Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Doing the Limbo

You’ve done it. You’re done with one chapter of your life, and the page to the next one is half flipped, totally wavering in the wind. It’s f-ing time. But there’s an awkward week, maybe more — a gap between leases, a moving truck that refuses to arrive. So you go to your friend’s house, or, more likely, you go to your parents’ house, where you languish or luxuriate, depending on circumstances and availability of alcohol.

In truth, I’ve been limbo-ing all summer, lazing about Seattle, half-working, half-yoga-ing, mostly just having friends over and admiring our outfits. But this, this is the real deal. I’m in Northern Idaho and my parents aren’t even here. Here I am, just limbo-ing the shit out of early August.

An Incomplete List of Limbo-ing Activities:

- Spending 95% of my waking hours on the screen porch, because you can take the girl out of Minnesota, but you can’t take her out of her innate love for a porch where you can take a nap AND use your computer.

- Negroni Season, Party of One. 

- Counting the number of rabbits visible from screen porch at any given moment and naming them (Velvetween, etc.).

- Picking cucumbers from the garden that look like aliens and/or massive shriveled baby heads.

- Reading novels (novels! I love you novels!) in one of those gravity lawn chairs that I am way too cheap to ever buy, or at least ever buy until I am over the age of 35.

- Alternating 30 pages of novel-reading with a dip in the “cool tub,” which is just a hot tub filled with non-hot water or, you know, an “Idaho pool.”

- Working really hard to not hang out with anyone I’ve ever known.

- Wearing the swimsuit uniform at all times, which has basically been my dream since I was six years old.

- Watching True Blood Season Five on the screen porch and turning it off in disgust because Really? REALLY? then going to bed. At 9:55 p.m.

- “Writing” a.k.a. “making comments on The Hairpin” a.k.a. Twitter-brawling over snacks.

- Plotting to check out my senior thesis from my college (where I’m returning post-limbo) because it’s currently sitting in the main reading room with all the other senior theses, and those 80 pages are embarrassing in a way I can’t quite explain.

- Fighting the crushing inertia of limboing to actually go into the driveway and bring in the recycling bins because “Annie, this is all we are asking of you, please just do this one thing.”

- Falling down a hole of Tracy Chapman-soundtracked nostalgia-lined c. 2001 despair.

- Getting nine hours of sleep and still thinking it might be a good idea to fit in “just a little nap.”

- Contemplating — seriously and at length — the similarities between Veronica Mars’ Dick Casablancas and Ryan Lochte.


Anne Helen Petersen punctuates her limbo-ing with celebrity gossip and classic scandals.

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The Lady of Shalott

Spending 95% of waking hours outdoors, on the porch or the patio, by any means possible, is totally a valid life choice. I say that even though I've been half eaten by mosquitos and chiggers this summer.


@The Lady of Shalott Interview With a Chigger?

The Lady of Shalott

@Tweetly Do they have anything worthwhile to say besides "Yes, I enjoy biting you and sucking your life-blood until you have gigantic welts that itch like crazy for no real reason and refuse to go away for weeks"?


@The Lady of Shalott Well Edward was pretty loquatious.

Orrr Ask A Spider (to please eat all the chiggers)?


Sounds like that week between Xmas and New Years. Even drinking doesn't make it move faster, and that's my favorite method of time travel!


@JessicaLovejoy Drinking is the best form of time travel.


This is totally what I am doing right now, but I really wish my parents' porch was screened. And I also am fantasizing about checking out my thesis and never returning it.


@dancemeep Love Bunheads! Even if it reminds me of how little I've accomplished since Gilmore Girls was on...


@dancemeep PSHHHH Dance Academy on Netflix is where its at.


Finally having the time and weather to just hang out with a book and some wine on the screen porch completely changed my feelings about visiting my boyfriend's family. SCREEN PORCHES.


I basically can't contain my envy.


@britishpetroleum In my part of Australia, it's winter (what passes for winter), I'm in the final month of an election campaign for our shire council (I'm an independent candidate), I'm working fulltime on top of that and we have extra projects on and are understaffed. After the election is over, then I will be organising my next big work project, a residential school for year 9 students (not even thinking about being on council.)

Summer and sitting on a verandah seem about 1 million years away.

Did you really have to rub it in Hairpin?????? :sob:


@sevanetta Isn't it winter in the whole of Australia? I definitely think it's winter where I am.
Which Shire Council are you running for?


