Friday, August 3, 2012


Friday Bargain Bin: What to Eat With Your Allowance This Week

Victory Garden Pickle Kit, $14.95 (was $19.95)
Did you grow a bunch of veggies this summer but forget to make enough friends to share them with? The discount pays for shipping! Throw some carrots and cauliflower in that polish one.

Victorinox 8" Chef's Knife, $27.52 (was $40)
I highly recommend taking cooking classes for fun, where they'll teach you this is the best knife — no need to spend hundreds. Just keep it sharp! And since you've already earned free shipping, throw these in your cart. They are the best, but are easily thrown in the trash by dummies.

Rabbit Wine Stoppers, $5.50 (were $6.99)

Baking With Julia, $25 (was $40)
This is seriously the best baking book in the land and it's not even written by Julia. Start with the white bread, end with this insane Tourte Milanese. Holy crap. Orrr, go new school:

Stump Portable Electronic Stand, $14.99 (was $24)
The modern-day version of those disgusting, batter-covered plexiglass book holders your mom's weird friend used to display The Silver Palate on her kitchen counter.

Mikuni Wild Foods of the Month, $139.95 for three months
Any gifting coming up? Three months of "two pounds of rare mushrooms, greens, fruits and vegetables." You can buy this when you've pickled the veggies you've already got, young lady. (Psst, Mom — You can never send too many morels.) Speaking of shrooms...

Curious Deciduous Salad Plate, $7.95 (was $16)
Just read the comment on this one.

Baker's Edge 12x9 Pan, $19.99 (was $39.95)
I'm not sure I agree with the premise of this product, but maybe you do? Care to elaborate?

Shiny Black Bag From Upscale Grocery Store That European-Type Ladies Carry Around NYC, $30 (was $40)

Notte by Marchesa Silk Kaftan, $445.50 (was $990)
And this is what you shall wear to host your dinner. Just kidding, wear this. Just kidding, wear this. Just kidding, wear this. Just kidding, wear this. Just kidding, for real this time, wear this. Or this.

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Oh no. I want everything, but the $60 in my bank account disagrees.


@terrific Yeah, first I was all "oh that's a great deal on a chef's knife!" Then I was all "oh wait, I don't get paid for a week and my checking account's sunk into the double digits!" Then I hung my head and walked away to the sad Charlie Brown music.

New Hoarder

@JanieS This is BB almost every week for me but it's fun to play in my head!


That is AWESOME! What an ingenious idea.@n


Ok, I think those pans would work, but I am not a fan of buying kitchen stuff you can only use for one thing.

The Lady of Shalott

@Megano! Is the point of the edge pan that every piece has crusty edge bits to it? I like the middle pieces best!

sarah girl

@Megano! I've definitely seen that exact pan but advertised for use with making brownies, so - dual-use!


@Megano! Use it for cake! Or brownies! But I have to agree- I like the middle pieces best.


@Megano! Alton Brown would definitely disapprove. I'm trying to think of more things where I have an opinion on what part of the pan they cooked in - I like my lasagna from an edge and my brownies from the middle...


@MissMushkila I do not care either way.

fondue with cheddar

@The Lady of Shalott I like the middle pieces best too, but even so, imagine how much of a pain it would be to lay it out. You'd have to keep ripping the noodles into pieces to get them around the bends.

practical cat

@MissMushkila I like Alton Brown and middle pieces the best.

practical cat

@jen325 I was thinking the same thing, until I watched the video. Apparently, a standard sized lasagne noodle will fit all the way across, no ripping required. But it seems to also eliminate that pasta overlapping thing that I love to do.


@Sarah H. Yes, I've seen it for use with brownies. I don't think that Alton Brown would have a problem with this pan, you can use it for anything you'd use a regular pan for. I kind of want to use this with brownies, because the edge pieces are the best, but luckily I tend to just take those anyway when I make them and make everyone else eat the middles.

fondue with cheddar

@practical cat Yeah, the overlapping is important.


@thebestjasmine But the middle brownies are the best! I'll take all your middle brownies off your hands, if you like. (But edge lasagne is best.)

fondue with cheddar

@spanglepants It's middle and middle for me!


