Tuesday, July 24, 2012


The October 1968 Issue of My Romance

The January 1964 issue of Calling All Girls is feeling a little too wintery for this weather, so let's heat things up with a look at some of the features in one month's issue of My Romance.

And then, to end on a very sad note, there are a few like the following that are about sexual assault, blame-the-victim style. Yep.

Up Next: "Let Me Help You," My Romance's advice column!

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The women in these pictures all seem to have the same nose. Suspicious?

eva luna


That's what my nose looks like. Now I feel boring.

Faintly Macabre

@frigwiggin Don't these women have enough problems without you nose-shaming them?

Oh lord I'm kidding

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

The chest hair!


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose THE CHEST HAIR!!!!


@redheaded&crazie I'm strangely captivated by it. I never knew I had a thing for chest hair, but...maybe I do?

Also, as a Canadian, are you offended by the price discrimination on the cover? (40 cents IN CANADA).


@WaityKatie as a Canadian I'm used to the price discrimination :'(




@travelmugs I think it must be!


@travelmugs HELL YES


@travelmugs Seriously sexy when mens has the chest hair.


@redheaded&crazie Hasn't that mostly been phased out now that the currency conversion is basically 1:1? I mean, it's been that way for a long time. Shouldn't most of those import contracts have been up for re-negotiation by now?


@wharrgarbl oh ... I wish. nope, it hasn't! Yes the currency is pretty on par but that just means companies are making more money on Canada! Why would they want to give that up? Excuses for why this continues to be the case include: smaller market, higher shipping cost, customs, extra Canadian regulations. ugh :(

Oh, squiggles

This is something I like to call hahahorrifying.


@Awesomely Nonfunctional I call that "hilarrible."

Genghis Khat

@Awesomely Nonfunctional I like "Awesomeful."


That must have been a crowded deathbed.


On the other hand, I guess this proves it's never too late to cross "threesome" off your bucket list.


nothing I can say will do justice to my feelings right now.

okay I will say one thing: I FUCKING WANT THAT COVER DRESS. (tunic)

Does Axl have a jack?

@redheaded&crazie That was my first thought as well.


@redheaded&crazie I was just coming here to say that very thing!


@redheaded&crazie I'm kind of terrified of the model's expression.


The 'angry mother-in-law' in pic 8 is pulling off 'look pretend-grumpy' and it's adorable.

fondue with cheddar

@feartie What's she's really saying is, "Ooh, you've got such cute little tush!"

Also, the alt text on these! MooOOOoommm!

The Lady of Shalott

Why did this magazine go out of business? I'd buy it all the time and write nasty letters-to-the-editor about the stories that pissed me off! (And read the others with morbid fascination.)


@The Lady of Shalott Me too! I would totally get the lifetime subscription to this magazine.


@The Lady of Shalott I think the hairpin should do a series where we write new installments of this magazine.


@The Lady of Shalott I almost feel bad that I really want to read the rest of the stories. I am having a salacious story fascination lately. I really need to stay away from the internet.


@The Lady of Shalott Because of the internets, I'd guess. I remember a similar magazine, called "True Romance," I think, from my childhood days. A cousin who lived with us would read it, and I would sneak off with them and enjoy. Oh man, who wants all the "plot" of a Harlequin romance when you can just get to the smutty parts with these magazines!!

fondue with cheddar

@Ophelia Using stock photos.

The Attic Wife

@cupcake I would just justify that urge the same way I justify watching crap TV like 'My Big Fat Gypsy [Insert Festive Event Here].' It's not that I like trashy things, it's a fascinating anthropological study! Really! Now, I'll just get back to reading about that threesome...

fondue with cheddar

@The Attic Wife Sometimes I look at it that way too, but I just get so mad at most of those shoes because the people on them are usually jerks, and then I get mad that they're celebrated for being jerks, and then I get mad that they're rewarded for being jerks, and then I get made that they make a lot more money than I do because they're jerks.


@The Lady of Shalott It reminds me a little of a magazine in the UK called 'Pick Me Up' which is entirely readers' true-life stories. Not always in the trashy romance genre, sometimes more 'I had a freaky medical issue/stalker/accident and survived to tell the tale' but it's about 50 pence and a good read.


@rayray I think all of you need this in your lives, especially if America does not have Take A Break/Pick Me Up/Reveal: http://www.takeaweirdbreak.com/

fondue with cheddar

@jen325 Ha! I just realized I said "shoes" instead of "shows". I don't get mad at shoes!

Actually, I do get mad at shoes but only when they hurt me, not because the people on them are jerks. Even though they sometimes are, it's not the shoes' fault!


As someone with two sisters, the "He Made Love to the Three of Us" story idea is grossing me out to no end.


@dtowngirl The twist is that they're not really sisters, they just said that to talk him into the gangbang. They don't even look alike. They were just all "Yeah, sure, we're totally sisters. Your buddies are all going to think you're the greatest when you tell them about this. Please take off your pants."


It's simultaneously amazing and horrifying. I don't know which one to go with.


I really want to read all of the stories!


@catfoodandhairnets ME TOO.


Oh man, the book I am reading right now basically had the "I don't remember making love" thing in it, except then later it's like BUT MAYBE I DO and then later SHE BANGS HER RAPIST WILLINGLY SO HE WON'T KILL HER, AND THEN SCREAMS AT THE RIGHT MOMENT SO HE GETS SHOT.
I am still kind of enjoying it in spite of this.


@Megano! Title/Author, please. And is it available in ebook format?


@Ophelia Gai-jin, James Clavell. It is a beast though. A trashy, trashy beast. It's probably in ebook format? I got it for like 4 bucks at a used book store. It was apparently written in 1993 which I can't even.
Oh and did I mention the rapist is a samurai and the victim a French girl?


@Megano! sounds like a contender for the toronto harlequin erotica book club (needs a better name)

Inspector Tiger

@Megano! There's also that novel by Kleist - The Marquise of O - where the titular Marquise get's impregnated while sleeping and in the end marries and falls in love(!) with her rapist. It's also a film by Rohmer which I saw recently and was very puzzled at.


@Inspector Tiger I thought that this was where this one was going, but it looks like that will not be the case.
@Redheaded and Crazie It's over 1200 pages long, so maybe not the best pick for a book club. But I will defs bust it out and give the best bits a read.


@redheaded&crazie THEBC? (It kinda trails off there at the end.)
@Megano! Twelve HUNDRED pages? Geez.



Lamar Anderson

haha "...Carl's mother's voice rang out, spelling disaster for our love." also i think her wig is falling down in that picture.


@Lamar Anderson her wig...of LIES!

sudden but inevitable betrayal

@Lamar Anderson The way it's worded, it sort of sounds like the mother and the d-in-law are the ones in the affair. Scandal!

fondue with cheddar

Carl probably shouldn't have been having an affair in his mother's house.

fondue with cheddar

She doesn't remember making love, but she does remember fucking.


That's the kind of story montage that makes a person never, ever want to grow up. Look what being a grownup lady is LIKE!

Genghis Khat

Ewww, if you don't remember "making love" it was probably "making rape."


@Genghis Khat "I don't remember making love, because we didn't. He swears it's his child I'm carrying, because he's bad at biology." #abstinence-only sex-ed


I really preferred the picture of AN ALCOHOLIC before I scrolled down and saw the rest of the full title.


the alcoholic page reminds me of a D.A.R.E. poster from middle school that said "A hungover person enjoys NOTHING"


@Rubyinthedust i do not remember that but so want it on a t shirt

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