My limbo requires actual hard work on part to move out of, but limbo is just so enjoyable.


I am SO jealous of people who are in limbo this summer.

Not that I want to give up full-time employment per se, but jeez, that sounds wonderful.

Also, a LOT of my cucumbers look like baby heads and/or weird halloween gourds. Hum.

maybe partying will help

Ryan Lochte basically IS Dick Casablancas.

When my Person was out of town for three weeks I limbo'd my way through two seasons of Misfits, a season of Skins, eight novels, and a lot of different kinds of tea. Not much real food tho.

Anne Helen Petersen

@maybe partying will help - I mean who needs food when you have Future Simon, honestly

maybe partying will help

@Anne Helen Petersen


Cat named Virtute

@Anne Helen Petersen Excuse me? Nathan, please.



@maybe partying will help Ryan Lochte would totally get the lyrics to Rapper's Delight wrong.

maybe partying will help

@Cat named Virtute

Honestly, not being at all sarcastic, thank you for that, because today is a day where I really needed to imagine Robert Sheehan's Rs and wacky face.


Admittedly Ryan Lochte does have an ass like Marky-Mark and the entire Funky Bunch.


@maybe partying will help HEEEEheee. My family just got together for vacation, and my siblings and I spent an inordinate amount of time playing "what would Ryan Lochte do," and wearing goggles at inappropriate times.


@Cat named Virtute SAVE ME BARRY!


@Anne Helen Petersen Oh, Iwan Rheon. Oh. You know he was just cast in "Game of Thrones"? So basically I have to start watching, "Game of Thrones". Oh Simon.

Cat named Virtute

@maybe partying will help Friend, I am here to help. Though it was @katemcgillicuddy's SAVE ME BARRY! that killed me dead.

God, give me one good reason not to spend the rest of the day mainlining Misfits, just give me ONE!

maybe partying will help

@Cat named Virtute


Cat named Virtute

@maybe partying will help I just spent ten minutes watching the best of Nathan on Youtube. I feel better already.


@Cat named Virtute I just watched his rooftop speech suddenly the day has become vastly improved.

RK Fire

@katiemcgillicuddy: He just got casted as Ramsay Snow though, so.. not to give much away, but maybe you shouldn't watch Game of Thrones.


@RK Fire Ha, yeah, you're not the first person who has given me this warning. I might still watch it anyway cause, fuck it.

RK Fire

@katiemcgillicuddy: I just feel obligated to say that! I mean, it's a great show.. it just might ruin your love of the actor.


@RK Fire And I appreciate it! Yeah, I just did a bit of research...you may be right, this Snow chap is...yeah, wow, but I like to think that my undying love for Iwan/Simon will transcend whatever awful creature he is on GOT.


@elsbels Your comment to @maybe partying will help made me laugh out loud because it read like "maybe partying will help Ryan Lochte."


Ummm, Dr. AHP, are you returning to your undergrad alma mater because they hired you as a professor?

Anne Helen Petersen

@julia I can't believe it either.


@Anne Helen Petersen Congratulations!!!


@Anne Helen Petersen You thought you could just sneak that by us. Hip hip hooray!

Anne Helen Petersen

@julia WAIT are you guys thumbs-upping my comment because you can't believe that someone who uses swears as much as me (on the internet no less) could be gainfully employed?


@Anne Helen Petersen Yes! This is the dream! Speaking as a part-time Lecturer twisting myself into knots over my dissertation, actual employment is an inspiration. Enjoy your summer, you so deserve it.


@Anne Helen Petersen Mazel tov! Amazing news.

Lily Rowan

@Anne Helen Petersen Congraaaats!!


I always fantasize about limbo, and lazy time spent alone and how peaceful it is, but then when it happens I just experience crushing loneliness and depression and don't even watch good TV. (Well, besides the nine-plus seasons of ANTM watched in the six-month limbo period between graduation and employment. But I wore pajamas all day and did dishes because I felt guilty about my unemployment and didn't even really ENJOY MYSELF, which is the crummy thing about it all.)


@frigwiggin I'm there right now :( Just a week and a half between moving to my new state and starting work in my new state, and instead of Read All the Books and Enjoy All the Lazy it's more like Call All the Long-Distance Friends and Cry Into All the Phones.


