Thursday, August 23, 2012


How Can You Stand to Wait at Baggage Claim?

On a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Bruce Jenner gave Khloé a hard time for checking a bag on a quick overnight trip. Talk about reality TV! (Life is mostly boring.) Don't end up in Khloé's shoes; always carry on.

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Yay Jane!

Also, think about the price of buying things like sunscreen once you get where you're going vs. the price of having to check a bag so you can bring a big bottle of it. Definitely cheaper to just hit up a drugstore once you've landed.


@Ophelia Unless you come from a civilized country that doesn't charge for checked baggage!!


@missvancity OR you fly JetBlue - the only way to fly, really.

all the bacon and eggs

@missvancity Ugh, it is an uncivilized practice, but to me the worst part is waiting at baggage claim when you arrive. I just want to be OUT OF THERE.


Impressive. Most impressive.@k

Lisa Frank

But, but what about toiletries!?

I prefer carry-ing on for even longish trips, but putting my toiletries in those little bottles/ zip lock bag is so annoying. I can't wait till they repeal that restriction.


@Lisa Frank Hoard sample sizes of your favorite products!
I have also found that trips are a fun time to try that sample I've been saving of that product I've been meaning to try.

all the bacon and eggs

@Lisa Frank @ginalouise Cannot wait. The sample thing is a great idea, if you don't have a complex and COMPLETELY SACROSANCT skin care regimen. Unfortunately, I do, but I also have a bf whose beauty regimen consists of Old Spice deodorant, so I get to foist my extra liquids off on him to avoid checking luggage.

Lisa Frank

@all the bacon and eggs YES! Skin care regimes are sacred!! I have three exfoliants and five moisturizers that I like to alternate based on my mood, the weather, and the phase of the moon and whether or not mercury is in retrograde. Ok, not the last part. Let's not even talk about hair products!


My mom is a master packer, and taught me well. My only real stumbling block is that I have to wear my cowboy boots on the plane. Cause those suckers do not pack efficiently.


@Dragon I need to learn from your mother. I'm atrocious at packing. Last week I had a two day visit to the UK, where I was staying a hostel.

Things I forgot to pack: pyjamas, toothpaste, shower gel, a towel.
Things I remembered to pack: three novels.


@Decca I usually forget my razor. I have perpetually hairy legs on vacation! But other than that, I'm good.

Well.. most of my gentlemen friends would swear I forget pajamas...but that's just "forgetting"
I highly approve of bringing more novels than you have days, though.

all the bacon and eggs

@Decca I always forget pajamas and socks. It's not a mystery, because I never wear either one at home, but they are often necessary on a vacation.


Tip - don't pack a plastic Oscar statuette in your carry-on. Apparently it's seen as suspicious.


@Decca I once was stopped at security and asked to assemble the suspicious, weird thing I had in my carry-on. It was my oboe and this was well before 9/11.

H.E. Ladypants

Who the heck needs to pack "Bronze towelettes" when they travel.

Jane Marie

@H.E. Ladypants ME


@Jane Marie I like to maintain my translucent pallor no matter where I travel.

Barbara Shaurette@facebook

One of my biggest travel pet peeves is other passengers flinging their carry-ons around (usually right into the side of my head), huffing and puffing to cram their huge bags into the overstuffed overhead, and taking forever to board (or disembark) because of it. Baggage claim is far preferable to all those shenanigans, IMHO. I check every time.


@Barbara Shaurette@facebook Thank you, yes. So many folks pretend to look perplexed when they fumble with those giant roller bags. "Oh, it fit last time!" Well, it ain't fittin' this time.


here is a little secret...TSA no longer actually cares if your liquids are in a plastic bag. I just keep all my makeup & other liquids wherever I'd usually put them, and the only time I was stopped was when I brought a big (6oz?) tube of lotion thinking I could just sneak it through. TSA lady tossed that but let me keep my 4oz conditioner and didn't say a word about the non-plastic-bagged liquids strewn about my makeup bag. let alone the 5-6 lip glosses floating around my purse at any given time.


@nealbledsoe It depends though - I travel frequently and always opt-out of the body scanner, and when I do that they go through my bags and I have had them throw out things that didn't fit in the baggie.

Also, things that you only need miniscule amounts of can go in old contact lens cases - spill proof and TSA has never counted those in my liquids pile.

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