@Megano! Noooo, I want crispy-edged pieces of everything forever!

The Lady of Shalott

Pickles are one of my favourite things of all time. Dill pickles! Polish dills! BREAD AND BUTTER PICKLES FOR LIIIIIIIFE!

apples and oranges

@The Lady of Shalott What are the difference between types of pickles? I was never a fan until I started eating the pickle spears that came with sandwiches in my college dining halls and wow, I was a convert.


@The Lady of Shalott Bread and butter pickles are truly the best.

The Lady of Shalott

@kangerine Most pickles that you get with sandwiches are ordinary dills, so they have the tanginess from the vinegar pickling solution and the flavour of dill. (Which is like, my favourite flavour.) Polish dills (polski ogorki) are dills with a different mix of herbs in the vinegar. Bread and butter pickles are AMAZING, they have a sweetness so it's like a sweet-and-sour thing going on. They're the best.

apples and oranges

@The Lady of Shalott Thank you!!


@The Lady of Shalott Yessss! I LOVE bread and butter pickles, but most people I know dislike them. Oh well. More bread and butter pickles for me!

New Hoarder

@meetapossum More for me too! OMNOMNOM


@The Lady of Shalott
I will eat all the pickled things! Bread and butters, dill pickles, sweet gherkins. Even weird stuff like pickled beets and saurkraut. MMMMM. Except probably not pickled eggs (though I shouldn't knock them before I try them) and there's no way I'm touching pickled pigs' feet.

The Lady of Shalott

@WhiskeySour Pickled beets are weird? Pickled beets are one of my favourite things in life. :(


@The Lady of Shalott It's more that beets are one of those love them or hate them foods. Most people I've met are more in the "hate" camp. I love them in every form.


@The Lady of Shalott PICKLES! I've been making fridge pickles out of all the veggies in my CSA that I can't find a use for. I get to make pickled okra like every other week now and it is so good. ALSO, let me tell you about bread and butter jalapeno slices, because they are the bomb. I just hope that I get some weird squash so that I can pickle it (I made the last unidentifiable squash into tempura).


@WhiskeySour Also more beets for us, then! There's this restaurant in my neighborhood that makes beet omelets stuffed with goat cheese, and it is AMAZING.


@The Lady of Shalott ASK A PICKLE LADY

But seriously, I was never that into pickles, and then I discovered sweet and spicy pickles. HELLO.

Dr. Iris Puffybush

@The Lady of Shalott I wish I liked bread and butter pickles. My mom makes them, and people RAVE about them, but I get one whiff and I want to hurl. Maybe it's because I helped make them for years, and the smell would just permeate the house and it was not good. But more power to you for being a fan. I love almost all other kinds of pickled things though. I love pickled beets. I just ran across a recipe for pickled (ring) BOLOGNA, and I'm totally going to try it. I have a couple venison bologna rings in my freezer that have just been waiting to be used. I wish I had enough room and owned all the supplies to undertake serious canning, because I would be pickling EVERYTHING!

Hello Kidney

@The Lady of Shalott, I like ALL the pickled things (even eggs!) except for sauerkraut (sorry German ancestors) and bread and butter pickles. Blech

The Lady of Shalott

@Hello Kidney Awwww. Don't come to my house. It's like wall-to-wall sauerkraut and bread-and-butter pickles.


@The Lady of Shalott Mmm pickles! And yet I don't like cucumber.

This whole thread remeinded me of the Dane Cook Burger King pickles bit (though I don't really like Dane Cook either).


The lasagna pan! So each piece is a crusty delicious edge piece! And I bet it cooks faster, and the noodles get chewy, and the top gets brown all the way! Think of the casseroles you could make in there. That thing was made for me. I've seen brownie style ones too.

Also: those caftans! The very last one is my favorite, but that's just because I have conditioned myself to instantly hate articles of clothing with a four-digit price tag. One day.


