Friday, July 27, 2012


The All the Drugs

The first night she told me, "Please don't ask me to have sex with you, because I will." So I didn't, though I really wanted to. I probably couldn't have anyway, because of the all the drugs.

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"Her death shakes my faith in my own recovery." Uh huh. What a totally legit premise on which to predicate this completely lurid gossip piece, Scott. I'm sure Ms Rausing's family will really enjoy reading it.

Regina Phalange

@Exene Seriously. And then he concludes the piece by saying "And that's the tragedy," with said tragedy being...his feelings. Not the fact that four children lost their mother, but that his own self-image has been shaken.

There's nothing more boring than hearing someone recount their rehab/relapse story. RIP Eva.


Ouch. Nice copy-editing dig there Nicole.

Nicole Cliffe

I thought it was an intentional stylistic choice, and I liked it. Now I will be crushed if it's a typo!


@Nicole Cliffe I actually thought YOU had made a mistake until I read the piece. But I'm still pretty sure that's what it was.


I think this phrase has a real future as copy-editing error turned stylistic mechanism.

Nicole Cliffe

I formally invite any professional close-readers to submit a few hundred words on the subject of this as a disputed editing error.


@redheaded&crazie "I want the all the ________!"


@stuffisthings I think this phrase might benefit from capitalization? Or does that make it too trite?

Or "because of the all of the drugs" - I like that rhythm better.


@Ophelia "Why did you do that?" "Because of the all the beers."


@stuffisthings I miread that as "Because of the all the bears."

I was briefly delighted.



@OhShesArtsy I think the Awl needs a "because of the all the bears" tag.


@stuffisthings That's kind of the story of my 20s, frankly.


this guy sounds like a real good guy.

H.E. Ladypants

I actually kinda liked this. I feel like the world of the junky is so, so far from most of our lives that when Eva Rausing died there was sort of an enormous WTF hanging over my head. I feel like he was trying to humanize that bit of her, as well.


@H.E. Ladypants I read the article yesterday and while it got a little self-indulgent I did find it interesting. Though I actually had no idea who Eva Rausing was so I read it, and a couple of the articles he linked to, out of curiosity. What emerged was a really harrowing picture of addiction - I think it gripped me in a way a lot of what I've read or watched about heroin hasn't, probably because she and her husband were able to stay clean for so long yet it seemed almost inevitable that they got drawn back in anyway.


@H.E. Ladypants I like this, too. It read far better than just lurid gossip, illustrated the high-low, clean/not clean anymore rollercoaster in a way that didn't seem typical or trite. To me.


Oof. Stay out of the comments y'all.


This article was so frustrating because I have never heard of this person before and I wanted to learn more about her but I still don't!


@cosmia there's a couple articles he linked to at the end - one of them (I think about the emails she sent or almost sent before her death) was really haunting. I had no idea who she was either.


@cosmia Me too! I googled around for a bit but all the articles were just not that informative, and mostly spoke about her most recent years.

I did horrifyingly read that her body wasn't found for a WEEK and that's why the police couldn't figure out why she died? #gross


Umm... sorry about the empty comments. Something is VERY WRONG with my computer/this website/my brain today.


Please pass over that guy's ego for this piece on Eva and the good she did:


"She understood the complex challenges faced by people trying to recover from addiction. When she visited our prison programmes, she made a great impact. She was totally honest about her own struggle, putting prisoners at ease and talking very naturally about her experiences. People in rehab – especially those in prison, who've reached rock bottom – react positively to someone taking an interest. The fact that she was one of the richest women in the UK, who was willing and able to empathise with their stories, was an incredibly powerful message."

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

He may have kicked the drugs, but it appears to me he still seems to get high on himself. Whatever; his story is his story, but it's always weird when people write posthumous stories about others, and the dead have no way of refuting it.

Anyway, I understand that breaking addiction is amazing in itself, so kudos to him for being clean.


"Low-down, steal-your-granny’s-wedding-ring, puddle-water-shooting dope fiend" is an expression it might be ok to use about yourself, but seems unsportsmanlike to apply to someone else. Even if the next bit is, "and she pulled herself out of it."

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