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Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

Lattice Print Palazzo Pant, $29.99 (was $108)
Welcome to the Crazy Pants Edition of the Bin! That is, if two pairs of crazy pants count as an edition? Here we have some lovely palazzo pants that some of you are wrongly laughing at right now. I’d pair with this or this:

Nightcap Ribbed Bodysuit, $29.95 (was $150)

Liquorish Mini Vintage Bag, $27.25 (was $68.12)
Vegans: it’s not even leather!

Cakewich Sandwich Cake Mold, $7 (was $15.99)
But… how?

Diner In Your Dreams Sleep Set, $57.99 (were $82.99)
Finally sleep in style, or at least head to bed in style.

Metallic Pointed Court Shoes, $40 (were $96)
These look like some expensive-ass shoes, no? They’d go perfectly with those pajamas. Think about it.

At Piece With the World Puzzle in New York, $13.99 (was $19.99)
One time I saw this actual poster for sale at a second-hand store and it was like $200. The end.

Sephora Wispy False Lashes, $3 (were $8)
These are my new favorite shape for false lashes. They’re hilarious but not so hilarious that you can’t wear them to the grocery store.

Beer Making Kit, $22.99 (was $39.95)
This only take 17 days to make! Does that sound like a long time or a short time? Either way, you should get this for that last person on Earth who would want such a thing but didn’t buy it for themselves already five years ago.

Fishnet Inset Galaxy Leggings, $21.30
I just got these for myself and they are the most exciting leggings anyone has ever seen and I just sincerely thought you would want to know where to find them.

Playsuit with Pussybow, $$41.72 (was $59.61)
First off, “pussybow?!” Second off, you thought we were done with the rompers, but you were so wrong.

Gregor Knitted Scroll Calendar, $39.99 (was $90)
Yes, the year is more than half over, but this saddest of sad calendars doesn’t really get its saddest looking until around October anyway. Pull string, walk away.

Sports Extravaganza Vintage Charm Bracelet, $156.75 (was $285)
Feeling that Olympic spirit? Thiiis close to getting a gym membership? Nah, forget it! This costs less and is way cuter (than a gym membership?) plus it draws the eye to your most decathletest looking, knobbiest part.


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