Monday, July 30, 2012


The Story of Glitter Dolphins

"We were pre-Bratz."
—Lisa Frank gives a rare interview about Lisa Frankness.

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When I was 6 I wrote the Tooth Fairy a letter, asking for more money so that I could buy a Lisa Frank folder.



@totallyunoriginal Yeah--elementary school was a kaleidoscope of Lisa Frank folders.


@totallyunoriginal Hellz. Yes. Not only was I obsessed, but I was an only child so my mother bought me almost every Lisa Frank school supply I wanted.


Awesome! x Love It.@y


Lisa Frank and I need to get drunk together. I promise I won't do my Fargo/Minnesota accent, even though I always imitate accents when I'm drunk. LISA FRANK, CALL ME MAYBE


@Nutmeg Get drunk with Lisa Frank, puke rainbows.

Lisa Frank

@Nutmeg Let's do it!



(it was established in an earlier post that I have a Loud Voice and sound this way 'normally' so I can totally all-caps-lock, right)


I still have my Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper with all the folders inside. I loved it intensely but I never used it because I was afraid I would mess it up. My school had specific color requirements for every folder we used (it was coded by subject - we had to have red folders for math, green for science, etc) so I never got to pick out fun folders for school, that Trapper Keeper was TREASURE in my bleak school supply world.


@OhShesArtsy I wanted the Trapper Keeper sooooo bad!


@OhShesArtsy When I was in 4th or 5th grade there was a rule against decorated folders to "get us ready for junior high" where it "wouldn't be allowed." This was a complete lie and I think even in the following year of elementary school there was no such rule. Other than that, I definitely had a different blinding rainbow animal for every subject.


I guess because the article is kind of short they're only alluding to her slight crazy, instead of outright stating it? I say this with full respect to Lisa Frank, who's calculator/notepad/planner set that I got when I was in 3rd grade is sitting in a box in my closet due to intense nostalgia/happy eye feelings from color.


@ylime Wait, are you saying she's actually crazy - or just color crazy? I wouldn't be surprised by either but I'd never heard anything of a mental imbalance (if there is one!).

Heat Signature

"Any girl who grew up in the past three decades knows Lisa Frank" Um, I had laser beams on my Trapper Keeper, thank you very much.


@Heat Signature I had folders with fractals! I think I maybe had some Lisa Frank stuff, though? My mom most likely wouldn't have bought it often, and I really did prefer my fractals.

Heat Signature

@MoxyCrimeFighter I think I was outside the timeframe for Lisa Frank, and by that I mean, I'm old.


GUYS. My first ever note from my pin pal, which I got this weekend, included a Lisa Frank reference. In synch.

@Heat Signature, I was all about the rainforest animals on my Trapper Keeper.

sarah girl

Who else remembers the exact way the velcro sounded when you opened up a Trapper Keeper?

Also, I collected the penguin Lisa Frank stationery, so awesome.

Terrifying Wife-Avatar

@Sarah H. I have that sense memory and yet also feel like I may have had a Trapper Keeper with a snap closure around 3rd or 4th grade (1982 or '83). Can some other Old corroborate this?

sarah girl

@Nicole Sauvage@twitter I was in elementary school a few years later than that but I definitely remember the snap closure ones, too.

Is It a Hat?

Hoooooly crap, my head is exploding with early to mid 90's nostalgia right now. Bright colors and cartoon animals FOREVER!


I don't know if I was linked to it from here (seems likely), but the Lisa Frank "trailer" is pretty awesome.


Lisa Frank app! It's terrible but I bought it anyway.

Veronica Mars is smarter than me

@bellekaren Input on whether it's any good? I may have gasped a bit when I saw there was an app.


@Veronica Mars is smarter than me
I gasped too! Alas, the app itself is terrible. It's also free, it's just a dollar for more "stickers" and I couldn't resist. I gotta recommend it anyway on the grounds that it is A LISA FRANK APP.


My pinnacle of Lisa Frank obsession was the jewelry kits. I still have visions of faceted plastic gems dangling from the toes of a ballerina bunny. They were the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Also, the stickers! The stickers.

New Hoarder

@okaycrochet Oh man, I had that too! I achieved a new level of 9-year-old ecstasy with that thing. 1st and last time I attempted to make jewelry.

the little c

I'm pleased to see the layout of this article gives prominence to the killer whale (orca? free willy?) and the cats-in-a-shoe designs. I had folders of both when I was in elementary school. Also, maybe the little leopard guy?


Jazzy Narwhals

New Hoarder

I think I am STILL trying to use up all of my Lisa Frank stationary. I required it as a birthday gift from ages 8-10. Show up with Lisa Frank or GTFO. Hey! Who wants to be my PinPal and receive Lisa Frank crap?

Veronica Mars is smarter than me

Guys! I just want you all to know that, in my parents' house, pinned to a corkboard in what was once my bedroom, there is a piece of Lisa Frank stationery with Raven-Symone's autograph on it.

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