Monday, August 6, 2012


Something Happened on Mars

Boring. Boring. Boring. Boring. Boring. Boring. Boring. Boring. 

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Aw, I don't think it's boring at all! But I mean, I'm also that kid who pushed her glasses up onto her nose whilst Hermione Grangering all over classrooms through childhood, so my nerd levels have always been really high.


@Scandyhoovian: Don't worry, "boring! boring! boring! boring!" is just the refrain from the musical number in Waiting for Guffman that she posted. :)


@mysterygirl Ohhh curses, then that's my bad. Now it all makes sense! Youtube and other streaming media is blocked at my office so I am always a bit disadvantaged when there are posts like this one here at the 'Pin. Curse my office network! *fistshaking*


@Scandyhoovian: Office networks = the worst. Really, anything that denies you of Parker Posey is the worst.


Something never happens on Mars.@n


Parker Posey's Reaction:
One Chicken Wing.

Anne Helen Petersen
Anne Helen Petersen

@Anne Helen Petersen 'sup new science boyfriend?

Judith Slutler

@Anne Helen Petersen Not gonna lie, pretty much all of the happy photos of hugging NASA nerds in light blue polo shirts are just fuckin' adorable.


@Anne Helen Petersen Humina humina!

Hot Doom

@Anne Helen Petersen
I have to take a moment to say- I know Bobak! Well, I did in a former, Pasadena-dwelling life, a year or so back...and some of those other, loveable, blue shirt wearing JPL nerds too, who are delightfully awesome people who do not leave their rocket science chatter at work, but gleefully take it into the world (and bars) with them. It was a joy to see them all cheering and getting science-y coverage for it!


@LolaLaBalc I'm not sure whether to be happy or disturbed that The Big Bang Theory is real.


@Anne Helen Petersen I like how that story doesn't even really touch on the hotness reason


@LolaLaBalc I would hang out at a bar with all of them in a heartbeat.


@Anne Helen Petersen Like Pete Wentz but with the douche-switch flipped off and the hot-nerd-dial turned alllll the way up to 11. Or maybe that would be in metric.


YES have totally had this in my head all morning.

DO NOT MEAN TO BE A TOTAL BUMMER FOR REAL BUT this is the movie I was watching when I found out my dad had had a debilitating, dude-is-lucky-to-be-alive-let-alone-cognizant stroke. I always have this fear it's gonna be tainted in my brain forever.

But it is too transcendentally amazing. It is untouchable. You people are bastard people.


You'll always have a place at the Dairi Queen.


@melis They've got shakes. And blizzards. And cones. Burgers, ice cream. You can just drive in and get a coke, if you're thirsty.

fondue with cheddar

Not boring, but I will admit that the landing itself is not as exciting as the anticipation of what we will learn from the rover's findings.


A large % of life in the sciences sucks. You spend a ton of your time fixing code, poking experimental setups or tech which don't work, writing grants, getting your funding cut, getting scooped (sometimes by your own team members), dealing with government bureaucracy (particularly if you're in something like NASA...), and wondering why the hell it all matters and why you didn't at least go do something that makes money. (*Spent her past week sitting in an auditorium listening to people arguing about data file formatting.*)

Watching those NASA folk cheering and hugging each other as Curiosity touches down is the best possible counterpoint that I can think of. Damn it, sometimes humanity can do things that are AWESOME. They sent that thing to frikkin' MARS, people!

(Good to see some ladies in that control room too!)

Heat Signature

@TheBourneApproximation I know! Well, I mean, I don't really KNOW because I'm a social worker, not a scientist dammit, but I am SO HAPPY for these folks! NASA has been getting some bad press lately, so I'm really psyched that this worked out.


@Heat Signature To be fair, I think this kind of feeling applies not just to science, but to *any* line of work where the day-to-day miseries can sometimes make you forget why you loved the work in the first place.


There IS a sporty car on Mars now! Because Curiosity is roughly the size of an SUV, right? Hella sporty.


@frigwiggin Also, Neil deGrasse Tyson's tweets to Curiosity on Saturday were adorable. "Dear @MarsCuriosity, What are your instructions if a Martian crawls onto your back and rides you like a Rodeo Bull?"


@frigwiggin Heee. I read all his tweets without fail. <3 U, Neil-ie

Anna Jayne@twitter

Who's on top and who's on bottom now, Billy?


I worked late last night, then stayed up to watch the live stream of the control room at JPL. I was physically and emotionally exhausted, but I could not pass up the opportunity to witness this moment. I mean, come on, they used a flippin' SKY CRANE and it worked!

you're a kitty!

We were so drunk

there was some crying

sarah girl

I hate you, and I hate your ass face!

Jilly Dybka@twitter

This is like a blog version of the "math is hard!" Barbie.

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