@BattyRabbit Aw, no. :( Maybe the secret is to get out of the house? I always want to laze around instead of doing new things, but lazing around alone has a history of turning sour for me (which I tend to forget and then try to laze around alone again).

like a rabid squirrel

@frigwiggin YES. Though I've found through living the student life for an extra-long time that part of the misery for me is just not being busy, so I invent stuff to do and convince myself that it's urgent. i.e. "Must find all the coins in the house and roll them up while halfassedly watching Bones, NOW."


@olliegrace Time off is only enjoyable if there's an end in sight. My last four (ARGH) months of limbo have led to watching all seven seasons of Bones in one week, then all four seasons of Mad Men. Then there was no TV left. I spent most of today covering one eye and then the other, trying to figure out if I'd inadvertently put my contacts into the wrong eyes.


@frigwiggin Yeah...before my job disappeared and I was dealing with the daily grind/weathering my company's dying throes, having time off to laze around and Work on Me sounded like absolute heaven. But the reality so far has mostly been lonely and guilty and self-sabotage-y. I wish I was able to just accept the gift of free time and use it wisely (and enjoyably) instead of getting bogged down in depression crap.


@Amphora Mad Men is my drug of choice during this time, yes. Hopefully I can stretch it out until shit in real life is happening again. Had you put your contacts in the wrong eyes after all??


@BattyRabbit I'm pretty sure no, but now I'm too dizzy to tell!

Does Axl have a jack?

I'm glad I'm not the only one giving epic sideeye to the fifth season of True Blood.

Is It a Hat?

@Does Axl have a jack? Seriously! When it's not laughably bad, it's getting into some touchy territory with the Obama-masked "Klan" members and the Muslim smoke monster (?)


@Does Axl have a jack? ugh, my non-tv having ass wants to know! what's so wrong about it this season? spoil away, I don't even care.

maybe partying will help

@Does Axl have a jack?

Man, yeah, it's just...bad. Not even good trashy True Blood bad, just bad.


@Does Axl have a jack? At least it's not season 4. My god that one sucked! How could they ruin a perfectly good Erik that way!?! At least this one has Russel Edgington back. Even if he is lamer.

sudden but inevitable betrayal

@Does Axl have a jack? I cannot give enough side-eye to this season. I mean, really? REALLY? THIS is what you've come up with, True Blood creative team?! I will continue to watch it for any glimpse of Alcide sans pants. :(

sarah girl

I'm not limbo-ing, but I did spend most of last weekend in a screened-in porch either reading, sewing or picking/eating crabs. It did indeed OWN.


We're going to keep fighting about snacks until you acknowledge that hummus is NOT AN ADEQUATE SUBSTITUTE FOR JOY.

Anne Helen Petersen

@melis but pickles might be.


Yeah, I'm libo-ing too! It's pretty good until you realize how much money is left in your bank account.
Also I am spending way too much time watching the Corgi Cam.

raised amongst catalogs

Found a great deal on those lawn chairs a couple of months ago and have been happily slouched in one of them ever since...and a few months prior to my 35th birthday, as it happens, so I'm right on schedule!


I'm just going to dump a good sixth of Negroni Season here, because it's that worth re-reading.

"Hey," I said. "I know. Let's go drink Negronis." The Boyfriend looked at me, in that hey-crazy-lady, no-sudden-movements kind of way.

"I'm really really sorry I put you through so much worry," he said.

"I HEAR IT'S NEGRONI SEASON," I said. "Let's go drink some fucking Negronis!"

He cleared his throat. He fidgeted and blinked a few times. "Um….so…I think you might be really mad at me?" he said. "Maybe we should just stay here and talk this out."

"FUUUUCK THAT," I said. "I just want to drink some motherfucking Negronis! Whoo-hooo! It's NEGRONI SEASON! I LOVE Negroni Season! It's the BEST season of all! FUCK FALL!"

The Boyfriend now looked sort of panicky.

"Neg-ron-i Season! Neg-ron-i Season! Whoooooo!"

"O.K. I get it," he said. "You're totally right to be mad. But what can I do besides apologize?"

"HEY, we're wasting time talking when it's NEGRONI SEASON! We should be drinking Negronis during Negroni Season! NEGRONIS! NEGRONI SEASON! YAY! I'm FUN, I can go out and drink NEGRONIS. Especially when it's NEGRONI SEASON!!!! NEEEGRONI!"

raised amongst catalogs

@melis "SEE?" I slurred. "I'm SUPER fun. I'm, like, all UP in the Negroni."


