Wednesday, August 8, 2012


How Much Hedge Would A Hedgehog Hog If a Hedgehog Could Hog Hedge?

"Paris-based photographer Cath Schneider recently became aware of a small hedgehog living in her garden and decided to investigate a bit closer with her daughter. Schneider tells me they set out a small plate of (lactose free) milk and sure enough the fearless little guy ambled over and started blowing bubbles."
Christopher Jobson of one of our favorite art blogs, Colossal, directs us to more of Schneider's soothing portraits. Related: "cancer is very common in hedgehogs.

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I want one!


@olivebee The best thing about hedgehogs is their feet. They have the best feet in the animal kingdom.

oh! valencia

@wharrgarbl I saw a hedgehog running on a hamster wheel once and it was hilarious! Their legs are way longer than you think.

New Hoarder

@olivebee My husband and I have been in negotiations (for years) for our first pet together. I want a Mini Dachshund (we even went to the Mid-Atlantic Dachshund Fest and I had heart problems afterwards), he wants a Jack Russell (which I would also SQUEEZE to death). BUT we both keep agreeing on hedgehogs, which seem to be banned in our area? Because of the foreign cuteness or something.

crane your neck

@New Hoarder Get them when they're still very small and never stop holding them! (Like you'd ever want to.) We had a wonderful hedgehog when we were growing up, and everyone in the vet's office was surprised he was so friendly. A lot of grumpy hedgehogs had come through their office. If you socialize them when they're small, they make marvelous pets!


@New Hoarder Jack Russells are really, really hard to train and pains-in-the-butt generally. FYI.

New Hoarder

@gobblegirl Husband knows that; that's why he wants one. So long as it lets me cuddle it, I don't care what I get!

New Hoarder

@crane your neck That would not be a problem!


@New Hoarder: Sugar glider is the superior quasi exotic pet.

New Hoarder

@Too Much Internet I wouldn't rule those out of my (currently fantasy) pet menagerie, either!

Faintly Macabre

@gobblegirl My cousin's husband had a horrible one when they started dating (hated her, aggressive, destructive, etc), to the point that she made him give it away. But then they got another Jack Russell that is one of the best dogs in the world. He is a pain in the butt sometimes because he's smart and stubborn, but he's also really well-trained, affectionate, and insanely cute. (For example, since he was taught to give paw for treats, if he wants your food, he will sit and stare sadly at you with one little paw in the air.) I dog-sat him and he slept curled in the crook of my knees on my bed. You just have to be lucky/choosy!


i absolutely love this@n


hedgehog squeeeeee!


@Ophelia also, BABIES:



I looked into having a pet hedgehog, but they're illegal here in NYC because the health department classifies them as wild animals, and they're panicky about them escaping/being released. Imagine gangs of feral hedgehogs overrunning the sidewalks and terrorizing people with cuteness.


@applestoapples Hedgehogs can also make for super annoying pets because they're nocturnally active, and so just as you've turned off the lights and gone to bed, there's this incessant SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK from their exercise wheel.


Not that I want to downplay NYC's pet rules! I support responsible rules limiting what pets people can get.

New Hoarder

@applestoapples We also have this rule in our area, but possibly not quite where we live now. I need to look into it. Oh man, how cute would some marauding hedgehog gang be? Smoking cigarettes, getting illicit piercings, spitting on the sidewalks, trying to pick on two-year-olds until they get scooped up into a cuddle... awwwww!


@applestoapples I think also because they're not indigenous to the US, but would probably thrive here and maybe push out groundhogs and other similar native species.


@Ophelia True. Plus, people in NYC are prone to releasing their pets when they get tired of them. Hence all those rumors about alligators in the sewers.
I know that once my dad reported that our annoying guinea pig "ran away to the country," which means he either let him go or accidentally killed him.


@PatatasBravas You should see the list of prohibited animals. NYC has really covered its bases. You can't even have a pet dolphin, though Bob knows where you'd keep one (Gowanus canal, maybe?).
At any rate, when I go to the UK, I'm absolutely visiting one of those hedgehog refuges so I can work myself into an annoyingly maudlin frenzy.