Yesssss! The Rabbit wine stoppers are the best! Also, if you want to make bread, I recommend the Artisan or Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day books (about $16 on Amazon). I've given it to many people for gifts, and they all love it. Their breads are always better than mine too, even though I've been doing it the longest! *tear*


Okay, why would you want a pan that makes all crusty pieces?! The mushy middle is the best. Plus how do you arrange the lasagna noodles in that crazy pan? Looks like you'd have to cut some, which sounds like a pain.

The Lady of Shalott

@cuminafterall Yessss the middle pieces are the best. Lasagna, brownies, whatever. Middle pieces!

double paw?

@cuminafterall @The Lady of Shalott yes i would be WAY more interested in a pan that produces no edges. get on it, SCIENCE!


@cuminafterall I want a pan that makes only mushy middle bits. Kitchen engineers, let's get on that!

double paw?

@Scandyhoovian jinx


@Scandyhoovian Mushy middle bits. MUSHY MIDDLE BITS.


@cuminafterall I don't understand you people at all.

Daisy Razor

Hey, something to do with the dozen CSA cucumbers in my crisper!

Fancy Pony

@Daisy Razor Yes! That is exactly what I was thinking! Plus, my guinea pigs are getting burned out on cucumbers.

Daisy Razor

@Fancy Pony Substitute "toddler" for "guinea pigs" and you've got my house.


@Daisy Razor If you need somewhere to store those pickles I have plenty of room in my kitchen (she said innocently).



I yearn for the day that I can get away with wearing caftans whenever I want. But that day is not today.


@thatgirl I will need to get seriously taller before I could get away with wearing any of those caftans. I'm so jealous of the fancy ladies who will look so glamorous in them.



@OhShesArtsy Oh, I am tall enough. I just do not yet have the gravitas, plus people get on my case about "covering up my figure" which is total bullshit.

I think I need another five years, and I will give no fucks and wear all the caftans I want.


@OhShesArtsy @thatgirl
I wear them with a belt. Defining the waist helps look like you're not swimming in fabric & you get to retain or continue faking gravitas.


@thatgirl Maybe put a belt on it so it has more of a shape? Belts seem like the way to go with loose tops/dresses. I should do it more so I can fake a waist.


@thatgirl Belts and gravitas! I can get (or at least fake) both of those things!


Oooh yes, I concur that wearing belts definitely helps. But I am also tall, so I envy a little bit the cute short girls who can wear maxi dresses without looking like they're a tall massive column of fabric.

I live for the day when I can wear caftans all day long and start drinking at noon (although being unemployed sure does help with the whiskey consumption if that wasn't glaaaaaringly obvious thank god for spellcheck).

all the bacon and eggs

@thatgirl I'm pretty sure that gravitas is a "fake it 'til you make it" sort of attribute.


@OhShesArtsy Maxi Dresses are what tall women get as a treat to make up for the fact that we cannot wear any sun dress from a regular store without looking like a giant version of the Morton's salt girl.


One of my favorite W headlines from the 70's (after "Giancarlo Giametti: I Am My Own Best Guest" because really...WHAT DOES THAT MEAN GIANCARLO???) is "Caftan's Courageous." It's an article about men who wear caftans, which, I suppose is daring? Anyway, I will now be saying it over and over in my head for the rest of the day. Caftans. Courageous.

New Hoarder

@thatsrealbutter Did this article feature Marlon Brando?


@thatsrealbutter Sounds like a superhero.


@New Hoarder Kenneth Jay Lane and ummmm...some other dudes. But really, Kenneth Jay Lane had the best caftan


Can't wait to be so fabulously rich that I can wear bejweled caftans that cost as much as a month of rent.




Literally shuddered at the thought of serving lasagna and pickles while wearing that white dress.


@Janestreet Add some red wine sangria and blueberry-raspberry crumble for dessert and the disaster would be complete.


Arrr, I love the concept of the wild foraged food subscription, but the execution looks less than thrilling. I mean, you can get very nice fiddleheads right in any supermarket up here in New England in the springtime. Ramps at Russo's. There's plenty of mushroom-hunting. I wish this subscription went seriously Noma, & sent you all sorts of things you never thought of eating or could get nowhere else. Cattail heads, acorn flour, edible pine needles, local seaweeds... that would be amazing!