So, anyway, when I wasn't Googling "codependent" and "enabler," I was busy coming up with increasingly bizarre ideas to set the train back on the tracks. Like when I tried to institute a thing called 'Sober Sundays.' That's right, Sober Sundays. It was exactly what it sounds like. And was, awesomely, a giant failure once I figured out that the Gatorade bottle the Boyfriend always had with him was, in fact, mostly vodka with perhaps a splash of Lemon-Lime. By the time May rolled around, I had given up trying for anything as simple as Sober Breakfasts.



@melis I just reread WBITW yesterday! hopefully I won't die of old age before the next one comes out...

sudden but inevitable betrayal

@kickupdust Me too! Where is she?! :(

Cat named Virtute

@kickupdust I started reading for the first time the other day, but it got so depressing that I had to stop. melis's excerpts, however, are making me think I should revisit.


I've got two more days left at my job and then a month before I leave on a long trip to South America. Limbo! I'm looking forward to it.


Why do I find Ryan Lochte so attractive? I feel like he must be tricking me somehow.


@teaandcakeordeath Honey, the whole internet is trying to figure this out. Hats off to the Jezzie who commented something along the lines of, "He's a total douche, and he's probably bad in bed, but I'd still hit that like the wrath of God."


@teaandcakeordeath He's a witch!


That is my new favourite line/ethos/thing.

@ frigwiggin
Let's toss him in a pool and see if he floats! Oh wait ...


"I'd still hit that like the wrath of God."

Sorry. I liked that line so much I wanted to say it for myself at least once. Obviously Im not referring to me.


@teaandcakeordeath I've been laughing about it for two days now, so I hear you!


@teaandcakeordeath I feel this way about the entire 4x200 relay team.


@C_Webb I'm obviously being blinded by weird bio-social wiring that makes me think pretty people are inherently better at Doing Things, but I'm having a hard time even contemplating Ryan Lochte being bad in bed. He's too hot. I just imagine his muscles rippling with the slightest of movements and...I'll be in my bunk. Wrath of God, indeed.

Mad as a Hatter!

@teaandcakeordeath I feel like he's the kind of guy where I'd be like "Please, for the love of God, don't talk. Now take off your pants."


@sox Argh*, yes. Swimmers.

*that's right, I went there.


@MoxyCrimeFighter But what if he opens his mouth and he's wearing that freaking Old Glory Grille?

Regina Phalange

@C_Webb I have some limbo time right now, and I've spent a shameful portion of it trying to think of different permutations of that phrase.

I'd hit it like....
...the wrath of an angry God
...Jessica Lockhart when the drinks run out
...Michael K's head hits the desk when Mama Kris talks about childrearing

But then I usually get distracted by Michael Phelps photos, so, that's as far as I've gotten


@C_Webb Urgh, DAMN IT! I think if I could get him to take it out, I'd still hit it. Bargaining might be in order.

"If you don't take it out, I'm going to wrap my teeth in paperclips before I blow you."


Please, for the love of wrath of God, don't mention that grille!


@teaandcakeordeath If you are uneasy about your love of Lochte, might I suggest his teammate, Nathan Adrian? I have trouble enjoying him because he is kind of a dead ringer for an ex (the face not the body, I wish) which sucks because he is so adorable but like, feelings. But other people should, nay, NEED to enjoy him.


I hate that I feel the need to justify my limbo. Like I have to prove that I am a worthy contributing citizen still who deserves to stay on planet Earth even though I don't have a job or school or a kid.


@Lady_Terminator It is the worst! We Must Be Productive At All Times in Order to Contribute to the Collective.


I'm embarking on purposeful limbo next month and am already having to talk myself down from WMBPAATIOTCTTC. It's crayville.

I am trying to keep in mind that during Previous Productive Times (school+work then allll the work) I have felt severely robbed of time to do the Personally Productive Shit (make art, read, explore, write) that actually creates happiness and energy and good shit in my life. And that it's totally ok to concentrate on the PPS for as long as is possible. No matter how much of a loser the jerk in my head says I am.
Basically, WMBPAATIOTCTTC can go straight to hell. We're grown-ass-ladies and we can do what we want AMIRIGHT?


@freelee Yes, I basically have to tell myself that I am an autonomous human being and I can do whatever I like and the world can go to hell if they don't like me watching Korean soaps on Netflix and painting chevron stripes on everything in my apartment.



sarah girl

@Lady_Terminator Tell me more about these chevron stripes...


