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Not a Severed Penis in Sight

Gloria Steinem shows Oprah her apartment. If you don't want to know how much she paid for it a thousand years ago, put your fingers in your ears now.

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omg fuck you baby boomers


@Megano! I don't have speakers on my computer - did it cost $500?


@Rosebudddd An entire townhouse cost $160k and they split it 5 ways, so presumably she paid ~$32k.


Oprah says she's been inspired by Gloria Steinem for years. Now, the women's rights activist and author Gloria Steinem opens her home up to Oprah in an exclusive tour. Watch as Gloria shares why it took years for her to feel at home in her eclectic New York City walk-up.@t

Oh, squiggles

So...are they not treasures if you didn't acquire them from "travels around the world"?

But no, the real treasure is having a library ladder. I have wanted one since I was little girl!

Toby Jug

@Awesomely Nonfunctional They're only treasures if you get them from India, probably

Part of growing up for me has been the slow letting go of the certainty that I will have a dedcated library with a tufted velvet sofa and sparkly bourbon decanter by the time I'm 35

Oh, squiggles

See, I have some similar items, and no doubt some come from India. But I didn't buy them there...so they are tacky not treasures, right? Not sure how the rules work exactly.

I also grew up with a fantasy library in my head. Sigh.

all the bacon and eggs

@Toby Jug RIGHT? I settled for a tufted velvet chair, decanters, and lots of IKEA expedit shelves in my living room. A dedicated library is just not in the cards for me, but I still like to pretend to be sophisticated.


@Awesomely Nonfunctional We just got one at work (I work in a converted brownstone with the original oak paneled library still intact) and it is taking all of my willpower not to sneak in there and climb it.


@Toby Jug - Don't let go of the dream! I have a sort of library, sparkly decanter WITH bourbon, and leather sofa. It took a little longer, but worth the wait.

Fear Biter

"All my life I have wanted a library ladder"


@pixie in p You know you've made it once you have a library ladder.

Baby Fish Mouth

@pixie in p Me too and then I was at a tappas restaurant where I saw a wine ladder! So now my dream house has ladders everywhere.

Fear Biter

@Wiscowhitney @ohyeahmetoo @Awesomely Nonfunctional @ everyone else
I was feeling kind of dumb that my takeaway from this interview was "libraryladderlibraryladderlibraryladderlibraryladderlibraryladder - want library ladder!" But sure enough, I am amongst my people. I shouldn't have doubted.

Hot Doom

Ach, it pains me that I can't watch this outside of the States. I want to know of Gloria's treasuuuuures.
As an aside re: Gloria, I recently met her roommate from the 60s. It was all I could do to keep from cornering her and telling me of all of their feminist shenanigans. I guess that would have been unseemly though.

Lee Van Queef

I genuinely love the way Oprah described the decor as "kind of, bohemian... chic...," as though Gloria Steinem came up with it. (I mean, maybe she did.)


I don't know if they split it up equally, but $32k a piece seems preposterously low for the '80s. As Megan says above. Fuck you, boomersssss!

Tuna Surprise


Seems a little low...my aunt had the option to buy her Greenwich Village apartment in 1987 for $80k when the building went condo.




Did anyone else notice that Oprah and Gloria are wearing twinsie outfits?

fondue with cheddar

@allofthewine Immediately. I like that neither of them changed.

fondue with cheddar

CAN I LIVE THERE PLEASE THANK YOU. I honestly love everything about it.

many things do not fly

My boyfriend and I had one of those silly post-movie disagreements about a movie last night and I ended up googling Christian Bale to figure out where he was from (Wales! Booyah!). But then Wikipedia taught me an even more fun factoid. Gloria Steinem is Christian Bale's stepmother! How do I get invited to those family parties? Because I bet they'd be...interesting.

Deb of last year@twitter

@many things do not fly I was so sad for her when he died so soon after they were married (three years?) She shows up to all of Christian Bale's premieres so they must still be close. She looked totally rad at the Dark Knight Rises premiere

Diaphanous Gown

@many things do not fly He moved to England when he was pretty young, though. My mum's friend went to school with him (and he, she and I all share a birthday). /cool story, bro

Sam I am

Nicole, best title for a post. Ever.


I never thought to arrange my things on tabletops in such a gridlike fashion. I shove everything around the edges in clusters leaving the middle space free for... I'm not sure what. Maybe I will try it! Also LIBRARY LADDER!!! You should be proud of that Gloria.

elsa may@twitter

"Not a Severed Penis in Sight"..I seriously lollllled.

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