@harebell Its a little disappointing--but the fish of the month club on that site looks incredibly. Now I want to eat an entire raw tuna steak.


the alt text on the cookbook gives me the perfect excuse to link my favorite terrible youtube song/video of all time: Ju-Ju-Jewlia!

Heat Signature

While I appreciate your attempt to "spice up" our sex life, Gary, the pickle kit is for ACTUAL PICKLES.


@Heat Signature Right, ELAINE. And I don't think those rabbit plugs are what you think they are for, either.


Jane, words cannot express my love for you for the 12 Angry Men quote.


MORELS MORELS MORELS. My brothers are doing All That is Outdoorsy this weekend and god how I wish it was still mushroom season in Michigan. At least their bow-fishing might produce some delicious fishies.

sudden but inevitable betrayal

@reebs14 Does bow-fishing mean they are in a boat shooting arrows at fish? I am intrigued...!


@sudden but inevitable betrayal That is precisely what it means. Mostly at night, close to the shore, and with a case of cheap beer.


@reebs14 I would pay money to watch this.

Does Axl have a jack?

@reebs14 Hell, I would pay money for a video of it!


@Does Axl have a jack? @The Everpresent Wordsnatcher My family is so country, I can't even stand it. I have literally been woken up out of a dead sleep by my little brother shooting a raccoon from the second story window outside of my bedroom (when I lived with my parents) because my my mom was pissed that vermin were eating the birdseed.

Now, the spear fishing.....that's even more insane. And it's exactly what it sounds like. But maybe with a little more beer.

She was a retail whore

Oooh, I know something! The premise of that lasagne pan is that every piece will be an edge piece, widely held to be better tasting that pieces that do not contain an edge (truth). I saw this in a skymall catalogue once, and have always vaguely dreamed of owning it. Unfortunately, I don't make lasagne often enough to really make this worth it, but maybe I could buy it for my mother...


@She was a retail whore And then your mother can make you lasagna all the time! It's a brilliant plan!


Loving the Twelve Angry Men reference in the alt text.
I own that knife, but I've had mine for a few years, so I got it when the full price was $30. They keep jacking it up, but it's still a fantastic knife for the price. Also, the sharpener I use cost about $5 and it keeps me very happy.

Edit: Sorry, Dancercise! I took too long writing my comment and you got there first! But, hooray Twelve Angry Men! I'll re-watch it once the Olympics are over.


Hey, no worries! More love for 12 Angry Men is a grand thing. Such a fantastic movie.


Yes! This is perfect. I just got three pounds of pickling cucumbers in my CSA yesterday. And I LOVE THOSE WINE STOPPERS. I have too. They are amazing and I have to defend them from friends constantly because they all want them.

Also is this the place where I tell everyone about this dress I just bought? Because I am so in love with it and I want it to arrive now and I totally impulse purchased it and I think I'm still a little high from the thrill.

Edited to add that that knife comes in Amazon frustration-free packaging which I have experienced and is truly miraculous. This may have convinced me that I need it.


@mangosara That is so cute! Will transition well from summer to fall, etc...


@mangosara Link disappeared when I edited! Aah! This dress.


My first thought on the Victory Garden Pickle Kit was, "Oh mah heck, this would be THE BEST for my Molly doll!"

Because yes, I was a Molly girl, and yes, I was a nerd and had glasses...but oh, I really wanted to be spunky and living through WWII on the homefront and being totally badass!


I once hosted a fondue party while wearing my 1970's leopard print caftan. I'll never be that awesome again.


@mynamebackwards Host another one so we can all come and wear caftans.


@CrescentMelissa only if you promise not to grind hot cheese into my rug and order up a bunch of coke like my last guests....

well, at least don't get cheese on my rug.

New Hoarder

@mynamebackwards How does one grind hot cheese? Mmmm.


@mynamebackwards I hosted a fondue party where the theme was just cheesy. Cheesy food, cheesy 80s music, it was awesome. I will have to find a cheesy caftan for the next one!


