavender gooms Although, now that I look at her, she kind of has the same eyebrow situation as me, with an eyebrow-y right eyebrow and triangular left eyebrow. Maybe I'm not a monster, after all!


@lavender gooms Ingrid Bergman has the eyebrows I would have if I cared enough to pluck my eyebrows more than 3x yearly


I could look at pictures of Ingrid Bergman all day.


There's not a lot of women I'd like to look like instead of me, but Ingrid Bergman is pretty close. She's so beautiful.


That Life article has so many typos and omissions. Well, that one combined with the Reapers spread, they are tallying up.

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