@Ophelia Somebody Is Going To Treat Me To Irrationally Delicious Horchatas That Breed Productivity Or I'm Going To Cut Your Fucking Throat ?


@Lady_Terminator What Korean soaps do you watch? Do you watch Pasta? I need to get back into Pasta, that shit was so ridiculous and so good.


@Lady_Terminator I've spent the whole summer in limbo, and I have sidestepped the justifying it by referring to it as a "sabbatical." I'm not a professor, or connected to university in any way.. it's a life sabbatical :)


@planforamiracle You are a genius. This changes everything. Brilliant!


@BattyRabbit I've watched Boys Over Flowers and City Hunter, both of which are ridiculous! But gotdamn Lee Min Ho is the hottest ever?? I watched a bit of "My Girlfriend is Gumiho" which was amusing, and, oh! "Coffee Prince"!!!

Oh, squiggles

Man. I am doing something similar, and I can't help feeling like a scumbag. Like, if I have free time, why am I not using it to do something, instead of lounging? Which is kind of biting into the enjoyment of it.


@Awesomely Nonfunctional Right there with you. And by there, I mean of course HERE.

Cat named Virtute

Ughhh, right now limbo is hanging out at my parents' house applying for jobs only to hear radio silence or that I'm overqualified. Limbo sucks.


@Cat named Virtute This is mine too, only combined with trying to find somewhere to live.

Cat named Virtute

@MissMushkila Fistbump of mutual discontent.


@Cat named Virtute I hear you ladies! I have been laid off for over TWO months now (oh god oh god) and have applied to what feels like 7,000 jobs and have heard back from TWO. Infuriating. Now I'm just bleeding money paying rent and bills whilst watching hours upon hours of Olympics and laying in the sun. And feeling semi worthless. But like... sleeping late is neat? Agh... I'm ready to be a contributing member of society again.


@everyone May all of our stays in limbo be over quickly. (But seriously. Limbo sucks. Hugs to all.)


Enforced limbo often gets oddly dark for me, yo. Having the A Song of Ice And Fire books as your only entertainment whilst getting snowed in at your mother's internetless house takes your brain to some strange places.


@VolcanoMouse That sounds like hell. I am sorry this happened to you.


@CrescentMelissa Turns out that undiluted GRR Martin makes you a permanent misanthrope. Who knew?


@VolcanoMouse see, two of those three things sound wonderful...meaning, the lack of internet and being snowed in. but the book material? eek! no wonder. when I was in a similar situation this past winter, I mainlined the entire Betsy-Tacy series and then started in on Louisa May Alcott's oeuvre.


@VolcanoMouse Yeah, I think you're supposed to mix it with Tincture of Tamora Pierce to balance things out.


@VolcanoMouse Like Mame says, you need some Anne Shirley to clear the air.

RK Fire

@Mame Dennis-Pickett-Burnside: The Discworld series would also provide some significant balance to ASOIAF.


So, Dr. AHP, going to grad school absolutely and always leads to an academic position? Thank you! Career path decided!

Anne Helen Petersen

@thiscallsforsoap OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE


Ah I remember the post-high-school limbo - we got cable TV for the first time, and I sat slack-jawed in front of it for 3 months. Good times.


@iceberg The same thing happened to me except it was high speed internet instead of cable.

Lily Rowan

When I was in limbo (laid off before I could quit to go to grad school), it would have been great to have a porch! Instead I just walked everywhere, because it took up time and was free. It was a little rough, though, because my mind was still in "lost my job" mode, not "carefree student" mode.


Ha, my boyfriend had to ask the library to take his senior thesis off the Internet. When you're looking for a job, you don't want your autobiographical sketches about hemorrhoids and underage drinking to be the first search result for your name on Google.


@cuminafterall I am so intrigued about his major/thesis topic! And what line of work he was pursuing that would find the thesis unacceptable, yet prepared him for employment.


I had such an epic meltdown at work yesterday that my boss told me to take the day off and do something good for myself. So I'm limboing for one day! And maniacally trolling craigslist to figure out where I'll live in 3 weeks...


@sox that happened to me about 3 weeks go. It's awful and embarrassing, but it happens to at least a few people in every office. And on my next shift back at work, almost no one knew what happened, and the ones who did know didn't say anything so it was basically like it never happened.
tl;dr - no one really cares if you melt down at work. I was so shocked to learn this!


