Thursday, August 16, 2012


In Case You Missed It: Downton, Swift

If you haven't seen the trailer for Downton Abbey's third season, it's a little boring, which is very sad. But the show will be great, because it has to be great. (Season three starts in the U.K. in September, and here in January.) Speaking of irresistible things that came out earlier this week, Taylor Swift's new song is also very good. I'm on repeat seven.


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sudden but inevitable betrayal


Also, I didn't think that looked boring at all! Is it September yet?


you are awesome..@a

The Lady of Shalott

Not even going to lie: I love TSwift.


@The Lady of Shalott I think she comes on as a guest star at the end of season 3 as a young Zelda Fitzgerald.


"Boy, I sure am all about this drinking and drugging here in the Jazz Age," she'll say, just as Zelda might have (she's Method).


@The Lady of Shalott I want not to like her, but every time she puts out a new song, I immediately start playing it on repeat (the new one is no exception). I guess that makes me a fan.


@Inconceivable! I like TSwift but she's become a parody of her desperate-for-love -> rejected -> shunning the shunner self. The Valley-girl conversational interlude? "He called me last night, and was like, 'I still love you.' Ugh, it's so EXHAUSTING." Eh. The lady doth protest too much.
Not that it matters, because we'll all be singing the chorus soon, the entire country, all of us, including Tiny Tim.


@The Lady of Shalott Ok... I know she's never really been true country. But this song doesn't even try or PRETEND to be country.
...and that makes me sad. I'm gonna go listen to some Alabama.


@The Lady of Shalott I ADORE Taylor. ADORE. I could watch her performance of 'mean' at the AMA's a thousand times.

This is late, but listening to this song on repeat sent me over to this other Taylor song featuring B.O.B that I did not know existed.
I am going to tackle it on my guitar later as the chords are tres easy. The rap, less so.


Oh man, playing the Downton trailer on mute while listening to the TSwift jam makes that preview a whole lot cooler.


Trying this when I get home.

Emma Peel

So many opinions! Downton: I was sort of hoping that now that Matthew and Mary are successfully engaged, we could move away from them being the Nexus of All Drama. Seriously, those two have been through enough! If they break off the engagement and then get back together again just in time to get married in the final Christmas special, Downton, you are On Notice. It's been about 10 years in show-time! Let them be happy already.

TSwift: I am alarmed that a TSwift song accurately describes the past few months of my life. But it's catchy!

RK Fire

@Emma Peel I know! I hope that was just a one episode spat. It sounds like most of this season is going to be focused on the family potentially losing all of their money... and of course, Cora's mother hanging out and being American.

I'm kind of over the Mr. Bates crime thing. I am probably a terrible person.


@RK Fire I am completely over Mr. Bates and his martyr complex. I was rooting for him to die last season so Anna could move on. So at least you have company in the Terrible Person Room?

apples and oranges

@RK Fire The Mr. Bates in jail story is boring for me too. I just want to see him and Anna be happy and live in a little cottage and have kiddos! And then the rest of the servants can bitch about them having their own house or something, for "the drama."


Emma Peel

@Inconceivable! I have never liked any of the Bates storylines. But I think in general Downton has a tendency to find 3 storylines that work and dwell on them foreverrrrrr. We've now been hanging out with these people for six years, in their time; it's OK to shake things up a little!

RK Fire

@Inconceivable! I don't want him to die, but I do want him to.. do something else. Deus ex machina gets him out of jail! He actually admits that his wife was a bit of a sociopath! I don't know, something.

But yes, join me in the Terrible Person Room, where we tire of the Sainted Mr. Bates and Anna.

@kangerine: I KNOW I LOVE SYBIL, THAT CRAZY SUFFRAGIST! It's implied she's around since Branson is floating around.


@Emma Peel Yeah the whole time jump thing doesn't always work. Like last season, when she was still engaged to Iain Glen like two years later even though he was like WE ARE GETTING MARRIED IN TWO MONTHS OR NOT AT ALL.


@RK Fire SYBIL. I need more of her. And her foxy husband.

RK Fire

@mkpatter@twitter But that means his hands are dirty. DIRTY!!!

Fun game: if Mary Crowley was in the 21st century and had an occupation, it would be...?


@RK Fire EYEBROW WAXER! (Ok, obviously she wouldn't actually touch other people. So that one is out.)

I kind of feel like she would be a stylist, or decorator, or wedding planner, or something where she would still get to deal with ridiculously expensive clothes/furniture, and showcase her impeccable taste.


@RK Fire She'd be a Real Housewife.

PS, I'm not the only one who wanted Bates to get a capital sentence and Mary and Anna go off to America, right? I just want one of the daughters to hook up with her maid. Why is this too much to ask.

RK Fire

@Lucienne: As happy as I am about Mary and Matthew, I was also hoping for a "Downton Women Take on America (and hook up with cowboys)" spinoff.

