Wednesday, August 1, 2012


"Good Grooming for Girls"

I don't understand the line about how deodorant is a shortcut to Social Security? But, other than that, this bad dub of a 26-minute film on how to be a beautiful teenager 56 years ago is delightful. Favorite part: meat, cheese, eggs or fish, milk, butter, bread, fruits, greens and sweets. Also beginning at 18:30 there's an entertaining illustrated bit about how — but not why — you should change your face shape with makeup.

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I think she means social security, not Social Security... like assurance that you'll be accepted socially? Unless there's some secret aspect to Social Security that no one told me about.


@mlle.gateau You're only eligible for Social Security benefits if you've paid into the system, so if you're a mid-century babe who expects to stay at home (thus not paying into the system) you need to rely on your husband to pay in so you can get benefits later. I think they are cleverly saying "you'll find a husband if you use deoderant."


This woman stresses that 'charm' is so important, the ability to place others at ease, and put them first. What is wrong with that? And she promotes a healthy, clean body.... because people are judged by their outward appearance, like it or not. Personal grooming and hygiene are totally different than gobs of makeup.@y

Terrifying Wife-Avatar

Seriously considering changing my Hairpin username to "Long Face." But absolutely refusing to do anything to "play down a long neck." <3 you Neckie!

fondue with cheddar

@Nicole Sauvage@twitter The lady narrating this has no neck, and thus really shouldn't wear shoulder pads.

Hot Doom

this is more inspiring than any stinkin' TED talk I've seen.


Round Face, Square Face and Long Face sound like disparaging remarks from Emily Gilmore. Also, rather liked the "don't" styles on Round Face and Square Face. I wonder what kind of "Face" Ms. Charm Lecturer has that makes her style her hair into two horns. How fantastic!

Pocket Witch

I thought of this.

fondue with cheddar

@Pocket Witch ME TOO. I love those so much. :)


The way they only colorized the clothes and makeup in post-production and left the rest in B&W is weirding me out. All the people look like zombies or something with their gray skin.


This woman is kind of a downer, you know.

Hello Jodi

Judging from the hair and clothing, this is more than 56 years ago. More like mid-40s. Here's a better version: http://archive.org/details/good_grooming_for_girls
I think these are all still very good tips. I agree with the handbag tip - the purses women carry now are the size of vintage overnight bags. It's crazy. Also, they wore so much less makeup than we wear now!
Though she did make me feel a bit badly about my ever-growing mending pile.


@Jodi Mathews@facebook
Most of it is decent advice that is still around/still applies today, but damned if it isn't condescending.
It's the implication that it's imperative, is all.


Sponsored by Ponds?

I laughed, then I started listening, then the absurdity overwhelmed me. A college class for facewashing!!


Also I love how she compares young women to paintings and hats.


@cheeseandcrackers and cake!


At the end when she was having a go at that girl and said she'd like to shake her, I was kind of scared.


I love the mid atlantic accents everyone had in the 40s. Elocution classes must have been a business goldmine!

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