Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Sex and the Single Girl

Please enjoy this (amazingly dated) clip from a movie extremely loosely based on Helen Gurley Brown's first book. If you would like to know more about the (sadly) late HGB, I cannot recommend Jennifer Scanlon's Bad Girls Go Everywhere strongly enough.

‎"I personally don’t feel that the world is going to the dogs or that young people are inferior to their counterparts of a previous generation. Our moral codes have changed slightly, but what we have now is a lot better than the days of stricter moral codes when there was child labor, no equality for women, no federal aid for destitute people, plenty of robber barons and lynching." —Helen Gurley Brown (1964!).

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a small sea

Aurgh, I am squicked out.

Cat named Virtute

I have been watching a LOT of Gilmore Girls, so my first thought was oh yeah, Miss Selene was right, Lauren Graham DOES look rather like Natalie Wood.

As for HGB, Carolita's twitter sentiments summed up my feelings nicely. I find Cosmo intolerable, but at least HGB tried.


Okay, but seriously, EVERYONE GO WATCH THIS MOVIE. Lauren Bacall and Peter Fonda are like a train wreck. Can't. Stop. Watching. There is this scene where they dance in a nightclub for their 10 year anniversary and it's like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE EARLY-MID SIXTIES!!!!!!!!!! A thing of beauty.


@okaycrochet I feel like TCM shows it ALLLL THE TIME, so yeah. Everyone! Go watch it right now!


How much do I love Natalie Wood's robe/dress? Also the very meta discussion of Some Like It Hot.


I am going to need that robe Natalie is wearing, STAT. Those side slits? Amazing. Also, Natalie Wood is so gorgeous. Also, how creepy is it that Tony is all, "DRINK UP!" It was a different time, friends.


How is it that there is no mention of Edith's appearance on The World talking about Helen Gurley Brown? I squeed in the car when I heard!

Sarah Chamberlain@facebook

He reminds me of Rob Lowe.

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