I could actually see Mary being a high-powered corporate executive. She just seems very aggressive and forthright. Sybil could be a staff member (organizer? in-take counselor) at a nearby Planned Parenthood, while Edith... I'm not sure about Edith.


@Emma Peel SERIOUSLY. If this season does not open with (or at least feature in one of the early episodes--by episode three, dammit!) a glorious wedding montage of Matthew and Mary uniting their kindred souls in front of beaming family and friends, I will be MOST SERIOUSLY DISPLEASED. Stop teasing me, Julian Fellowes. Let Edith have her turn to cause drama, and let M&M start worrying about picking out baby clothes.

Also: the war is over! Bring back the bright color palette of season 1!


@RK Fire There's just not nearly enough Branson in that trailer for me. Like, why on earth did we get a Bates-Anna sex scene in S2 but not a Branson-Sybil scene? THINK JULIAN FELLOWS, THINK.


@eraserface I definitely do NOT get all the Branson love...I sort of hate him. All that shit where he's like "Sybil, you love me" and she's like, "Mm, you're kinda hot, but no" and he's like "NO. YOU DO. I love you and you love me, which is awesome because I'm really into breaking down class systems, man, and together we will fight the power!" and so on, including inappropriately touching her, and she just sort of is into it after a while because he's the only able-bodied man around for years? Ugh I don't like that pseudo-romantic bullshit where a dude tells the lady how to feel. Fuck off, Branson.


@effystonem Agreed! I liked Season 1 Branson very much and was so looking forward to the Sybil/Branson stories in S2, but I absolutely hated the way it all went down. Grrrrrr.


I was going to say something along the lines of, 'can't be more boring than Downton usually is', but that really was the most unenticing advert for anything ever.


Will this be the season that Lady Edith finally gets a romantic interest other than the old guy or the fake amnesia cousin? Poor Edith.

Heat Signature

@Chrestomanci I still have little sympathy for Edith, mostly because I really just adore Mary so much and will defend her to the death.


@Heat Signature Downton Abbey, or "Everybody Hates Edith"


@Heat Signature Don't get me wrong, I am Team Mary all the way. But they let Edith redeem herself in Season Two and then she became a sort of Jan Brady character and it's a bit sad. If they're not going to give her a break then they should at least make her evil again.


@Chrestomanci SERIOUSLY. (I maybe overidentify with Edith with the doomed-to-be-the-maiden-aunt thing. Girl needs to bob her hair and move to America.)

Heat Signature

@Chrestomanci I enjoy holding grudges.


@Chrestomanci I am asking sincerely, why do you enjoy Mary so much? I don't hate her or anything, but I just don't get all the love (I seem to dislike popular characters, as seen in my Branson rant above)...I think it's because there's that one scene (I think in season two, maybe?) where she's talking to someone and it's all about how she doesn't want to do anything that society deems necessary for proper ladies to do, but she also has no other aspirations to do new stuff like Sybil, or write and make art, or do literally anything. She basically just doesn't want to do anything except be rich and complain about stuff. I think I would like her if they gave her some sort of aspiration or goal, even if it's just "finding herself." Because the way I see her now, her personality basically consists of star-crossed loving Matthew for dumb reasons and being curlish.


@Chrestomanci I created an account just to say: YES! I don't hate Mary, but also don't find anything special about her


@Chrestomanci honestly, I think I just like watching her on screen because she's pretty and elegant. I agree that she doesn't really do anything useful, but she has such great eyebrows!

Also, i suppose that's what she was raised to do and if she were otherwise I think it would be a bit anachronistic (as I find some of the characters on this show are)

Cat named Virtute

Blah, I watched this yesterday and it looks like more of boring and aggrevating season 2. However trailers usually only show clips from the first episode or so, so I'm holding out hope. Obviously I'll be watching anyway. Need moar Edith and Dowager Countess.

baked bean

@Cat named Virtute I was pretty disappointed with Season 2, but watched it all the way through anyway because I had nothing else to watch. Season 1 was fun. Season 2, boring, dramatic in lame ways, people coming back from the supposed dead? Dear God.
I will probably watch Season 3 still.

Is It a Hat?

Is Season Two on Netflix instant watch yet? My work computer doesn't want to let me on to my Netflix account :(


@Is It a Hat? Not on Netflix, but it is on hulu.

Is It a Hat?

@PrudenceHarlan Darn it! Thanks for the info

sarah girl

@Is It a Hat? It's also on Amazon Prime streaming, if you have that!


Wait...we don't get season 3 in the US until January? :(


The Romney ad that came before the preview really tripped me up and changed the whole tenor of things for me, even though I realize he has nothing to do with the preview (OR DOES HE). Romney, restoring life to early 20th century aristocracy? He approves of Shirley McClaine? Romney and public broadcasting?

baked bean

@TheMongreloid EVERYONE DOWNLOAD "AD BLOCK PLUS." Seriously. It blocks youtube ads and shit and doesn't have any bugs. I SWEAR.


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