Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Coveting Beyoncé's Sister's Tables

Solange Knowles appears to throw a mean dinner party. [via]

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Everywhere I turn there is confirmation that everyone has a nicer, bigger, cleaner and better decorated apartment in a nicer neighborhood than where I live.

Brooklyn, I hate your guts sometimes.


@parallel-lines I came down here just to say, "You know, I never really wanted to be rich, but sometimes I'm just totally pissed off that I will never be able to afford to buy an apartment in my neighborhood." So, yes.

Reginal T. Squirge

"It's no secret that Solange Knowles is as eccentric as they come."



1. is this some sort of chairlift cross promotion?

2. i can't help but wonder ALL THE TIME living in brooklyn/nyc in general, where do all these people get their money??? i just. do. not. understand.


@emilies As to point #2, I don't know. I just don't know.


@emilies You fill out a form to apply to get Beyoncé to help you pay for your apartment. This summer I finally got BFs (Beyoncé Funds) so I could move to a nicer place, with a kitchen island and everything. You have to sign a form that says you need to have mismatched plates or a chiller full of Armand de Brignac, but not both. Spot inspections do happen but from what I have heard they are quite rare.


@emilies Yeahhhhhh, there are lots of other parts of brooklyn that you never see on "Girls." (Don't get me started...) Not all of us live downstairs from Solange in Carrol Gardens or Lena in Williamsburg.


@Paul_Funyun Which is not to say I'm immune to this super effective lifestyle porn. Sigh.


This is where we talk about the September issue of Elle, right? Because it's the only issue of any fashion magazine that I buy all year. Anyway, E. Jean kills it in the advice column. Based on what I remember from Septembers past, I can only assume that this is a regular occurrence.


@cuminafterall Elle is definitely my favorite, and E. Jean is awesome every month.
Also, I adore Holly Millea. I was just about to say "if you only read ONE fashion mag, it should be Elle...." except you already do that, so good job!


@punkahontas Remember when they had that reality show about working for Elle? And the truly fashionable, not-horrible girl won? I loved that show.


Does it make anyone else FURIOUS that magazines arrive on newsstands weeks before the subscriptions show up in mailboxes?

Lustful Cockmonster

That is the most annoying website ever! I NEED THE ADS TO STOP BEING EVERYWHERE.


@Grumplestiltskin Fucking A! I had to quit, I couldn't get beyond the zillion fucking ads for every picture.........grrrr


Despite the title, Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams is a really good album.

Hello Kidney

@Decca Ya the ads on that site are so out of control I only got through two pictures before I decided to abandon ship.


Solange's personal style seems to be a little too perfectly alternate to Beyonce's to be one of her own making. This apartment just confirms my suspicions.
But yes, her album is dope.

many things do not fly

Solange is the new face of Madewell. And all the clothes she wears in that shoot are Madewell. And it makes me feel dirty that I know these things.


@many things do not fly it makes me feel dirty that i recognize on of her hip dinner party guests from a really raunchy sex blog. WORLDS COLLIDING AHHHH

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