I'm limbo-ing right now too, but I just moved OUT of a house with an AMAZING screened porch and now I live in a stupid boring apartment with no balcony and no view and I spend most of my limbo time fuming about it.


As someone who was laid off almost a month ago (oh God oh God it's been almost a month already eeeee) and has done VERY LITTLE to ensure her future, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has fallen victim to Limbo. I did, however, manage to watch a shitload of Buffy and Vampire Diaries, so there is that.

Carrie Ann

@MoxyCrimeFighter Ugh, how great is The Vampire Diaries, seriously? I caught up with it this winter and if I'd been unemployed... Well, I wouldn't have done anything else all day. As it was, I watched it in every moment of my free time, and embarrassingly, just started over at the beginning as soon as I was caught up with Season 3.


You are making me miss Idaho SO much.


Creepy thing I know from looking at your webpage: You would've been the same year as my boyfriend's sister at [alma mater]! Although she ended up transferring, in spite of being super famous by once appearing on the cover of the [alma mater] magazine!

Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS! Academic job hunting is hell on Earth, so it's HUGGGE to end up somewhere you actually enjoy!!!

like a rabid squirrel

THE INERTIA. I'm limboing between MA and PhD right now, halfassedly freelancing and preparing to move, and the amount of work I consider sufficient for one day is hilarious. Write a 500-word blog post, reward myself with an hours-long internet binge, then decide I'm too lazy to clean the litter box? Yup.

Citizen Cunt

Can I come over?


I don't think Lochte is quite as mean as Dick Casablancas though. Someone on tumblr or Twitter compared him to Ethan Craft (Kraft?) of Lizzie McGuire, which I think is 100% accurate.

Terrifying Wife-Avatar

Is it possible that the beginning of August is just Limbo Season? My life is basically going to start again on Saturday, and by next Wednesday I will be looking back at today with nostalgia, but right now I just have a permanent headache from all the mindless Internet-surfing and Olympics-watching. Too much more limbo and I might end up accidentally buying a dressage horse.

BRB, gonna buy Negroni ingredients instead.


Um, which Minnesota are you from where it is neither too hot nor too cold to use a porch? I want out of this one and in that one, please.

Carrie Ann

@Amanda@twitter I'm in Minneapolis, and I happily sweat my ass off on my front porch all summer in defiance of winter. I feel like, since I complain about the cold and snow and ice so much, I can't complain about the heat. So I try to enjoy it, even if I'm faking it a little bit.


AHP, my friend and I got you a present: a photo that puts the "splendor" in Splendor in the Grass.

We were prompted to view it for the first time because of your Warren Beatty post. When we took a fudgesicle break, we inadvertently paused the movie at juuuuuuust the right spot. Warren seems to think we hit the spot too...

What's new, Pussycat?


Splendor in the Ass

A provocative new film starring Warren Beatty and Pat Hingle

RK Fire

Okay, so.. churros: why aren't these a bigger thing in the US? You'd think we'd be all over it: fried dough that you dip into chocolate. Is it because we've reached saturation point on fried dough items?


@RK Fire cuz they're only good for 0.2341 seconds out of the fryer? idk, I want to see more snack stands everywhere. Churros stands, popcorn stands, spring roll stands, teriyaki stands.

RK Fire

@Lady_Terminator: Then how do you explain funnel cake? Maybe we should just put the two of them together have funnel cake with chocolate dipping sauce.


@RK Fire I tried to make churros once, but the piping bag wasn't having it or the dough was too watery, so I ended up making cinnamon sugar funnel cake. NOM.


My limbo: eight seasons of Scrubs, three seasons of Community (twice), a whole lot of wine drinking and pot smoking. Occasionally I will go for a walk.

Three weeks til perma-non-limbo and I am NOT READY


I feel like my life is simultaneously and permanently not in limbo (I was so overwhelmed and upset at work today that I nearly cried in my stockroom) and in limbo (I am currently freshly showered and sitting in my jams on my couch listening to Pandora's '70s Rock station and eating grapes). I kind of like it. Well, not wanting to cry, but the lazy downtime while earning a steady income is pretty great.

Now playing: "American Pie."


I will be in limbo in two more days! The movers come in three days! Ahhhhh. Tell me to get off the Hairpin and get back to my far-too-long-to-finish work to-do list.


This made me feel old.

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