Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Sit Slack-Jawed for a Moment, Won't You?

Behold, the winners of National Geographic Traveler's photo contest. There's a whole world out there, you guys!

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Slack-jawed, indeed. And wishing I could head off to Italy, Madagascar and the Faroe Islands, like, tomorrow.


Thank you... Thank you@a

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Reason #15378 to travel while you're young and don't have children.


How badly do I want to go to Madagascar and wander among those trees? THIS BADLY: <_______________________________________________________________________________>


@rosaline AND THEN SOME. Let's book flights now.


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher The width of the Hairpin's commenting section does not even begin to capture my desire!


Ughhhh, the world is so beautiful. And I don't get to take vacation until November. Quick, where's somewhere beautiful in Chicago? I want to sit and look slack-jawed at something in real life while I'm there.

Jane Marie

@frigwiggin i have 3 lazy tours for you that have lots of sitting around and one of them also has wine:

1. Chicago Botanical Gardens
2. One of those architectural boat tours. I'm not kidding. There's a bar on the boat and the tour guides are awesome.
3. The Chicago Temple. It's a church downtown and there's this crazy little chapel in the sky that you can chill out in.


@Jane Marie Excellent, I will propose all of these to my hosts! Thank you!

Jane Marie

@frigwiggin OH and if you're going in November (I thought you meant you were there now!), if it's late enough into the month, the holiday decorations will be nuts on Michigan Ave. Go to the Park Hyatt and eat or drink at NoMI which has incredible views.


@Jane Marie Oh, yeah, I wasn't very clear. We've gone the last two Thanksgivings to visit my best friend and her husband, but both times it's been more sit-around-and-watch-movies-or-play-games in between them going to classes, so this time I want to see if we can do some more touristy stuff. It's Chicago! So much more exciting than the cultural desert of where I live!

buttercup empire

@frigwiggin Second the Botanical Gardens and architectural tours! Ooh and the christmas decorations!!!

Also if you are looking for culture and pretties go to the Art Institute. I love that place and there is lots of opportunity to sit and look at beautiful things.

I grew up 3 hours outside of Chicago so my family would take lots of touristy day trips to the city. If you need more ideas, I can come up with some more.


@buttercup empire Any and all ideas are welcome--I want to be able to barrage my best friend with way more things than we could possibly do in a week, just for funsies.


now I want to go to Asia. I have never felt this way before. It could be a good thing!
@frigwiggin. Chicago is amazing (to those not from it). Just walk from the El to the sight of Leopold and Loeb's murder. Seriously, research it. Not as cool as the pics, but still.


@robyn.andrews Ahhhhhh Leopold and Loeb! I didn't even know that! I loved Rope and ended up reading all about the case afterward, but somehow didn't make the connection.

Plant Fire

@robyn.andrews you should go! Asia is fantastic! I went to high school in Thailand and got to travel to a bunch of other places in SE Asia while I was there (one of the wonderful things about living in/near small countries is that it's really easy to visit other countries, at least compared to the US where Canada and Mexico are so far away from each other). It's a really fascinating continent (at least what I saw of it).

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