@phlox I think I'm just going to throw a caftan-wearing party. Eat whatever you want. Don't give a fuck about the music. But you will NOT BE LET IN THE DOOR without a caftan on your person. Strictly enforced comfort.


Get Rid of your Plexiglass Cookbook Holders, Seriously They Are Disgusting

(...but sometimes I wish I had one).

New Hoarder

Uh-oh, looks like that caftan frenzy broke Jane.


What is it with caftans and dinner parties?! I think they look hideous, yet when I found one at a thrift shop, I bought it with the express purpose of throwing a dinner party and wearing it.


@SarahP Room for your dinner belly.

Nancy Sin

So, I have a very defined need for a kitchen friendly iPad stand but UO has esspensive shipping and I cannot CANNOT go down the $50 minimum purchase rabbit hole with them (today). So being the Amazon Prime junkie that I am, I happened upon THIS:


It has a wand! A wand for your messy hands!

New Hoarder

@Nancy Sin A wand for kitchen spells!


@Nancy Sin SISTER.

Got 'em for pops for Fathers Day. Brilliant.


I can not tell you enough how DAMN GOOD that knife is! It holds its own with my $200+ fancy japanese knives. I work in housewares/cooking gear and that knife, ladies, is the shit. DO IT.

Reginal T. Squirge

Co-sign on the knife. I bought one a few months ago and it has changed my vegetable-prep life.

the other lisa

YES, the knife! I specifically asked for this knife for Christmas the first year I was married and my husband did not think the knife was a fancy enough gift so he also got me diamond earrings. I would have been perfectly happy with just the knife. I use it the most, followed by my paring knife and then my amazing Kuhn Rikon bread knife. Now that I think of it, all 3 were gifts that I specifically requested. Good thing my family knows I'm just weird and not stabby (most of the time).


While looking at the pickle kit I noticed that the jam kit was almost half off! My goal this year was to learn how to jam and this is a great start.


@avoidmadness Jamming is so great! We did peach jam last weekend and I just want to eat it straight from the jar.


@phlox I've been holding off for a while because it seems like the supplies might be expensive but it is a hobby I've been wanting to do for some time.


@avoidmadness That kit has all the fancy tools - and really the funnel is the only essential one, the others are just handy - and I don't think the jars are that expensive. (But buying all the fruit can be!) Once you have a set of jars, you just buy some new lid inserts every year. (Or, jam with your mom and use her supplies, which is what I do.)


Dear Jane, I will wear all of those. Thanks! -Amy


I am both shocked and horrified to find myself among so many crazed "middle piece" fans. What is WRONG with you people, that you do not acknowledge the glory of the crusty, chewy, carmelized edgy pieces??
(Though, you know, I guess that means more corner brownies for me?)


@Jinxie Seriously, edge pieces all the way but corners are the best. They're scarce people! They have to be more valuable.


@Jinxie Corner pieces 4eva.

(Except maybe for cake corner pieces, with four inches of icing and half an inch of cake in them.)

the little c

Oh, that knife, I wantssss it...but I got laid off a couple weeks ago and should really be watching the dollars. But it's an investment! In cookery! Which I love! And have a lot of time for now that I'm laid off!

Basically, I can rationalize myself in/out of almost anything.

fondue with cheddar

Jane, you're right about the salad.


GUYS - Dorie Greenspan (who wrote Baking With Julia) is THE BEST. Her cookbook Baking From My Home To Yours is just INSANELY perfect for people who love to bake. I went to a book signing of hers once and I was shaking a little when I had her sign my cookbook. She's my kind of rock star, which may be sad, but just once again proves - there's a nerd for everything!


@Tooch YES. I love love Baking From My Home to Yours, it's my default baking book. I adore Baking with Julia too, but I turn to the other first all the time when making something. Dorie is awesome.


Hmm, the pickle set is cute but it could be easily replicated with three dollars worth of jars from the grocery store, the spices in my cabinet, and masking tape.


Just a warning to other small-handed ladies out there, the Victorinox knives have giguntah handles IMSHO (in my small-handed opinion). I tried so hard to love mine, but eventually gave 'em away to a male friend.


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