@applestoapples We had one at the sanctuary where I used to work, because some moronic New Yorker had gotten a hedgehog and hadn't socialized it, and because of course no hedgehog is going to just up and decide it wants cuddles, they abandoned it.**

Right, so, yeah. I support the rules.

Because there was no way we were going to have the space to take in a dolphin next.

**and we had to wear gardening gloves to pick him up because he would turn into a ball and shiver, and shivery prickles aren't great on hands. But when he sneezed! SUCH A CUTE SNEEZE.


@PatatasBravas What about Direwolves?

New Hoarder

@Ophelia I'll take a Direwolf-Mini Dachshund mix, please. Direwolf badassery and looks but Mini Dachshund legs. A city version, if you will.


@New Hoarder LOL. It's like the mini cooper of ferocious beasts.


@applestoapples There's part of me that wants to say "why specify non-human primates? Are you allowed to have humans as pets?"

Also, I am glad they ban all those snakes, since I cannot have a mongoose!

RK Fire

@PatatasBravas: Aardwolves are strangely cute...


Will forever want a hedgehog after reading about Gerald Durrell's in one of his so, so good memoirs about being a baby naturalist on Corfu.

Have to go put those on the pile by the bed now.


Hedgehogs! Adorable! Too cute for sentences!


I once went to an English zoo, where they had a small center for raising and caring for hedgehogs before releasing them back into the wild. All of the hedgehogs were gone for the season, but you could still see the center's "Natural hedgehog environment": a miniature farmyard, with a tiny barn and cottage and a wheelbarrow full of straw and lots of flower pots. Little guys are far too cute for this harsh world.

New Hoarder

@TheBourneApproximation I am furiously Googling this right now.

New Hoarder

@TheBourneApproximation These are the European variety, but still pretty cute: http://www.britishhedgehogs.org.uk/gallery.htm.

I am worried about that danger gallery.


@New Hoarder The danger gallery was "under construction." I hope that the reference to "distressing" images simple referred to the lack of hedgehog images.


@New Hoarder Having found this news article, I am happy to find out that the Hedgehog Hospital in question is well-funded and expanding! I am even happier to hear that they refer to baby hedgehogs as "hoglets." HOGLETS.


@TheBourneApproximation OMG it's like the entire country exists inside of JK Rowling's head.


I have a pet hedgehog, but he is far from as fearless as that one. In my biased opinion, he is much cuter though!

Reginal T. Squirge

Nice TWBB reference.


Why are you illegal in California!


@OxfordComma California likes to make all the cute things illegal (also see: ferrets)


@OxfordComma Salmonella.


@gobblegirl : Salmonella? Hedgepigs carry salmonella? How the holy crap???


@OxfordComma Unless she meant you can't live in California and have salmonella as a pet.


I want the kind of life where this could happen to me.


I once saw a flyer seeking a new home for a hedgehog named Commander Coriander. Whyyy didn't I adopt him?!


@laurel Now this has sent me into thinking of all kinds of military rank/herb names for hedgehogs. I would call mine Sergeant Sassafras.


@applestoapples: I'm trying but it's tough to beat Commander Coriander 'cause it's got both alliteration and a rhyme.

New Hoarder

As always, cutest malady ever: http://www.angelfire.com/wa2/comemeetmyfamily/wobblyhs1.html

extremely do not

@New Hoarder That is really sad, but at the same time I can't stop smiling at the name. I also wonder if the hedgehogs might be playing up their symptoms for the "daily massage" and "deluxe accomodations" required for treatment.


Our (illegal) African hedgehog was cute...then, yep, cancer. Eventually he was paralyzed and we had to hold him upright and let him lick cat food and water off spoons twice a day. That part wasn't so bad, but trying to get live wriggling mealworms into him was no fun; you had to grab one with tweezers and it took forever for him to catch onto one squirmy end and crunch it down. Fortunately he remained pretty cheerful throughout the whole process and it only lasted a few months before he passed away, but it made my family verrry cautious about smuggling in exotic pets ever again.

Regina Phalange

Growing up, I was gifted a hedgehog by a terrible family friend. Desi Arnaz walked off the balcony of our second-floor apartment and, I'm assuming, joined the gang of squirrels that terrorized the local playground. Babalu, little buddy.


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