Friday, August 17, 2012


I Am My Own Wine Purse

"Would you buy wine in a purse?" wonders Serious Eats' Maggie Hoffman. If the answer is yes, ask your favorite wine shop for Volere.

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I just bought this the other day at my favorite liquor store (Downtown wine & spirits in Davis Square). I got the Rose because, duh, pink wine purse. It was... okay.


This is the most f-d up wine tasting I have ever seen. First off the wine is in a purse. Secondly the wine is pure unadulterated plonk. Thanks for the commercial.@j

Tuna Surprise

Would you buy wine in a purse?" Yes.
Would you watch online wine reviews from a man who says 'smelly, smell', 'tasty-taste' and puts his finger in his ear during the review? Never again.

Edith Zimmerman

@Tuna Surprise I know, and I'm sorry for what I did. But he's also kind of amazing, right? I like when he puts his finger in his ear.


@Edith Zimmerman I thought it was rather endearing.

Samantha Auchenpaugh@twitter

@Edith Zimmerman Well, he is no Gary Vaynerchuk.


@Tuna Surprise: I was really expecting his description of the aroma to be "leather, pressed face powder, cherry Chapstick and Altoids - with a hint of fresh currency."


@Tuna Surprise What really got me was when he started motor boating the wine. Clearly I am uncultured and have no clue about proper tasting techniques, but all I could think about was does he do that every time he takes a drink and that I'd never invite him to a party if he were my friend because my god that NOISE!


The only correct answer to this question is: "Only if I can drink it out of a glass slipper."


Is it took much to hope for that someone (@melis?) will give us a "Green Eggs and Ham" parody for this?

Michelle LeBlanc@twitter

This purse needs to look more like a purse, for stealth.


I bought this and it's fine! It's wine! Just drink it!


"Pitch it out in the gah-bige." Yeah, guy! Wicked awesome.

Samantha Auchenpaugh@twitter

If the wine was delicious I would buy it. That is always my rule. Well, that and I try to buy something new as often as possible though I do have a handful of favorites that I return to in a pinch, and I will always try something at least once before deciding I don't like it. Gimmicky things don't really change how I buy wine, one way or the other.


The video within video makes my ADD feel justified. (shiny!). ((squirrel!)) (((is it happy hour?!)))


Can someone let me know when the murse version is available?


@ejcsanfran I think you mean European Carry-All.


this reminds me of the time i accidentally brought a whole bottle of wine to a bar in my purse. (long story) i found it and my friend and i sat under a table and drank it bc we're cheap as fuck and NO ONE NOTICED! it was the best.


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