Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Hot Cartoon Archaeologists Back in the Day

"As she happens upon the statue of Xtachoa, she can't help but notice how much it looks like Luis. As she stares at her guide's life-like doppelganger, Caroline starts to feel dizzy from strong smelling incense she can't place."

Vintage romance comic book gold mine (ancient Aztec treasure temple?) Sequential Crush is BACK, thank Xtachoa.

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I totally read this yesterday! And it was great/crazy.


hot damn! Now that's an engagement necklace!


@E It's no engagement horse, though.


The strategy of standing still in a dim place for hundreds of years didn't work at the 7th grade dance, either. You need the incense.


If I understand correctly, the X in Aztec words is supposed to represent a "sh" sound. So if you read it out loud, "statue of Xtachoa" would be something like "statchoo of shtachoh-ah." I find this obscurely hilarious.

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